Get recommendations on where to eat in Scottsdale. Discuss don't-miss restaurants, the best places to visit on a quick trip, and the favorite local spots for coffee, cocktails, and more.
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Help: Nacho Nostalgia Phoenix circa 1970s-80s

by GladysCravitz 7 months ago

Having an attack of 1980s nostalgia! Can anyone help me better remember a special nacho platter of tortilla chips, be...

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Birthday dinner

by bkbk1969 1 year ago

Hi, We are coming to Scottsdale from New York for a wedding and staying at JW Marriott Camelback Inn-Scottsdale Re...

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Brunch in Scottsdale/East Phoenix?

by Fida 1 year ago

Wow, anyone left in this forum? Seems like a ghost town. Just thought I'd check for any newer suggestions for bru...

Reco's for Phx/Scottsdale please

by carole6860 1 year ago

Hello- Perhaps I am failing at searching and finding only old posts so apologies here if that's the case. I am tryin...


Claudette commented 1 year ago

Last minute corned beef suggestions

by foodiehousewife89 1 year ago

I'm going to Scottsdale tomorrow (6/28) from flagstaff for a food obsessed birthday extravaganza. I'm going to a mong...


t19103 commented 1 year ago

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Bachelorette Party Ideas

by sunmuffins 1 year ago

I am in charge of planning my youngest sisters bachelorette party. It's been years since I've done the bar scene and ...

North Scottsdale Dinner

by Adamlick 1 year ago

Hi, I will be visiting my parents over memorial day. They live in North Scottsdale near Via Linda and Frank Llo...


Adamlick commented 1 year ago

Bachelorette dinner restaurants in Scottsdale?

by sienna221 1 year ago

We have 12 girls traveling from all over the country to celebrate a friends Bachelorette Party in Scottsdale, AZ. Mos...


Markcron commented 1 year ago

Spring Training

by chairbc 2 years ago

About to spend a week in Scottsdale AZ..and asking Chowhounds for recommendations of restaurants, cafes, etc...lunche...

johnseberg commented 1 year ago

Dinner Near Camelback

by dosage54 2 years ago

Nappy New Year all! Will be staying at Sanctuary on Camelback in Feb and am looking for two dinner nights. Always lov...

laurentopor commented 2 years ago

Scottsdale and Sedona visit

by ihc1215 2 years ago

My friends and I will be visiting Scottsdale for couple days then head to Sedona for couple days. We're looking forw...


DGresh commented 2 years ago

Unique food or restaurant to Scottsdale / Phoenix Area

by mikecho 2 years ago

I live in Las Vegas and we have pretty much every cuisine or major chain restaurants including SW chains. I would lik...

mikecho commented 2 years ago

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Brazilian Restaurant in Scottsdale, AZ

by rwieland 2 years ago

We visited Carvalho's Brazilian Kitchen last evening and had a very pleasant experience. Not only was the food excell...

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Birthday Dinnner

by Rooodie 2 years ago

Hello, My birthday is coming up at the end of December and I would like recommendations on where to have my birthd...

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Quieter places in Scottsdale area

by Lady Grey 2 years ago

Or a little further out than Scottsdale, even. Looking for a lunch and a dinner place, not too pricey. I remember a...

Late dinner options in Scottsdale?

by equinoise 2 years ago

Does anyone have good tips on a Thursday late dinner (9:30-10 PM) spot in Scottsdale? Preferably this would be withi...


SFLisa commented 2 years ago

Scottsdale and Sedona

by jmk38 2 years ago

My husband and I will be traveling with 3 grown children to Scottsdale and Sedona. I would love some dinner recommen...


fourunder commented 2 years ago

5 days at the Four Seasons Scottsdale. .

by Beach Chick 3 years ago

Going for business and pleasure and looking to host a business dinner at Talavera at the resort...anyone been? Anyth...

Gelato_in_Roma commented 2 years ago

Sushi in Phoenix/Scottsdale

by Cupcakemags 2 years ago

Hi friends, Heading to Phoenix/Scottsdale this weekend. Looking for a great sushi place. Need some ambience as I'm...

ipsedixit commented 2 years ago