Loving Scrapple: A Cherished Memory of Mid-Atlantic Mystery Meat

Beloved by some, reviled by others, and unknown to many, scrapple is an enduring breakfast food in the mid-Atlantic—and a treasured, tangible link to the past. Scrapple...

Scrapple vs. Liver Pudding?

by alsname 19 years ago

Is there any difference between the two? My girlfriend is from North Carolina and is missing Liver Pudding. We have scrapple here in san diego, but I wondered how different the two are from each ...


by Tom Armitage 20 years ago

There have been several strings devoted to scrapple over the years. But none have answered three basic questions: (1) What is the best commercially prepared scrapple? (2) Is it, or any other scra...


by barbp22 3 years ago

I read the ingredients on a package I just bought. It is truly disgusting. Who ever heard of putting pork skins in scrapple and also the entrails. We have butchered hogs for years and never, eve...

What is scrapple?

by eLizard 15 years ago

The room service staff at the hotel where I'm staying (and eating a lot of room service) couldn't define it for me. I'm staying in Delaware, if that makes a difference.

What's your favorite scrapple?

by yummyummeatemup 6 years ago

To me, scrapple and eggs over easy with good piece of toast is a hard breakfast to beat. It's one of the reasons I keep hens. As a lifetime scrapple lover, I've been looking for new ones to try. I ...


by tartuffe 7 years ago

My father told me that scrapple was what was left over when their finished with sausage. I love sausage, but have never been able to abide scrapple, even when done at the fine place, now closed, i...


by Philly369 6 years ago

Does anyone know of a place that sells scrapple, even frozen ?

Pennsylvania products you can't get on the west coast

by alliaphagist 8 years ago

I've lived most of my 24-year-old life in Central Pennsylvania, but I'm moving to San Francisco in a few weeks. I'm excited about the new food and drink prospects out there, but I'm wondering what ...


by martyR 16 years ago

Does anyone know where I can get fried scrapple and eggs for breakfast?


by mats77 11 years ago

Anyone know of any places in the greater Boston area that sells scrapple? Retail or restaurants are both welcome. Thanks in advance.

Good scrapple?

by Saucy 17 years ago

I recently went on a weekend trip to Philadelphia and was introduced to scrapple, via printed menu. I never ate it because all of my waitresses made it sound repulsive but I have done some research...

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