Sea Urchin

9 Foods That Have Been Renamed So You Actually Want to Eat Them

Chinese gooseberry, anyone? The idea of eating any type of fruit named after a mean bird that poops a lot is certainly off-putting, which is why you'd be unsurprised to learn that the Chinese Gooseberry...

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Ideas for recipes with sea urchin roe?

by Pegmeister 9 years ago

I've never tried urchin roe and have just ordered some from latienda so I'm looking for some ideas of what to do with it. A recipe for butter with roe used on scallops sounds pretty good. Does an...

Sea Urchin from the Docks?

by boris_qd 9 years ago

Is there a place in the area I can buy freshly harvested sea urchin - say from a boat on the docks? If not, where's the best place to get _local_ stuff?

Where to find uni (sea urchin)?

by kimberleyblue 9 years ago

We love uni! It's hard to find here...wondering if anyone knows of a sushi place (or fish monger) that has it somewhat regularly? We usually get it from Wakamono, but when they run out, it woul...

sourcing sea urchin?

by gls_junk 9 years ago

Where can one purchase sea urchin at the retail level? My preference would be for in-city purveyors since we do not have a car.

Where to buy Uni/Sea Urchin?

by trev80 9 years ago

Other than Courthouse Seafood in Cambridge and the porter square market?

Hello, does anybody know where can I buy fresh Sea Urchin Roe (uni) in Miami area (retail)?

by dbellas 9 years ago

Hello, does anybody know where can I buy fresh sea urchin roe (UNI) in Miami area (retail)? any ideas where or suggestions is appreciated. Thank you in advance for your help...

Live Sea Urchin source

by davkiang 10 years ago

Hi looking for markets that carry live sea urchin ... in the tank. I've seen carried by 99 Ranch sometimes, but its random. Anyone spot any lately?

Where Can I Buy Sea Urchin Roe (Uni)?

by jwyfrancis 10 years ago

I love uni, I can't get enough of it. Uni is my crack/cocaine, and I am seriously addicted to it. But I live very far from Uwajimaya, and since I have a little one to care for, it's hard to drive t...

I heard Santa Barbara has the best SEA URCHIN (UNI) - true?

by waterisgood 10 years ago

Is that true? Even better than Japan? Uni sushi is my favorite sushi. I'm in LA, so if Santa Barbara has amazing uni, then I would love to explore. Thanks in advance!

sea urchin vendor at Little Italy farmer's market SD

by greglor 10 years ago

I bought some sea urchins from the vendor at the Little Italy farmer's market on Saturday. WOW! They were really fantastic, super fresh, and delicious coming straight out of the ice water that I ...

sea urchin

by karnita 10 years ago

I am an uni fan. I read all the reviews on uni places in the bay area, and also the wonderful post by melany wong on mussels fishing. So, I was wondering: is it possible to go Sea Urchin fishing no...

Live uni / sea urchins in Steveston

by jcolvin 10 years ago

For any uni lovers, there is now (finally!!) a live urchin boat at Steveston warf. Prices *very* reasonable....$10 for 3 big reds or 5 greens...and he will usually throw an extra or 2 in, especiall...

Seagrass - Sea Urchin (Uni) in Santa Barbara

by lorisueb 10 years ago

A day in Sant Barbabra ... in search for Uni. I spent the day in Santa Barbara looking for fresh uni. Interestingly enough, I could not find many restaurants or fish markets selling the elusive sea...

Where to buy sea urchin

by culinaryescapade 10 years ago

Does anyone know where I can buy sea urchin? I have not seen any at my fishmonger. I would prefer to get them fresh (do they even come frozen?), but it doesn't have to be. I live in Montreal a...

Best sea urchin/uni in San Diego?

by FinnFPM 10 years ago

Chowhound from Boston here. I'm staying with a friend right now in San Diego for a few days, and I've seen some mentions on here that the city has really great local sea urchin, and I'd LOVE to try...

Sea urchin (uni) in Athens

by adelly 10 years ago

We are going to be in Athens in September and having a difficult time looking for genuinely good places to eat (based on guidebook/travel site recs). Although I will keep looking for Chowhound post...

sea urchin/uni

by theparegorickid 10 years ago

anyone know of any markets that sell sea urchin roe? I was thinking possibly New Deal or Sea To You was at Courthouse a few weeks back and they said they don't New Deal was closed for vacation a...

Sea Urchin in Toronto?

by Snarf 10 years ago

Anyone know a place that is currently servnig sea urchin? Either in sushi/sashimi or as a prepared dish.

Live sea urchins

by JustinCooper 18 years ago

Does anyone know a place in the Bay Area to buy live sea urchins? Yum.

Live sea urchins, Ranch 99, Edmonds, Wa

by ritabwh 10 years ago

So I was at Ranch 99, Edmonds, Wa on Sunday, They had live sea urchins. I really wanted to buy a few, but I just did not know what to look for or what to do with them. Of course, I was hoping for s...