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Get recommendations on where to eat in Scottsdale. Discuss don't-miss restaurants, the best places to visit on a quick trip, and the favorite local spots for coffee, cocktails, and more.

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Birthday dinner

by bkbk1969 5 months ago

Hi, We are coming to Scottsdale from New York for a wedding and staying at JW Marriott Camelback Inn-Scottsdale Re...

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Brunch in Scottsdale/East Phoenix?

by Fida 6 months ago

Wow, anyone left in this forum? Seems like a ghost town. Just thought I'd check for any newer suggestions for bru...

Reco's for Phx/Scottsdale please

by carole6860 8 months ago

Hello- Perhaps I am failing at searching and finding only old posts so apologies here if that's the case. I am tryin...


Claudette commented 6 months ago

Last minute corned beef suggestions

by foodiehousewife89 10 months ago

I'm going to Scottsdale tomorrow (6/28) from flagstaff for a food obsessed birthday extravaganza. I'm going to a mong...


t19103 commented 7 months ago

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Bachelorette Party Ideas

by sunmuffins 7 months ago

I am in charge of planning my youngest sisters bachelorette party. It's been years since I've done the bar scene and ...

North Scottsdale Dinner

by Adamlick 11 months ago

Hi, I will be visiting my parents over memorial day. They live in North Scottsdale near Via Linda and Frank Llo...


Adamlick commented 11 months ago

Bachelorette dinner restaurants in Scottsdale?

by sienna221 12 months ago

We have 12 girls traveling from all over the country to celebrate a friends Bachelorette Party in Scottsdale, AZ. Mos...


Markcron commented 12 months ago

Spring Training

by chairbc 2 years ago

About to spend a week in Scottsdale AZ..and asking Chowhounds for recommendations of restaurants, cafes, etc...lunche...

johnseberg commented 1 year ago

Dinner Near Camelback

by dosage54 1 year ago

Nappy New Year all! Will be staying at Sanctuary on Camelback in Feb and am looking for two dinner nights. Always lov...

laurentopor commented 1 year ago

Scottsdale and Sedona visit

by ihc1215 1 year ago

My friends and I will be visiting Scottsdale for couple days then head to Sedona for couple days. We're looking forw...


DGresh commented 1 year ago

Unique food or restaurant to Scottsdale / Phoenix Area

by mikecho 1 year ago

I live in Las Vegas and we have pretty much every cuisine or major chain restaurants including SW chains. I would lik...

mikecho commented 1 year ago

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Brazilian Restaurant in Scottsdale, AZ

by rwieland 1 year ago

We visited Carvalho's Brazilian Kitchen last evening and had a very pleasant experience. Not only was the food excell...

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Birthday Dinnner

by Rooodie 1 year ago

Hello, My birthday is coming up at the end of December and I would like recommendations on where to have my birthd...

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Quieter places in Scottsdale area

by Lady Grey 1 year ago

Or a little further out than Scottsdale, even. Looking for a lunch and a dinner place, not too pricey. I remember a...

Late dinner options in Scottsdale?

by equinoise 1 year ago

Does anyone have good tips on a Thursday late dinner (9:30-10 PM) spot in Scottsdale? Preferably this would be withi...


SFLisa commented 1 year ago

Scottsdale and Sedona

by jmk38 1 year ago

My husband and I will be traveling with 3 grown children to Scottsdale and Sedona. I would love some dinner recommen...


fourunder commented 1 year ago

5 days at the Four Seasons Scottsdale. .

by Beach Chick 3 years ago

Going for business and pleasure and looking to host a business dinner at Talavera at the resort...anyone been? Anyth...

Gelato_in_Roma commented 2 years ago

Sushi in Phoenix/Scottsdale

by Cupcakemags 2 years ago

Hi friends, Heading to Phoenix/Scottsdale this weekend. Looking for a great sushi place. Need some ambience as I'm...

ipsedixit commented 2 years ago

25th anniversary dinner in Scottsdale

by pooky 2 years ago

My wife and I are spending our 25th anniversary at the Hyatt Gainey Ranch in Scottsdale and we are looking for a spe...


Sherri commented 2 years ago