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Advice needed on cooking a pot roast in a slow cooker

by ChervilGeorge 4 years ago

I've cooked a pot roast many times in a dutch oven but have never attempted one in a slow cooker. I'm a complete no...


ReagansMommy16 commented 15 hours ago

7-hour roast leg of lamb: need advice

by damiano 6 days ago

I've recently bought an old cook book by Patricia Wells - Bistro Cooking (1989). I've been pleasantly surprised by th...

hotoynoodle commented 5 days ago

Lotus leaf sticky rice: Doesn't quite cook through

by HaveSpoonWillCook 2 months ago

I've made Lotus Leaf Sticky Rice 3-4 times now, following the standard recipe (soak the rice minimum 3 hrs, mix with ...

Melanie Wong commented 8 days ago

pork shoulder in crock pot

by stackm 8 years ago

My first time doing pork shoulder, and am also new to crock pots. Aiming to do bbq pulled pork. I've dry rubbed the...


LaurieLB commented 10 days ago

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Ham in crockpot

by minncalif 11 days ago

I would like to cook my ham in my crockpot; however it is too large. It is an 11 lb shank end 1/2 ham. would it turn ...

ropa vieja in slow cooker - flank or chuck?

by bluqueen77 7 years ago

I am planning to make ropa vieja in the slow cooker. I have seen non-slow cooker recipes that call for flank steak, b...


elgonza1 commented 12 days ago

My Side Dish Made My Food Bland

by wavebeast 15 days ago

Hey, new poster here and I need help (please). I combined a few recipes and slow cooker techniques to make a sout...

dave_c commented 14 days ago

Help! My beef pot roast is falling apart but still chewy

by Cooking1049da 17 days ago

I decided to make a beef pot roast using a chuck roast. I seared the meat and cooked it my slow cooker on high for 5 ...


Madrid commented 16 days ago

Duck Confit Slow cooker?

by rkraus5 16 days ago

Thinking of making duck confit, I usually make it from a Bon Appetit recipe however I want to make it on a week night...


Madrid commented 16 days ago

Braising juices all dried up -- Help!

by Hannah Banana 19 days ago

Hi all, I made a brisket. When it went in the oven 5 hours ago, the liquid came up to level with the top of the meat...


zackly commented 18 days ago

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Steak casserole

by LakaKuharica 19 days ago

This very slow cooking method will produce meat that will melt in your mouth. Servings: 2 Total t...

Help! Why do my potatoes stay hard ( RAW ) in the slow cooker / crock pot?

by fr1p 7 years ago

This is my third attempt at making a crock pot recipe that involves chunks of potatoes, and once again, after many ma...


metaridley commented 28 days ago

Zatarain's rice mix in a Crock Pot

by mike.foodguy 4 years ago

I want a simple, throw-together-in-the-morning Jambalaya that will be ready at the end of the day. Any reason I can't...


mschenck commented 1 month ago

beans not softening in my crock pot

by Aimee 11 years ago

I used my new crock pot for the first time today to make black bean soup. I soaked the beans overnight and then cook...


DanWannaBeCook commented 1 month ago

2017 St. Paddy's Day Corned Beef... Past Threads Bump. Results with Pictures.

by fourunder 1 month ago

Just thought I'd bump some prior threads with different methods used over the past few years...with pictures. Oven, S...

tim irvine commented 1 month ago

Marinating Chicken After Slow Cooking... Then Freezing

by loveyournoms 2 months ago

In an attempt to lower my lunch budget and generally make meal planning easier, I would like to have frozen portions ...


loveyournoms commented 1 month ago

Quick protein-forward dinners (incl. crockpot, casserole, make ahead, sheetpan, etc.)

by bblonde 1 month ago

I have a pretty big request and because it's so specific I'm not sure if I'll get many responses, but if anyone can h...


Semigourmet commented 1 month ago

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Re-heating Cornbeef

by Alicia17 1 month ago

I would like to cook the cornbeef the day before in the crockpot refrigerator it than reheat it in the same crockpot ...

Help with a slow cooker beef stew recipe?

by Buttercups 1 month ago

I usually have luck with slow cooker recipes, but I had a terrible experience last year and I'm not keen on repeating...


GH1618 commented 1 month ago

Pressure Cooker vs Slow Cooker Pulled Pork Shoulder

by amyofescobar 2 months ago

*Any quick info appreciated! Trying to feed a crowd this week* I need to figure out if I should be using a pressure ...

PeanutButterJelloTime commented 2 months ago

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