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Safest way to keep sauce for later?

by swedishfishsticks 3 days ago

Hi everyone! So due to a crazy schedule I had to cook my meat based pasta sauce this morning. There will be 5 hours i...

OCEllen commented 3 days ago

Slow Cooker & Thai Curry Paste

by JLHPROF 6 days ago

I have tried slow cooking pork and chicken with stock, coconut milk and curry past in the past. By the time the meat...


JLHPROF commented 5 days ago

What did you cook the first time sous vide?

by GigiLove 3 months ago

I am so curious that what you guys cooked for the first time you tried sous vide cooking. Sous vide is so great but n...

Njchicaa commented 7 days ago

Healthy Crockpot dinner for 6 people

by rkraus5 8 days ago

I am throwing a birthday dinner for my father and looking for healthy, simple recipe recommendations! My sister in la...

alex9179 commented 8 days ago

Slow Cookers: A Reappraisal?

by HabaneroLady 2 months ago

Generally speaking, I am not a slow cooker fan. With a very few exceptions, I am with Kenji about how anything a slow...


VFish commented 13 days ago

Need alternative to my homemade chicken salad

by sergioq 6 months ago

Using my crockpot I cook chicken breasts to make them super soft and with mayo and Dijon I make a great chicken salad...

BeeRich commented 15 days ago

Slow Cooker Turkey Breast

by MSK 20 days ago

I found what looks like a good recipe to use to have some extra white meat on hand for Thanksgiving dinner. When ...

alex9179 commented 17 days ago

Slow Cooker Help. White Blobs?!

by fiddleboots 27 days ago

I put some cubed venison loin into my slow cooker earlier. I browned it a little beforehand, but maybe not well enou...


acgold7 commented 27 days ago

What to serve with mulled cider

by akdad 29 days ago

Making mulled cider in the slow cooker spiked with brandy for a group of friends, and was trying to think of somethin...

hotoynoodle commented 28 days ago

Crock Pot Favorites?

by chowlinda 2 months ago

Do you have a great crock pot recipe? With my busy schedule, I like to use it now and then, but find a lot of my dis...

stevewi commented 1 month ago

Multi-Purpose Sandwich Beef Question

by jolievangeline 1 month ago

Good morning! In a few weeks my family (7 adults + 2 guest adults) will be taking a holiday trip to a remote location...


jolievangeline commented 1 month ago

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Making a Brown Stock

by eatapotamusNola 1 month ago

Wanna make a SuperStock? Looking for a Turbocharged bone broth, full of life giving colagen and deep rich flavor? ...

Lentil soup

by raberbm 1 month ago

Whenever I make lentil soup, I always make extra, but the lentils turn to "mush" the next day. I would like to make ...


janniecooks commented 1 month ago

Correct chicken feet prep. for broth (ramen)

by Chili_Junkie 2 months ago

Dear Chowhound community, I am back with another ramen related post. I might have finally found a source for fresh...

hotoynoodle commented 2 months ago

Crack chicken

by pumpkinspice 2 months ago

My bff mentioned she saw a recipe for crack chicken, basically it is chicken breast, dry ranch seasoning, cream chees...


Foxeyblue commented 2 months ago

Crock pot slow cooker banana bread

by maxmillan 2 months ago

I want to make banana bread in my slow cooker. However, it’s not clear whether I put my pan in the slow cooker with o...


AlisMom commented 2 months ago

Short ribs: is the searing part crucial?

by kat249 4 months ago

I just threw everything in the crock pot on low- veggies.. a whole bottle of cabernet, and 3lbs of boneless short rib...

DuffyH commented 2 months ago

Homemade yogurt

by nana3063 2 months ago

Hi, I'm just getting into making yogurt at home with a culture. The thing that I can't find good information on is fl...


nana3063 commented 2 months ago

Frozen Pork Butt in Crockpot w/o Defrosting First?

by Tedmom 9 years ago

I have a 3.5 pound frozen, boneless pork butt in the freezer and was wondering whether I can simply put it straight f...


Jason71 commented 2 months ago

Help! Why do my potatoes stay hard ( RAW ) in the slow cooker / crock pot?

by fr1p 7 years ago

This is my third attempt at making a crock pot recipe that involves chunks of potatoes, and once again, after many ma...


ksmerd commented 2 months ago

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