Recipe Fixes

Fixing Burnt Soup?

by jough 11 years ago

Today I made a huge batch of Beef Barley Vegetable Soup. I had a bowl and it was absolutely delicious. Unfortunat...


tony_cruz commented 10 days ago

What would be an appropriate substitute for cream in tuna casserole?

by Buttercups 18 days ago

I'm trying to make a healthier version of tuna casserole that uses either a puree, or a Greek Yogurt-puree combinatio...


acgold7 commented 16 days ago

Fixing an overly sweet tomato pasta sauce

by poloprincess 5 years ago

Hi everyone, My MIL gave me a very nice homemade tomato/beef pasta sauce but it is overly sweet, I think from too ...


Crystalline888 commented 21 days ago

Gelatin in mashed potatoes for mini causas?

by sugarcanejane 24 days ago

I want to make small causa bites -- I had them at the restaurant Picca in Los Angeles. The mashed potato portion of t...


MikeG commented 23 days ago

help, my soup is way too acidic!

by kudru 9 years ago

I made a bean soup and got a little over-enthusiastic with the sun-dried tomatoes, and the result is waaaay too tangy...


Will94566 commented 1 month ago

Bread dough question - can I salvage my dough?

by AkL 8 years ago

Hi there. I'm a newbie at making bread, but I love Italian Easter bread (the one with the colored eggs in the shel...


vicif commented 1 month ago

what to do with dough that didn't rise?

by smartstart 10 years ago

Do I really need to trash the dough? I hate to waste food, but I have two unbaked loaves of bread that I clearly mad...


ElaineWilliams commented 1 month ago

HELP! too much cumin in my chili!

by RiJaAr 11 years ago

I had a little accident, and now have way to much cumin in my chili. Not a horrible thing, except i only like cumin i...


Carolef commented 2 months ago

Help!!!! Added too much pepper

by dpetermann 11 years ago

I am making chicken soup and added way too much coarse ground pepper by mistake. Any advise aside from starting over


Kealo commented 2 months ago

Dumb soup decision. Suggestions welcomed

by migmigmig 2 months ago

In this cold snap, I've been craving soup. I had some delicious homemade chicken stock and a bunch of my favorite win...


Indy 67 commented 2 months ago

Help ASAP! Tough beef stew!

by julseydesign 10 years ago

I'm in the process of making a beef stew. I started cooking about 2 hrs ago, and started with some onions and garlic...


Caristocrat commented 2 months ago

rescue a tough roast?

by coolgeek 9 years ago

I bought a rump roast yesterday, with the intention of making a pot roast. However, after looking around for cooking...


smitty75025 commented 2 months ago

Christmas pudding help please

by farthing 2 months ago

I made my usual Epicurious Christmas pudding recipe which I have made umpteen times before. This year when I steamed...


farthing commented 2 months ago

Id like to use a Betty Crocker cookie mix to make a cake?

by savanna1128 2 months ago

I have one 12oz box of Betty Crocker cookie mix that calls for 1/3 c veg. oil, 1 TBSP water, and one egg, but Id like...

Ttrockwood commented 2 months ago

See’s Fudge Recipe

by Beegee1 2 months ago

The past few years I have had problems with the fudge setting up. I’ve tried a metal pan, a glass pan, cooking the mi...

Ttrockwood commented 2 months ago

Stuffoli Dough. help adjusting

by jwalter007 4 years ago

I just made struffoli and it came out too dry & cakey. I don't know where to start to try to adjust. Here's what i ...


bklynbrn98 commented 2 months ago

Help! I put too much water in my homemade split pea soup!

by marymac 5 years ago

And now the peas are done but the soup is too thin. If I thickened it with flour and water would that ruin it? Than...


MsLiMichelle commented 2 months ago

Need help how to bake larger cookies than recipe

by nemo 3 months ago

I know this is a really frazzled time for everyone, and I may not go through with this mega-cookie idea, but would ap...

Ttrockwood commented 3 months ago

Help me tone down too much Italian seasoning in beef wild rice soup

by MidwesternerTT 3 months ago

Looking for ideas on what to add / how to use leftover beef & wild rice soup I made. The recipe called for 1 1/2 tsp...

MidwesternerTT commented 3 months ago

Fried Chicken Help Needed

by zackly 1 year ago

So I've never been good at frying chicken. It tastes OK but never seems spicy and crispy enough, like the Colonel's. ...


acgold7 commented 3 months ago