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Lunch in Sausalito

by javaandjazz 6 years ago

We are flying into San Francisco from CT and by the time we pick up the rental car and get situated before driving further north we thought we would stop for lunch in Sausalito. Can anyone recommen...

Sausalito - San Francisco (anniversary trip)

by steviegene 6 years ago

Hi all, Ive had such good luck posting for restaurant suggestions here in the past… so taking a shot for our upcoming California trip. I am also surfing old posts, so might return with more spe...

Brunch at Murray Circle at Cavallo Point [Sausalito]

The Librarian
by The Librarian 6 years ago

We're going for brunch this coming weekend. Any recommendations? I'm contemplating the huevos rancheros...

Barrel House Tavern opens July 1 in Sausalito

by Malcolm Ruthven 7 years ago

http://insidescoopsf.sfgate.com/blog/2013/06/25/barrel-house-tavern-ready-to-roll-in-sausalito I put this here because the article says the chef is Matthew Bousquet, previously executive chef at...

Best lunch on a day trip to Sausalito

by mtnjon 6 years ago

If you take the ferry for a day trip to Sausalito, walk down Bridgeway (the main drag) about a half mile out of town and the Sausalito Taco Shop is on your left. Excellent Ceviche, seafood stuffed ...

What is the best place in Sausalito to get a quick lunch with good food?

by forthgirl 7 years ago

Looking for a great place with california cuisine in sausalito for lunch. Not a four hour lunch but maybe an hour?

Any reviews on Fish in Sausalito?

by TampaNativeThatLovesNYC 6 years ago

http://www.331fish.com/ Planning my first trip to San Fran, this sounds like an interesting place, wondering if any Chowhounders have reviews?

Bay Area Check Please aired 5/29/14: Pinole Creek Cafe, Pinole; Shanghai House, SF; Murray Circle, Sausalito

by hhc 6 years ago

Bay Area Check Please aired 5/29/14 these 3 places: Pinole Creek Cafe, Pinole; Shanghai Cafe, SF; Murray Circle, Sausalito. Any new reviews of these places in the last few months? Bay Area Chec...

Sunday Brunch in Sausalito

by bongo1480 11 years ago

I'm looking for a place for brunch in Sausalito for this Sunday. Any suggestions?

Shopping in Sausalito and San Francisco

steve h.
by steve h. 7 years ago

Hi all, My wife and I are frequent visitors to San Francisco and its environs so we're familiar with things to see, places to eat. This year is a bit different. We'll be in the area for the m...

Fish or Le Garage in Sausalito

by hkgirl 11 years ago

Three girlfriends and myself from abroad are catching up in SF for a few days to eat and shop. We have booked A16 for the first night as an easy Italian dinner and Gary Danko for the second night,...

Fish Restaurant in Sausalito - Report

Dave MP
by Dave MP 6 years ago

I went to Fish in Sausalito this past weekend for the first time, and thought it was very good. Four of us waited in line for about 25 minutes before we ordered, but once we did order, food came ou...

Family Lunch in Sausalito

by jkg040508 8 years ago

Our family of 8 (includes a 7 year old and 8 month old) is taking the ferry to Sausalito this Friday and need lunch recommendations. Based on research i'm looking at the following places so far......

Cibo still good (Sausalito)

by Malcolm Ruthven 8 years ago

It had been quite a while since I had lunch at Cibo. I went there today and had their Smoked Salmon Panini ($9.50) which I've always liked there. It was as good as ever, with a variety of greens an...

Sevan Seas (Sausalito) closed?

by Malcolm Ruthven 6 years ago

Seven Seas has been in downtown Sausalito forever. I probably haven't eaten there (except for ice cream in front) in 30+ years. I remember their "greenhouse" dining room in the back serving pretty ...

Le Garage has "jumped the shark" [Sausalito]

by tstrum 9 years ago

The last few times I have gone, it has gotten progressively worse. The first sign of their imminent demise is that they are on "Open Table". The second sign is that on a Saturday night there are ...

Private Dining in Sausalito area (or maybe SF)

by huguccio 7 years ago

We need a restaurant, preferably around Sausalito, to host a wedding rehearsal dinner in late September, though depending on where out of town guests are staying, San Francisco might work as well. ...

Unique fried chicken at Kitti's [Sausalito]

little big al
by little big al 7 years ago

It's almost not fair to mention it, since I don't know how often it will be featured, but last weeks "special" fried chicken was truly unique to my experience. It featured a huge leg and separat...

Sausalito with a view

by conradical 7 years ago

On one day of our 4 day SF trip we plan to be on our way back from Point Reyes in the late afternoon/early eveing. Is there a spot in Saulsalito where we can watch the lights come up in the city wh...

Copita Tequileria. Anyone tried it? [Sausalito]

by MagicMarkR 7 years ago

I wonder if any CHers hae tried Joanne Weir/Larry Mindel venture Copita Taquileria? For no particular reason I saw a link or reference to it, and was surprised that my (rudimentary) search on CH t...