9 Creative Uses for Your Stand Mixer You Never Saw Coming

A stand mixer is a baker's best friend, but there's a lot more it can do in the kitchen besides mix dough—so no need to store it away for summer. If you've been thinking about taking the plunge but...

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How do I make PERFECT scrambled eggs?

by LuluTheMagnificent 13 years ago

light and fluffy? Eggs only, nothing else added please. No cheese, no nothing, but some kind of butter or grease to cook them in. Adding milk or something is ok... I look forward to your replies.

Best Ever Scrambled Eggs

by crt 13 years ago

Okay. I have posted this same subject in several of the 'scrambled eggs' topics. But I thought I'd start a topic with it becuase when you come in late on a topic many people may not ever really r...

Ridiculously Basic Question About Scrambling Eggs

by gothamette 7 years ago

Do you scramble the eggs straight from the fridge, or do you warm them up with warm water (or let them come to room temperature)? I always made scrambled eggs with eggs cold from the fridge. But...

Favorite cheese with eggs - omelets/scrambled?

by fldhkybnva 7 years ago

I have recently developed a love for omelets although perhaps they are just convenient vehicles for gobs of cheese. Either way, I love a cheesy omelet. I have been exploring the range of Cheddars...

wow - stunned at whisked scrambled eggs

by fldhkybnva 8 years ago

It could be that I recently became a fan of eggs in general and developed a obsession with scrambled eggs, that I never learned the "proper" technique. My usual approach is to use a fork to mix th...

Tip for fluffy scrambled eggs

by Wiley 12 years ago

I'm aware of the double-boiler for like 20 minutes method for nice light scrambled eggs, but if you can't wait that long, I've found a heaping tablespoon of creamed horseradish for every two eggs (...

Scrambled Eggs

by juliejulez 8 years ago

OK, so this is kind of a stupid question. I consider myself a pretty decent home cook. But, I do not eat eggs. My boyfriend likes scrambled eggs, but every time I make them, they turn out sort o...

Scrambled eggs Chinese(?) style - is it wrong?

by karlin88 8 years ago

I like all kinds of scrambled eggs. Not just the kind cooked patiently over low heat although I love those too :). But whenever I see or look for scrambled eggs recipes they all go the same way: co...

Scrambled eggs - add dairy?

by CarrieWas218 9 years ago

I have lost a lot of weight by eating sauteed kale and two scrambled eggs every morning. I learned to make scrambled eggs from my Dad who always added a splash of half-and-half, milk, or a dollop o...

Scrambled eggs: sometimes the basics are the hardest

by ksherk 12 years ago

It startles me that I can make a fantastic vinaigrette, I'm not intimidated by dishes that take hours to put together, I can perform many complex kitchen tasks...but I can't scramble an egg to save...

Innovative Egg Dishes?: Fried, Scrambled, Baked?

by opinionatedchef 10 years ago

I'm not talking omelets here- whose fillings are limitless. I'm talking just simple eggs with innovative treatment. I do 3 unusual things: ** Tunisian Chechouka- minced garlic and chopped toma...

Techniques for Scrambled Tofu?

by scarletcerise 10 years ago

I'd like to start making scrambled tofu more frequently, because I tend to make lots of eggs throughout the week. But every time I've made tofu scramble in the past, it's been barely edible--and w...

Karl S & His Scrambled Eggs - Tomorrow is Sunday Morning

by jfood 10 years ago

Mrs jfood was out and about this morning so i decided to try a few of Karl S's slow cooked scrambled eggs. Two eggs, some half and half, salt and butter. I was able to keep the flame low enough so ...

The Old Mill's scrambled eggs! (moved from Ontario board)

by golfgirl 10 years ago

Hi everyone, I was at the Old Mill for brunch last week and had the opportunity to have their scrambled eggs-I know, another egg thread! anyway, for years I've been trying to duplicate their creamy...

Scrambled Egg stuffed Burger

by asiansensation007 13 years ago

Ok, I know that traditionally, you fry an egg and simply "crown" a burger with it, but I am trying to think outside the box! I am thinking about making a hamburger stuffed with scrambled eggs and p...

scrambling eggs in olive oil?

by sourgirl 10 years ago

I love to cook my eggs with a ton of butter and some cream, but I realize I can't always have them like that, too unhealthy (and man I eat a ton of scrambled eggs). Does scrambling them in olive o...

Escoffier's Recipe for Scrambled Eggs w/ Hake and Mornay Sauce

Bob Brooks
by Bob Brooks 11 years ago

Was watching No Reservations and AB was in London visiting Marco Pierre White at his current country-side restaurant. In the blink of an eye they showed a dish of scrambled eggs, topped with hake (...

Weapon Of Choice RE: Scrambled Eggs

by snax 12 years ago

I'm just curious which utensil you use when making scrabled eggs? I start with a whisk and end with a flat edge woooden spoon. Seems to work sufficiently but I would be willing to try something e...

Poaching scrambled eggs

by rworange 11 years ago

I was googling for something else, but came across this method of making fluffy scrambled eggs by poaching them rather than frying. http://b12partners.net/mt/archives/2006/01/poached_scrambled_eg...

Layered, steam-tray scrambled eggs at home?

by Varla 11 years ago

I realize it sounds completely off to want to replicate institutional eggs at home. But the VA hospital cafeteria across from where I work makes these amazing scrambled eggs, not spongy or sulfury ...