Salt Cod


Is it okay to soak bacalhau in a stainless pan?

by curiouspeter 5 months ago

This is what I have been doing but I just realized that having cold salty water in the pan for days at a time may cause corrosion. Perhaps I am worrying too much?

Baccalau (Salted Cod) - How long does it keep?

by suse 14 years ago

I know that the whole point of salting cod was originally to preserve it. I bought some some time ago and put it in the back of the fridge - silly me - not the place to put it, if you actually pla...

Salt Pollock - how to cook?

by joan0627 1 year ago

How to cook salt pollock and be salty? Does anyone have a good technique for cooking this without any starch, sugar, or anything besides the fish. I knew someone once who said 'I thought' salt pol...

Salt Codfish, Bacalao

by Caleno 1 year ago

I've soaked bacalao Fri. PM - Sat. AM and stored unused half of fish in fridge in plastic container since Sat. It's now Thu. Is it still good (safe to cook)?

Where to buy Norwegian Salted Cod (for Bacalhau)?

by neilaro 9 years ago

Hi y'all, I'm interested to know where the best places are to pick up some Norwegian salted cod to make some bacalhau. I made a test-batch using salted cod "bits", but I'm sure that these are o...

Who sells salt cod or serrano ham in Vancouver?

by Cherie Spriggs 18 years ago

Hi there! I've been looking in practically every store that I have been in but can't find either of these items. Can anyone help me locate either of these items in Vancouver? Cheers Cherie

Bacalao soaking time question

by Ianto2000 9 years ago

Hey there. I'm going to make a fantastic soup with mixed beans, bacalao, mixed dried chilis roasted, soaked, blended and strained, tomatoes, and homemade veggie broth. The bacalao part was spon...

How long does salt cod last after soaking?

by Caviar 18 years ago

I've rinsed and soaked some salt cod that I was going to cook last weekend (not this past weekend, the weekend before). It's been in the fridge since then, and I haven't had a chance to cook it. Ho...

Soaking Salt Cod for Fritters

by ilikepopcorn 4 years ago

I am having a tapas party tonight, but didn't realize the salt cod required 12-24 hours of soaking. I have been soaking for 5 hours and have changed the water 2-3x. Is there anything I can do to s...

Where to buy bacalao or salt cod?

by empowah 12 years ago

Hi guys, This Thanksgiving I'm trying to recreate ajo arriero - the fishy, creamy, cold mashed potato spread I had at a tapas bar (Casa Angel) in Valencia. To do this, I would have to procur...

Where to buy Dried Salted COD or BACALAO?

by Gtrine 16 years ago

Does anyone know where I can purchase dried salted cod? It is a main ingredient for a family dish we use to make and I would like to make it again.

Fresh vs salted cod

by kk49 4 years ago

Is there any reason to get bacala when fresh cod is available for not much more? I tried making bacala with salsa verde, but I feel like I could have made the same with fresh cod (without all the t...

Where can I buy dried salt cod for baccala in NYC?

by jenh 19 years ago

I'm planning on making baccala for Christmas Eve dinner. Does anyone know where I can purchase the dried, salted cod? Thanks!

Seeking Bacalao/SaltCod (Again)

by LarryT 5 years ago

For years I have been going to Spain and returning with bacalao (salt cod), which I cannot find here in Los Angeles. Allow me to elaborate. Salt cod is available in LA in thin, extremely dry pla...

Salt Cod- Baccala

by Trudels 5 years ago

I understand that the real dry (board like) baccala will keep for a long time, but I just bought some from a grocery where the sales clerk was not very sure of her advice. This fish is what I would...

Seattle sources for salt cod?

by Bunny-Bunny 18 years ago

I know the Spanish Table carries one Canadian brand of baccalao, but I'm looking to try some others as well. Anyone know good places to get some of this Basque goodness? (And I'm not looking for re...

Salted Cod

by sef555 6 years ago

Just returning from Portugal and want to try some recipes using salted cod. I have searched online to see if I could find out about the origins of salted cod that is readily available to buy i.e ...

Where to buy bacalao / baccala in Manhattan?

by Vishne 10 years ago

I'm not looking for a restaurant that makes the dish, I'd like to buy salt cured cod fillets to cook at home. Anyone have any tips on where I can get it in Manhattan?

Source for Kosher Salt Cod?

by Fred 16 years ago

There was a wonderful Calvin Trillin article* recently in the New Yorker about a rich Ecuadorean stew called "fanesca." Although it is a dish associated with the Lenten period, it could easily be m...