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Designing a course about dumplings for 6th graders

by Dave MP 10 hours ago

Hello Chowhound community, I am currently working as a 6th grade teacher, and I have an opportunity later this yea...

ninrn commented 1 hour ago

Flowering Cauliflower/Fioretto/Stick Cauliflower

by AmySherman 11 hours ago

I'm looking for farmers who grow and sell it in the Bay Area. I've seen it at the Heart of the City but can't remembe...

Grocery Outlet, January 2018

by DavidT 15 days ago

The GO on Geary@27th has two red wines for sale from Feudi Di San Gregorio, a quality southern Italian winery. The wi...

baron45 commented 1 day ago

Are Fresh soybeans available anywhere in the Bay Area?

by sophia_tseng 2 days ago

Preferably fresh picked as well, so likely farmers market? For edamame. Thanks for any leads.


MikeG commented 1 day ago

What ever happened to Blum's?

by foodseek 11 years ago

Athough at a risk of dating myself, I must confess to remembering with fondness a San Francisco institution located a...


trash commented 2 days ago

Amazon Go: Store of the future?

by tre2012 2 days ago

Great read and photos: If you read nothing else this week, read this: Shopping at an Amazon Go Store in the NY Tim...


NShewmaker commented 2 days ago

Negitoro don vs toro sushi

by opqpop 5 years ago

Is the toro in negitoro don the same quality as what you'd find for toro sushi (nigiri)? Is it even toro, or just reg...


iPat commented 4 days ago

Happy Hour @ Archetype | St. Helena

by Melanie Wong 4 months ago

Archetype in St. Helena offers "Social Hour" on Monday, Thursday and Friday 5pm to 7pm at the bar. As noted here, htt...

Melanie Wong commented 4 days ago

Oldest Chinese Restaurant in Bay Area

by estone888 6 years ago

I'm trying to find the oldest continuously operating Chinese restaurant in the Bay Area. Quality doesn't matter, it's...


SeaEagle commented 4 days ago

Small Restaurants in San Francisco

by ivangele 4 days ago

Hi! My girlfriend just moved to the area and it's my turn to take her out on a date when I visit. She has been the be...


tre2012 commented 4 days ago

Navi Kitchen, Emeryville

by Cynsa 5 days ago

You can follow Chef Mistry to Navi Emeryville - Pizzas are $10 during OAKLAND Re...

Cynsa commented 5 days ago

Tai Chi Jianbing pop-up | Inner Sunset - San Francisco

by Melanie Wong 16 days ago

A month ago I met up with @Cynsa and @Windy for brunch at Tai Chi Jianbing's pop-up at Nabe. Cynsa had been through t...

Melanie Wong commented 5 days ago

Restaurant Reservations Exchange

by The Chowhound Team 3 months ago

Due to the increase of threads about exchanging restaurant reservations in the San Francisco Bay Area page, we have c...


kentdiep commented 5 days ago

Looking for good St Honore cake

by burntcream 10 years ago

Does anyone know of a bakery that makes a good one? I'm in the San Mateo area, but will gladly drive up to 25 miles f...


k8gris commented 5 days ago

El Buen Comer (SF)

by Civil Bear 5 days ago

Seeking out a bowl of posole this wet day led me to El Buen Comer for the first time. Today they offered a green one ...

marssy commented 5 days ago

Trader Joe's Umami Paste Discontinued...

by ML8000 7 days ago

Trader Joe's Umami Paste has been discontinued. Any suggestions on an easy replacement (not mail order). Or any guess...

sarafinadh commented 6 days ago

European-style Hot Chocolate?

by DavidT 25 days ago

Is there any place in SF that serves the rich, thick, almost pudding-like hot chocolate that is common in Europe?


rav7 commented 6 days ago