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From Caesar to Waldorf, salads can be as virtuous or indulgent as you want. Discuss your favorite types, get inspiration for new and creative salad recipes, and ask around for the best restaurant salads near you.

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Salad In Chelsea

by brucewein 1 day ago

For a Sunday lunch--our original choices not open for Sunday lunch

Ttrockwood commented 1 day ago


by pistachio peas 22 days ago

Use this thread to post reports on the following chapters from DINNER: SOUPS (p. 314-330); SALADS (p. 334-349); an...


Blowfish commented 1 day ago

Seeking a Salad Spinner that Isn't Plastic

by mdzehnder 5 years ago

Despite how much I despise one-use type gadgets in working in the kitchen, my wife has finally convinced me (or just ...


karinamadison commented 4 days ago

Nanina's in Fields Corner [moved from Boston]

by Kodiak604 8 years ago I know it was a hole in the wall but I use to love this place...and most of all the salad dressing there. I ...


xena1365 commented 26 days ago

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Tangy salad recipe lost

by Fuffy 28 days ago

I saw a salad recipe with crushed wasabi peas somewhere this week - probably in the NYTimes. Anyone seen it? Thanks.

January 2017 COTM -- SIMPLE: Eggs; Salads; Toast 8-71

by blue room 4 months ago

Use this thread to post your reports for SIMPLE, and please remember no copied verbatim recipes allowed. Main re...

Caitlin McGrath commented 1 month ago

Good Salad (or other light lunch option) in Whitestone/College Point Area?

by abu applesauce 2 months ago

I recently started working in College Point/Whitestone. If I continue eating Little Pepper and or Legend of Taste dai...


birdsandtogs commented 2 months ago

March 2012 COTM: The Olive and the Caper: Breads; Soups; Salads

by L.Nightshade 5 years ago

Please use this thread to discuss the recipes in the chapters on Breads; Soups; and Salads (pages 118 -213) If you...


qianning commented 2 months ago

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Menlo Park Allstate cafeteria in mid 1970's

by littler921 2 months ago

I used to work at Allstate in Menlo Park around 1976 and would get a vegetable salad in the cafeteria that was amazi...

If I just had two really good salad recipes...

by soccermom13 3 months ago

If I just had two really good salad recipes, maybe I would finally invite some people over..... I have some good ma...

Multifoiled commented 2 months ago

Tuna Salad - Just The Facts Please!

by DayLateDollarShort 6 months ago

OK, here it is. I can make a great tuna salad. And I've seen lots of recipes for great tuna salad. That isn't what...


DayLateDollarShort commented 2 months ago

June 2015 COTM: VERDURA - storecupboard recipes, antipasti, salads - pp 27-106

by MelMM 2 years ago

Use this thread to report on the following chapters of VERDURA: Storecupboard recipes - pp. 27-40 Antipasti - pp....

pistachio peas commented 3 months ago

What does dried shrimp add to som tam (green papaya salad)?

by mattyicecooks 3 months ago

A lot of the recipes I see call for dried shrimp in som tam (green papaya salad). What flavors does this add. I can't...

letsindulge commented 3 months ago

Cauliflower and Slaw

by Amandarama 3 months ago

If one were to shred cauliflower for a slaw, would it benefit from salting and draining as one would do cabbage? Tho...

Amandarama commented 3 months ago

Burmese Tea Leaf Salad and Dim Sum @ Ton Kiang (San Francisco)

by Melanie Wong 7 years ago

In January my mom and I had a pleasant lunch at Ton Kiang. No real surprises, service was good as usual and I ordere...

Melanie Wong commented 3 months ago

CITRUS SALADS - Home Cooking Dish of the Month, December 2016

by L.Nightshade 5 months ago

Welcome to the last Dish of the Month for 2016! This is the thread for reporting on the Citrus Salads that you ma...

MmeFleiss commented 3 months ago

New York area deli style potato salad

by msmouser 10 years ago

Help, please. In the '50's and 60's every NY area deli served a typical thin sliced potato salad. I don't think it ...


Gwenever commented 4 months ago

Salad with swordfish and shrimp curry?

by sallyt 4 months ago

I'm thinking of making the swordfish and shrimp curry from the new barefoot contessa book, cooking with Jeffrey. Any ...


sallyt commented 4 months ago

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