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Grocery Outlet - August 2018

by Melanie Wong 7 days ago

Share your recent finds at Grocery Outlet. Cloverdale GO last week: Point Reyes Bay Blue cheese, $4.99/6 oz Os...

Melanie Wong

Melanie Wong commented 7 hours ago

Lunch Birthday Celebration in South Bay

by meganforet 1 day ago

Looking for a restaurant to take my husband to for his 40th. Unfortunately the only time we have available is Tue...


Reuel commented 9 hours ago

Reservations for French Laundry

by The Chowhound Team 1 year ago

Hello there, Due to the increase of threads about exchanging French Laundry reservations, we have created this pos...


jm28br49 commented 10 hours ago

Nov visit, planning in advance :)

by LilyChilly 1 month ago

Hello, Visiting in Nov. - first time to the Bay Area. I will be there for about 3 to 4 days, looking for recommen...


JonDough commented 14 hours ago

Straus Organic Chocolate Milk

by Melanie Wong 4 days ago

A month ago I tasted Straus Family Creamery's new organic whole chocolate milk. I actually walked past the sample tab...


takuhead commented 17 hours ago

Polk St. [San Francisco]

by smatbrat 3 years ago

I did a search of the board and while lots of posts talk about Polk St, none are dedication to Polk St. SO many c...

Civil Bear

Civil Bear commented 18 hours ago

Stone Fruits 2018 @ Andy's Orchard in Morgan Hill

by Melanie Wong 3 months ago

Andy's Orchard in Morgan Hill opened for the season on May 15. I had a chance to visit last weekend to buy the first ...

Melanie Wong

Melanie Wong commented 1 day ago

The Red Grape | Sonoma

by Melanie Wong 2 days ago

In November 2017, a chow pal and I had a leisurely lunch meeting at The Red Grape, off Sonoma Plaza. My previous visi...


tre2012 commented 1 day ago

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Thai palm nectar?

by poot 4 days ago

Twice in Bangkok, once at Bo.lan and once in a big food court patronized by vast numbers of foreign tourists, I had p...

The Kefiry in Sebastopol

by Melanie Wong 5 years ago

Last month I had a chance to try some of the live culture, fresh brewed water kefirs at The Kefiry in Sebastopol. It'...

Melanie Wong

Melanie Wong commented 4 days ago

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Tlaxiaco's Pizza | San Jose, Salinas

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 4 days ago

At last month's Taco Festival in Salinas, the stand I was most excited to discover was Tlaxiaco's Pizza. It's a mobil...

Dinner near GG Park?

by walkoffdinner 5 days ago

Michael Bauer's list of 100 restaurants only mentions a Chinese place near Golden Gate Park. What do you chow hounds ...


mutton biryani commented 4 days ago

Non-touristy drinks and/or bites in northern SF

by Hilla 7 days ago

This Sunday, I'm going on a birthday outing with 7 friends in the touristy part of San Francisco, near the Embarcader...


JonDough commented 4 days ago

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Pop Kitchen in Daly City

by Foodrat 5 days ago

I just made reservations for this weekend... Sounded like fun... What do you think of this place? Any tips? Sugge...

Crystal Jade for sale

by superbigeater 2 years ago

CJ is for sale. I hear there are 3 bidders-koi palace, yank sing and HK flower Lounge/Mayflower.


superbigeater commented 6 days ago