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Love staying in the know about the newest, hottest restaurants? Us too. Check out what other Chowhounds are saying about what's opening and when, as well as what to try and which spots are worth the hype.

Disney Is Getting a New Restaurant That's Out of this World

The future of theme park eating is now. And no, we're not talking about Dippin' DotsĀ (which may want to update its tagline, considering the ice cream of the future was invented in 1988). At last week...

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The Urban Hamlet opens in Bronxville...

by gutreactions 2 months ago

It took quite a few months, but The Urban Hamlet has opened on Pondfield Road in Bronxville in the space that had previously operated as Sammy's Downtown Bistro. It proclaims a menu of 'upscale ele...

Char Bistro - Does anyone have any intel?

by Googs 2 months ago

Opening soon on Wellington near Church in the place where Bravi once was. They already have the good sense to secure an attractive looking website and list themselves on ChefDb. I'm intrigued. D...

Duck Donuts opens in Mamaroneck...

by gutreactions 2 months ago

A Duck Donuts franchise has opened on Mamaroneck Ave in Mamaroneck and apparently they are packing them in right now. The original shop opened in Duck, N.C. That was 60 stores ago. What's all the c...

Irish tavern coming to Eastchester...

by gutreactions 3 months ago

There has been work going on at the former short-lived Yefsi space (it had operated as Edmondo's years before) on Main St. in Eastchester. I am told it will be called The Irish Bank. They already o...

The Deco Food Hall opens in Manhattan...

by gutreactions 2 months ago

The Deco Food Hall has opened in the garment district on W. 39th St., Manhattan. It boasts some top notch food vendors. I understand one of the proprietors used to work for corporate Godiva. Have y...

Gramercy Park Brasserie & Wine Bar Coming to Duboce Triangle (SF)

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 1 year ago

The New York restaurant group has announced that its west coast debut will be Gramercy Park Brasserie & Wine Bar San Francisco. Projected opening date is April 1, 2019 at 216 Church Street.

Brekky's Wading River

by Motosport 2 months ago

First breakfast ride of 2020! I read a nice article about Brekky's in Wading River so I decided to make it my breakfast destination. I ordered an espresso doppio which was excellent! There were ...

What are you looking to try in 2020?

by burgeoningfoodie 3 months ago

A new year and new places to try (even ones that haven't been created). For those that are still standing or imminent, what places in our area are you looking forward to trying? How about in the ...

Hot Chicken, a/k/a 'Nashville Hot', in SD

by cstr 2 months ago

Well, I was on Garnet & Cass in PB and noticed 'another' coming soon sign. Yes, I'm used to seeing such signs far too often, restaurants come and go fairly quick around here. Anyho, I digress...

Nam Vietnamese Brasserie opening in Redwood City in February 2020

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 2 months ago

Nam Vietnamese Brasserie, a first solo project from the former owner of Palo Alto's Tamarine and SF's Bong Su, is slated to open in Redwood City in mid-late February. * * * * * Nam to bring hy...

Pinstripes, Norwalk, offers bistro, bowling & bocce...

by gutreactions 3 months ago

Decided to take a drive and visit the big new Sono Collection Mall in Norwalk, CT. It is huge and airy, and apparently still a work in progress, anchored by Bloomingdale's at one end, and Nordstrom...

Hurley's Steakhouse & Pub, New Rochelle, serves a tender prime rib...

by gutreactions 1 year ago

About a year in the making, Hurley's Steakhouse & Pub has opened on Division Street in New Rochelle with a tempting menu offering steakhouse fare along with comforting gastropub favorites. We had o...

iSushi in Issaquah Head Sushi Chef

by YoungHova 3 months ago

I know this is a shot in the dark but the head itamae at iSushi in Issaquah was LEGIT and I guess they recently opened up their own restaurant. Does anybody happen to know where they went? Any lead...

Silpancho's House, New Bolivian in Del Ray

by Steve 11 months ago

On Mt Vernon Ave, near West Glebe, there is a brand new Bolivian spot with counter service and a menu that is mostly changing daily specials. They aren't serving the full menu yet, just a couple o...

Bac Lieu | La Lengua - San Francisco

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 3 months ago

A friend tipped me to the July opening of Bac Lieu in the La Lengua neighborhood. A few days later I had a chance to try it myself during the soft opening. The menu has Vietnamese dishes not oft...

Mamahuhu by Chef Brandon Jew launches tonight in SF

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 3 months ago

Eater has the lowdown on Mamahuhu, a new Chinese-American restaurant, from Michelin-starred Chef Brandon Jew. Initially delivery only via Caviar starting tonight, the plan is to open the restaurant...

Hot News Ernesto Magdaleno opens new restaurant

by ALPOE 3 months ago

Yes a place named for his Mother Angela's in Westland Michigan corner of Joy road and Hix Breakfast, Mexican and Italian everyday. Hollar Master Chef Ernesto Magdaleno hits it outta the park. Fir...

Journey to the Dumpling | Xlnt XLB in Elk Grove

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 3 years ago

Highlight of my recent trip to the Capitol was a dinner stop at Journey to the Dumpling in Elk Grove on my way home. It had been open for four weeks.

Kong's Burger & Cafe | Watsonville

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 3 months ago

Who remembers the neighborhood convenience store, Kong's Market in Pleasure Point, famous for its egg rolls? I tried them during our stay at a beach house in October 2011. https://www.chowhound.co...