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This Shrimp and Grits Recipe Is a Southern Romance

You don’t need to tell chef Sean Brock that Southern food is among the most respected and cherished cuisines in the world. He’s well aware of that fact, thank you very much, which certainly makes sense...

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Recipe For Shrimp Zaffrani?

by Joe H. 16 years ago

Last weekend we and several others shared "blow out" Indian dinners on successive nights at Shere Khan in Manchester, UK and Shajan near Blackburn-both outstanding curry restaurants. Between the t...

report - shrimp bisque with puff pastry top

by Wendy Lai 16 years ago

I didn't get any real answers about topping my individual soup terrine with puff pastry and baking it to get a nice golden crust for my shrimp bisque. I didn't find any recipe that described what ...

Is there such a thing as shrimp mousse?

by Wendy Lai 16 years ago

I want to do a appetizer dish that's shrimp three ways. So far I'm thinking shrimp bisque, shrimp ceviche. And for the third, I thought maybe I can do a shrimp mousse? Can I use a salmon mousse r...

dried shrimp

by ordell 16 years ago

a friend of mine gave me a bag of tiny dried shrimp (with heads and shell) that she bought at an asian market. can somebody tell me what to do with them?

Got a good shrimp bisque recipe?

by Wendy Lai 16 years ago

I want to make shrimp bisque for our gourmet potluck this weekend. I have shrimp stock in the freezer. I have shrimps in the freezer. I like terragon. I want to top my bisque with puff pastry. A...

ISO: Recipe for Indian Fried Shrimp with Poori

by deborah 16 years ago

I love this appetizer, and have ordered it every time I'm in an Indian Restaurant. However, my search for the recipe has been unsuccessful. It is shrimp sauteed with onions and green peppers in a...

Repacking Boxes of Shrimp

by Pru 16 years ago

I've decided that I'm going to start buying boxes of frozen shrimp in Chinatown because it's cheaper than the local supermarket. My question is this: Can I repack the shrimp into smaller portione...

Shrimp Stock

by mic9ael 16 years ago

I picked up 5 pounds of head-on shrimp today, and made shrimp stock from the heads, shells, onion, celery, etc. I am going to use the stock in a shrimp/oyster jambalaya, but will still have 2+ qu...

Can you tell about shrimp quality from the shell?

by EP 16 years ago

It seems as though a nice firm shell is an indicator of a good, fresh shrimp. Is this always true? Also, does a thin flimsy hard to peel shell mean that the shrimp must be old, or previously froz...

cooking sweet maine shrimp?

by yumyum 16 years ago

I scored a pound of these little pink guys and am wondering about preparation. Since they are supposed to be sweet and delicate, I'm thinking go simple here -- perhaps poaching in shrimp stock and...

maine shrimp?

by jen kalb 16 years ago

I understand the season for these is begun, I also was just told by a friend in Maine that the shrimp fishermen are having a hard time selling these, and that a lot are being dumped (her son just b...

Shrimp count

by Paul Lukas 16 years ago

I keep finding differing standards for how many shrimp per pound constitute large, jumbo, etc. Is there a uniform standard, or is it purely a freestyle affair? -- Paul

? re: converting weight of shrimp in shell to shrimp meat

by chriskc 16 years ago

I'm planning to make a shrimp recipe/spread that calls for 2 lbs of medium shrimp that you then shell,devein and chop. If I were to just buy shrimp meat, how would I convert the 2 lbs. I made thi...

Martin Yan's Shrimp Puffs

by Karla 16 years ago

Does anyone live in a TV market where they have seen Martin Yan's 8 treasure duck, and shrimp puffs? I missed what dough he used for the shrimp puffs. It looked like wonton wrappers.

shrimp keeping

by wendy 16 years ago

So much Christmas food trouble -- so little time: We bought frozen, cooked shrimp from the meat counter at the grocery store yesterday. It's been in the fridge, wrapped in butcher paper. We all hav...

Extraordinary shrimp bisque recipe??

by Christina D 16 years ago

We'd like to serve shrimp bisque as the first course for Christmas Eve dinner, but have yet to find a recipe that looks interesting. I've searched epicurious.com, but haven't found anything I'd be ...


by nancy 16 years ago

i plan on buying raw shrimp saturday afternoon, to cook sunday evening. if for some reason i can't make it sunday night, will it still be safe to cook monday night? thanks!

shrimp or prawns

by Raconteur 16 years ago

I've looked this up in several sources and found conflicting information. Some sources say shrimp are salt water while prawns are fresh, some say prawns are a slightly different animal while others...

Sushi, Tilapia, and Shrimp. OH MY!!!

by fkerm_2000 16 years ago

The current issue of the Economist has a cover story on fish farming. It is a rather eye opening survey of the state of fish production in general. Among the interesting morsels of info: - On...

Deveining Shrimp -- is there an easier way?

by Caitlin Wheeler 16 years ago

I'm deveining a bunch of shrimp and the knife technique is driving me crazy, because these are the little suckers and it's very finicky work. I have to devein because the last time I bought shrimp...

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