Shake Shack

Essential to an NYC visit, Shake Shack is worth the wait in its famous lines. Chat about ShackBurgers and frozen custard here.

Shake Shack Unleashes Game of Thrones 'Dragonglass Shake' and 'Dracarys Burger'

Looking for a cool way to ramp up for Sunday's premiere of the year? That's right, we're talking Game of Thrones season eight, and Shake Shack has it all in spades. You may have heard whispers about...

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Shake Shack recs?

by lanzelm 15 years ago

Heading down tonight and know the burgers are a winner from what I've found on the board archives. But what about the other fun items-- anything I must try off the menu (particular shakes, cheese ...

Rub, BLT Fish, Shake Shack Reports- seeking curry hill lunch advice

by chico 15 years ago

I have recently been to RUB a few times and can flat out say that it is the best bbq NYC has ever experienced. The Ribs (st louis- not baby back) are about as perfect as you can get- yes the sauc...

Shake Shack for dinner

by curranthound 15 years ago

What's the dinner time (post 5 p.m.) situation at Shake Shack? Are there long lines?

shake shack

by snl1129 15 years ago

where in madison square park is the shake shack..I know..dumb question! but is it a huge place or tiny?

Shake Shack alternative near Bryant Park?

by memling 15 years ago

Hi - can anyone recommend a place near Bryant Park to meet some friends where we could get, like, fries, ice cream, etc and sit outside? We're really in a Shake Shack mood, but pressed for time an...

Shake Shack hours (also, hot dogs in Chelsea)

by Nor'easter 15 years ago

I went by Shake Shack last night and discovered that they kept their 4pm closing time throughout April. (It was such a nice night and still bright at 7pm, so I had hoped that they already had exte...

Simmered Tomato Onion Hot Dog - Shake Shack

by Cpalms 15 years ago

also called a Taxi Dog at Shake Shack.....anybody who loves the Grays's Papaya/ Papaya King NYC hotdog has to try one these.... I can't believe with all the shake shake raves on the board this neve...

Shake Shack Reality Check

by Nor'easter 15 years ago

I lunched at Shake Shack yesterday, and while it was a good experience, it didn't wow me the way I thought it would given the reviews on the board. I had a Shack Burger (cheeseburger, lettuce, to...

shake shack

by matt harris 15 years ago

where exactly is the shake shack, and are they open on weekends....thanks

Another Shake Shack Report

by chico 15 years ago

Just got back from the 'shack. Got there just before the lunch rush at about 11:25- literally less than five minutes from when I got there to eating my burger. As I was munching the line got prog...

Shake Shack Weekend Hours

by G3B 15 years ago

Was thinking of going on Saturday, but would like to know if anyone has been and how are the lines. I don't want to be waiting for 1/2 hour on line to try out this. Any advice would be appreciated....

Shake Shack - report

by dkstar1 15 years ago

It's safe to say that the robin has gone the way of the dot matrix printer. The opening of the Shake Shack is now the first sign of spring. Danna and I met for a late lunch and as luck would h...

Shake Shack- what dessert to get with my burger?

by chico 15 years ago

Shake? Concrete? Just stick with lemonade? Oh the choices! Thanks, Chico

Shake Shack reports!?

by Bowfinger 15 years ago

Any word on what the first day was like? After completely missing out last year, I'm going on Saturday and want to make sure it's still got the magic.

Shake Shack?

by JCesar 15 years ago

Anyone know when Shake Shack opens for the Spring? Thanks!

24 days until the Shake Shack reopens!

by elvislives 15 years ago

can't wait for the Shake Shack to reopen. so i called the management company and got the scoop :-)... they reopen Friday, April 1st. for the first month it will be lunch hours only (11-4) and start...

Shake Shack - Extends Its Closing, Expands Menu

by bob192 16 years ago

Dropped by the Shake Shack today for what's lately been my very favorite lunch, and was it ever hard to stick to the original plan - the fine twosome of a Shack Burger and a Chicago Dog - 'cause no...

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