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Undercooked beets

by texaspeppers1 4 months ago

I roasted some beets tonight then decided to do a quick slice and pickle before supper. Served the beets, tastes great, undercooked! Do I dare cook them more after the vinegar has been added? If...

Cookie Help Please

by raberbm 4 months ago

I'm making a cookie recipe that calls for softened butter, but I accidentally melted it. Can I still use it if it's melted?

Is my caramel burnt?

by pinshure 4 months ago

So I was trying to melt 2 cups of caramel at once because my recipe called for it and it took me a while to melt all the sugar. I kept taking it off the heat so that it didn't darken until it all m...

Brown spots in pie crust

by rlp 4 months ago

I could use some trouble shooting for why my crust has brown spots. I followed a new recipe (bc pastry is my kryptonite and it never goes right). Ingredients were all-purpose flour, unsalted butter...

SOS - added too much milk to cake batter

by LulusMom 5 months ago

I'm baking a cake, and added a full two cups of buttermilk instead of just a cup. This is the last step in the recipe. So irritated with myself. Is there any way to save this? Thanks very much in a...

Help! Need to adjust cheesecake recipe from 8" to 10"

by debbiec10 5 months ago

Need assistance adjusting cheesecake recipe measurements and baking time from a 8" cheesecake pie pan to 10" springform pan. How do I do this?

Cooking for spice-sensitive eater

by shantipur 5 months ago

I Iove the taste food made with chili garlic sauce but my wife can't tolerate the spiciness. Any suggestions how I can purchase low/mild paste or make my own? How do I keep the taste without scaldi...

Deer bologna

by PappyPIhave3 5 months ago

Hey all, I recently made my first attempt at deer-bologna. I used 50% deer and beef. It turned out OK, although there were 2 things I didn't like that I need help with. A very slight crumble when s...

Boneless, Skinless Turkey Breast Questions

by questioningfood 6 months ago

Hello, I recently bought these boneless, skinless turkey breasts and honestly I am a bit stumped about how to cook them well. All the recipes I have found from looking them up online call for skin-...

Thai cooking

by codmeister 6 months ago

The purpose of this post is to share my frustration and gain some wisdom from a recent mistake I think I made. I have a great recipe for a Thai red curry dish I have made and loved. This last tim...

Can this croissant dough be salvaged?

by calliope8 6 months ago

I was attempting blueberry croissants and tried a new butter folding in method. Frankly I do think the recipe is partly to blame as it cautioned greatly against overmixing the dough but I think it ...

Beans not softened in crock pot after 12 hours!

by BucksMama 6 months ago

After reading all the previous comments (from 2015), I have decided to take my hard beans and soup out of crock and put into pot on stove and boil then let cool; if that doesn't work, I'll try the...

Tough brisket issue!

by rachmc 6 months ago

Hoping to get some advice here - I’m so nervous about ruining this very pricey piece of meat! I started this recipe yesterday and followed the directions as stated through the second cook. htt...

Banana Bread: How do I get crispy crusts on muffins?

by Nooshijoon 7 months ago

I put my favourite banana bread into muffin tins in the hopes of getting some portable portions. I greased and floured the muffin tin like I do my loaf pans. I baked the batter for 25 minutes at 3...

Smoking Brisket Failure

by dougbma50 7 months ago

I smoked a brisket this weekend and it was very dry. In the past I have had different levels of success although they never really turn out super moist. I am using a smaller RecTec pellet smoker ...

Help me solve a baking mystery

by maestra 8 months ago

Okay, how about this one. I've been making this brownie recipe for years: https://www.epicurious.com/recipes/member/views/king-arthur-flour-fudge-brownies-51608421 Totally my favorite. I get ask...

Jello Sauce?

by ombretta 9 months ago

Has anyone ever used jello as a meat glaze or for stir fry sauce? My dad has diabetes and hypertension, he likes lemon and orange stir fry sauce but the sugar and sodium levels are not good for hi...

How to get the chew into gummies?

by foxspirit 4 years ago

Trying to make my own gummies. Browsed around and most of the recipes calls for taking some kind of flavored liquid (commonly juice), plain gelatin, and sugar and melting it all together over low h...

Candied Cherries too Mushy - How to fix?

by OracleofMN 9 months ago

I made some candied cherries, using this recipe. https://www.wenthere8this.com/candied-cherries-recipe/ The problem is they turn very mushy after the simmering process. I was hoping they would ...

Rhubarb crisp that didn't set up

by karykat 9 months ago

Rhubarb with sugar, egg and a little milk. With oatmeal nut crisp topping. I wanted it to be deeper so that that the crisp part didn't overwhelm the rhubarb custard. I left it in the oven longer...