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Foods local to San Antonio

by gtch4ever 2 months ago

Hi, I'm hosting a corporate event in San Antonio in early August. I want a parting gift of food, that represents the...

mangetarte commented 26 days ago

Texan food in Downtown San Antonio

by Displaced Hoser 2 months ago

Hi all - I'm going to be at a conference in downtown San Antonio for a few days (at the Gonzalez Convention Center, s...


weegums commented 2 months ago

Dinner suggestions in Hill Country (NE San Antonio)

by Jpower 11 months ago

Hi San Antonio, I'm going to be staying at the JW Marriott North East of San Antonio for a conference in a couple of...


saeyedoc commented 2 months ago

Info anyone? San Antonio Seafood Market/Oyster Bar - Woodbridge

by itryalot 10 months ago

I saw a commercial but cannot find a thing online. I was too slow to get contact information. Anyone been? Have info?...


lizzylio commented 6 months ago

San Antonio reccomendations

by bourbonstjoe 8 months ago

Hello fellow Hounds! The wife and I are heading down to San Antonio in May for 9 days and though I've done a prim...

bourbonstjoe commented 7 months ago

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Large format casual dinner on a Sunday night. Please help!

by transientinNC 7 months ago

Hey everybody - I need a place for an early Sunday lunch/dinner for about 20-25 people. We'll all be staying around t...

Can I Get Shad Somewhere in Texas?

by novaclairephillips 1 year ago

Hello all! I have a recipe calling for shad. I've been calling around and digging around online and haven't seen any ...

brucesw commented 12 months ago

Restaurant Advice in San Antonio (Good SteakHouse and Chinese)

by josephml1 3 years ago

Hello everyone. I am looking for an advice about where to eat the best San Antonio have to offer. A good SteakH...

josephml1 commented 1 year ago

Best Beef Ribs BBQ in San Antonio

by josephml1 3 years ago

Hello everyone, I am looking for the best Beef ribs BBQ in San Antonio area, I can drive far if the restaurant is goo...

josephml1 commented 1 year ago

San Antonio: Quest for the Best Mexican Food

by Patrick 16 years ago

I am looking for the Best Mexican food in or around San Antonio, I have lived here for 30 years and find new places t...


grahampah commented 1 year ago

My TX reviews...Dallas to San antonio

by rizzo0904 2 years ago

Still on vacation. Thought I'd post while things are fresh in my mind. 1. Food trucks at Klyde Warren. Nammifoo...


Roguewave1 commented 1 year ago

4 Nights in San Antonio

by adi 1 year ago

Hi I will be attending a conference in San Antonio for 4 nights. I will be staying near the Riverwalk/Convention Ce...


lillidalla commented 1 year ago

Waco, Austin & SanAntonio for Very Picky Eater!

by Booboo731 1 year ago

I'm meeting friends in Dallas and driving through Waco to Austin and then on to San Antonio. The two I'm meeting wil...


Optimista commented 1 year ago

San Antonio - Texas's Most Underrated Food City

by brucesw 1 year ago

Great article on Eater National. Look out, guys, here come ...


San Antonio Sam commented 1 year ago

Where to buy (Asian) fish in San Antonio?

by Stormhaven 8 years ago

Hey Chowhounds, I've been living in the San Antonio area for a little over a year now and I have yet to find any g...


womenseekingcouples commented 1 year ago

Best San Antonio Asian Grocer

by dickgrub 4 years ago

Headed to SA to buy Kaffir lime leaves, fresh lemongrass stalks, rice flour, a hunk of galangal, some Thai chiles, et...


thookatha1 commented 1 year ago

San Antonio - Sunday Dining

by Shari_Toronto 1 year ago

Hello! My husband and I will be in San Antonio one night (Sunday) during our honeymoon. A lot of the restaurants we...


bronwen commented 1 year ago

Break Fast & Launch - the nation's first culinary business accelerator

by eatingjoy 2 years ago

Countless CH posts have been written on the subject of cooking for the public from the confines of your home kitchen....


eatingjoy commented 2 years ago

Birthday dinner for kids

by Girl Friday 2 years ago

We are visiting San Antonio with our group of four adults and three kids. My twins will celebrate their 4th birthday ...


saeyedoc commented 2 years ago

Authentic San Antonio

by agorenko 2 years ago

Hi all - I've read the posts from the previous year and noted some of the restaurants, but was hoping to get some gui...


San Antonio Sam commented 2 years ago