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7 of the Best New(ish) Food Apps for All Types of Eaters

Inevitably each year, a slew of new food and dining apps hits the digital store to be greeted with varying levels of fanfare. With only so much time to explore and memory on our devices, we simply can...

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Does OpenTable Close Doors?

by morgan10 11 years ago

Do you get the sense that when you make a reservation on opentable you are placed at the worst possible table in the restaurant? Do you think restaurants favor diners with more opentable points? or...

Azucar/Diablos & OpenTable review

by dump123456789 10 years ago

Azucar in San Jose has changed into Diablos. Not that I'm recommending it. I noticed this change in OpenTable, where I also noticed that the first review is clearly written by someone associated wi...

Open Table Points

by Arabella09 11 years ago

I have been accumulating Open Table points in DC for quite a while. In a few weeks I will be staying in Sarasota. Many restarants in Sarasota belong to Open Table, but there seems to be no way fo...

OpenTable.com - new to me.

by bayoucook 12 years ago

Just read about it in the paper. I hope this isn't posted twice; I thought I had posted it earlier but I can't find it anywhere. Look at this website if you haven't already and tell me what you thi...

OpenTable Appetite Stimulus Package Glitches?

by kkl12345 12 years ago

Last night, I dined went to my third appetite stimulus package restaurant. Much to my surprise, my the maitre'd and waiter each told me they were not aware of the program. Later the manager came t...

OpenTable Appetite Stimulus Plan Menus?

by jdinsf 12 years ago

There are so many great choices with this promotion, but I've scoured the OT site, and I can't find information about what menu choices the participating restaurants are offering. Anyone know eithe...

Is there a UK equivalent to Open Table?

by ViolentScarlet 12 years ago

Is there an online restaurant reservation service equivalent to open table for the UK (specifically London)? I know open table does have some London restaurants but it seems like a lot of the top,...

Do you get crummy table if using Opentable?

by meinNYC 12 years ago

We have found that if I make a reservation on Opentable, we automatically are given the worst table in the house. This has happened so often that I think it is not just bad luck. If you make the re...

After two years using Open Table...

by Snaps 13 years ago

I finally have a sweeeet $50 check! Their website says all Open Table restaurants will take it.... but I am a little nervous as I have never used one before. For anyone who maybe has: will the serv...

Open Table -no res when restaurant had room

by emilief 14 years ago

Tried to make a reservation on Open Table for late December at a restaurant on their list- kept getting the message that no availability. I couldn't believe it since it is more than three weeks awa...

Winterlicious and OpenTable.com

by ER2 13 years ago

As I was getting nowhere trying to make a winterlicious lunch reservation at C5 by phone, I have taken a different route and successfully reserved a table using OpenTable.com. OpenTable's advice is...

Larger Tip left for OpenTable Data - Was Jfood too paranoid?

by jfood 13 years ago

Jfood has a question for people in the know on OpenTable. If you leave a mediocre tip because of serving issues, does that go into your profile for other restos to see? The only reason jfood left a...

Open Table VIP Status?

by gyozagirl 13 years ago

I've become more of a regular Opentable.com user lately, and noticed I'm included in the "VIP" status in terms of reservations that I've made recently (not that hard to do if you go out every once ...

anti-OpenTable bias?

by daigle 14 years ago

[moved from Boston Board - The Chowhound Team] I apologize if this has been discussed before. Have hounds noticed discriminatory treatment when you book via OpenTable versus calling a restaurant ...

What's the story with Open Table?

by wcgirl 14 years ago

My husband and I are trying to figure out if you book your table through open table if you don't get as good as a seat as if you booked it on the phone...any thoughts?


by potbelliedkiln 14 years ago

Any chowhounders find Opentable.com useful. What are your thoughts on this. I used it two nights ago in Las Vegas, when I called a restaurant for reservations I wanted to go to,and they wouldn't ...

Open Table [moved from San Francisco board]

Ruth Lafler
by Ruth Lafler 14 years ago

When you need a reservation that's difficult (large party, peak demand time) it's often helpful to check Opentable.com. Once you know what might be available, you can come back and ask for advice o...

open table

by Tasty L 16 years ago

Just wanted to know if anyone has ever used open table to make reservations before and if it is reliable. Also -- any thoughts on the Biltmore Room -- too trendy????

Opentable errors

by RicRios 14 years ago

Weird. First, my "Total Dining Points" is frozen. I keep adding points, the total displayed on screen (which is the one used to redeem points) hasn't moved for weeks. And today, I tried to email th...

Problems with Aureole / Open Table (Restaurant Week)

by frankie_lee 16 years ago

I made a Restaurant Week reservation at Aureole through Open Table. Over the weekend I received an e-mail erroneously telling me that I had called to cancel my reservation. I never made any such ca...

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