Sea Urchin

What Is the Difference Between Cioppino and Bouillabaisse?

The world of seafood stews is deliciously vast, and while every country—and city, and town, and chef, for that matter—has their own spin on the basic format, many versions of fish stew have a lot in...

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live uni or sea urchin in SF? and food crawl recs...

by neverfull 10 years ago

houston chowhound in town with 24 hours left. trying to track down a restaurant with live sea urchin. called swan oyster depot and they don't have them in today. any good leads? staying at fair...

where to buy or eat live sea urchin (uni)


I want to find a place that serves sea urchin in the shell or a large seafood market that sells live sea urchin in Manhattan

sea urchin pasta around DC?

by Ericandblueboy 10 years ago

We recently had sea urchin pasta at Corduroy. Looking to try more of it. Other than Komi, where else can I find this dish?

Sea Urchin Roe

by Amidahidan 10 years ago

Chefs go crazy for it. I have tried it a couple times at fairly nice sushi resturants, and found it not great. Sort of fishy with a strange texture... Did i get poor quality both times? Wh...

Live sea urchins @ Liang's in SF Chinatown

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 10 years ago

Sorry, meant to post this on Sunday but forgot until now. When I went to liang's on Stockton St to buy live crab on Sunday I noticed sea urchins in the front window display. I touched the spines ...

Sea Urchin

by cookee 11 years ago

Where can I find sea urchin in LA? I've been wanting to try this, but don't know of any restaurants that serve it. TIA

looking for uni (sea urchin)

by shellicopter 11 years ago

So lately I've been ending my meals at Toraya with a nigiri Uni, a delectable treat of sea urchin roe atop a hot bed of rice and wrapped in seaweed...since then I've been wanting to eat uni more of...

Sea Urchin – am i missing out?

by Recyclor 11 years ago

Hi chowers, i have only tried this once, at Sushi 930, figuring the quality of his other fish was high so this might be a good idea. All I know is some people love it and others hate it just as muc...

Sea Urchin and Bottarga

by nasilemak 11 years ago

I am trying to locate stores in the greater Boston area that would sell fresh sea urchin and/or bottarga. Thanks in advance!!

Sea Urchin...UNI

by pacer45 11 years ago

Since this is becoming such a delicacy now...is there anywhere in CT that I can buy it

Non-Sushi Sea Urchin

by foodscience 11 years ago

I love sea urchin sushi, but what are some other restaurants that serve sea urchin?

(Non Asian) Sea Urchin Dishes - SD

by kare_raisu 11 years ago

Curious to hear if you have came across any uni based dishes away from Asian applications? Especially interested in Latin and Med. applications. I have been hearing of tostadas de erizo (sea urchi...

Sea Urchin? [split from California board]

by Eat_Nopal 11 years ago

I am a bit ignorant about Sea Urchin... in Mexico I have only ever heard of the Sea Urchin roe being consumed... its usually just treated like any other Ceviche marisco... in the Yucatan they dress...

Does anyone have a recipe for sea urchin ravioli?

Sea Urchin - Live

by spybun 14 years ago

Market World at the corner of Golden Springs and Brea Canyon Rd. in Diamond Bar had live Sea Urchin yesterday. I've never seen sea urchin before in a market. But, for those of you who want fresh ...

Need a serious sea urchin fix!!!!

by cimero 12 years ago

Does anyone know where I can get a tray of sea urchin??? Years ago (I hate to admit how many!!) when I lived in New York City, I bought a lilttle wooden tray of sea urhcin fillets for about $13...

Uni Sea Urchin

by donnywarchild 12 years ago

Just called Citarella and they do not have any live sea urchins. Where else might i find live Sea Urchins in the city. Need it for Friday. Please Help. Thanks ahead of time.

Best uni (sea urchin) accented or based dishes in NYC?

by kayonyc 12 years ago

I'm having a hankering all of a sudden! Any price range, anywhere in Manhattan. Thanks!

uni (sea urchin) at any all-you-can-eat sushi restaurants in las vegas?

by olivexjina 12 years ago

looking for uni (sea urchin) at an all-you-can-eat sushi joint in las vegas. Not a fan of todai but have read good things on this board about Mokino. Does Mokino have uni? Also if it is an all-you-...

fresh sea urchin in santa barbara or oxnard?

by lakerblues 12 years ago

I hear that Santa Barbara and Oxnard are known for their sea urchin. Are there any restaurants in those areas that are worth a drive from LA that serve fresh uni?