Make the most of your crustaceans. Talk to Chowhounds about the best ways to cook shrimp, your favorite shrimp recipes and dishes, and recommendations for restaurants that serve great shrimp meals.

Chefs Share Their Favorite Summer Meat Marinades for Steak, Chicken, Shrimp & More

Take it from chefs: these are the best marinades for every type of meat you'll grill this summer. And there will still be some time to try them all even after Labor Day. You ever notice how a great...

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Shrimp and corn chowder

by hammy 16 years ago

I have two cups of frozen shrimp stock in the fridge. I would like to make a shrimp and corn chowder - I never have done this before. How do I get started. Is two cups enough liquid - what other...

Shrimp Boil

by J. Buck 16 years ago

Any advice/recipes for a shrimp boil for approx. 20-30 people? Any suggestion for accompaniments? Thanks in advance for your comments.

Vegetarian CHICKEN, BEEF, PORK, SHRIMP in Kosher veg. restaurants

by Jacob 16 years ago

Does anyone know what Kosher vegetarian restaurants use to make mock chicken, beef, pork, and shrimp? I have tried making these foods on my own, using many combinations of tofu, tvp, seitan, and h...

Follow-ups: shrimp dish, flavored oil, Italian wine, advance pizza(long)

by danna 16 years ago

Thanks again to everyone who offered help for my Italian-themed dinner party this weekend. Here's how everything went. Hors d'ouerves: Olives - ordered them from Murray's, warmed just slightly ...

Vegetarian "Beef", "Chicken", "Shrimp"

by Jacob 16 years ago

Does anyone know what vegetarian restaurants use to make mock chicken, beef, pork, and shrimp? I have tried making these foods on my own, using many combinations of tofu, tvp, seitan, and have ha...

Shrimp entree for outdoor party

by danna 16 years ago

I'm going to throw an outdoor dinner party for aobut 6 couples. My access to quality ingredients is somewhat limited, but I can get pretty good quality shrimp consistently. The ideal dish woul...

shrimp on pizza - how to?

by mtyf 16 years ago

So I did go to TJ's and bought some pizza dough and was thinking of doing a parmesan pesto shrimp concoction. But I'm not sure how to go about it - should I cook the shrimp separately and thrown th...

Shrimp Mosca/bar-b-que-How to make?

by nolalover 16 years ago

I have shrimp in the freezer and rosemary/oregano in the garden, so I wanted to try to cook New Orleans bar-b-que shrimp/Shrimp Mosca. Anyone have a good recipe? Is it better to peel the shrim...

Salt Baked Shrimp

by Dennis 20 years ago

Hello, There is a entree that one of our local Chinese restaurants excels at. It is the only restaurant in our area which even offers this entree, although it is not on the menu. It is called "S...

Mexican shrimp cocktail

by bryan 16 years ago

What makes a truly great one? I've looked at about 50 different recipes and the ingredients seem to vary. Some steam the shrimp, some do the shirmp ceviche style (cooking in lime juice), some boi...

Recipe For Shrimp Zaffrani?

by Joe H. 16 years ago

Last weekend we and several others shared "blow out" Indian dinners on successive nights at Shere Khan in Manchester, UK and Shajan near Blackburn-both outstanding curry restaurants. Between the t...

report - shrimp bisque with puff pastry top

by Wendy Lai 16 years ago

I didn't get any real answers about topping my individual soup terrine with puff pastry and baking it to get a nice golden crust for my shrimp bisque. I didn't find any recipe that described what ...

Is there such a thing as shrimp mousse?

by Wendy Lai 16 years ago

I want to do a appetizer dish that's shrimp three ways. So far I'm thinking shrimp bisque, shrimp ceviche. And for the third, I thought maybe I can do a shrimp mousse? Can I use a salmon mousse r...

dried shrimp

by ordell 16 years ago

a friend of mine gave me a bag of tiny dried shrimp (with heads and shell) that she bought at an asian market. can somebody tell me what to do with them?

Got a good shrimp bisque recipe?

by Wendy Lai 16 years ago

I want to make shrimp bisque for our gourmet potluck this weekend. I have shrimp stock in the freezer. I have shrimps in the freezer. I like terragon. I want to top my bisque with puff pastry. A...

ISO: Recipe for Indian Fried Shrimp with Poori

by deborah 16 years ago

I love this appetizer, and have ordered it every time I'm in an Indian Restaurant. However, my search for the recipe has been unsuccessful. It is shrimp sauteed with onions and green peppers in a...

Repacking Boxes of Shrimp

by Pru 16 years ago

I've decided that I'm going to start buying boxes of frozen shrimp in Chinatown because it's cheaper than the local supermarket. My question is this: Can I repack the shrimp into smaller portione...

Shrimp Stock

by mic9ael 16 years ago

I picked up 5 pounds of head-on shrimp today, and made shrimp stock from the heads, shells, onion, celery, etc. I am going to use the stock in a shrimp/oyster jambalaya, but will still have 2+ qu...

Can you tell about shrimp quality from the shell?

by EP 17 years ago

It seems as though a nice firm shell is an indicator of a good, fresh shrimp. Is this always true? Also, does a thin flimsy hard to peel shell mean that the shrimp must be old, or previously froz...

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