Recipe Fixes

Learn to Cook Without Recipes from Samin Nosrat

Bear with us: We're about to get all philosophical on you for a moment. In the Western perspective of the universe (yeah, we're going there), there are four elements: earth, air, water, and fire. But...

Research about food finding experiences

by jn8889 5 days ago

Conducting research on how to connect people to international foods and trying to learn the food accessibility tools. Your participation would be very valuable for my food app research, thanks!

I need help perfecting an English Granary Cob

by twodales2 19 days ago

I dislike bread. I like bread. It all depends on the bread! I don't like commercial bread for the most part. Two sweet. Too soft. I have malted wheat flakes and barley syrup and am trying to p...

Please help me with my Sausage

by Cheap Bastard 1 month ago

I have made sausages a few times now, and they have always turned out with a texture that is dry and crumbly... almost to the point of gritty. I have thought from the beginning I was just not bein...

My rye bread is flat

by tetraneutron 3 months ago

I tried to bake this rye bread. I let it rise in an oven with the light on for the first three rises and each time is rises really well, so I don't think the problem is the yeast. But for the final...

Leah Chase’s Jambalaya - Sausages

by jms412 2 months ago

The Dooky Chase jambalaya recipe, calls for chaurice (which I can’t find locally) and smoked sausage. What combination of sausage would you recommend? I was considering andouille and a non-dry chor...

Rhubarb crisp that didn't set up

by karykat 1 year ago

Rhubarb with sugar, egg and a little milk. With oatmeal nut crisp topping. I wanted it to be deeper so that that the crisp part didn't overwhelm the rhubarb custard. I left it in the oven longer...

Would adding EXTRA sour cream necessarily 'mess-up' a cake recipe?

by yippee1999 3 months ago

Hi everyone. I am attaching photos that show a recipe I recently made. I'm pretty certain I didn't mess up on the ingredients/quantities. I kept reconfirming to myself, out loud, '...one cup.....

Thai cooking

by codmeister 1 year ago

The purpose of this post is to share my frustration and gain some wisdom from a recent mistake I think I made. I have a great recipe for a Thai red curry dish I have made and loved. This last tim...

Why was my NY Strip tough? ;(

by tangoking 4 years ago

I cooked a birthday dinner for a friend tonight. I bought two NY Strip steaks from Wegmans: decent marbilization. Not prime, but a solid choice. About one inch thick. I cooked them as follows: s...

Undercooked banana bread- how can I rescue??

by emilief 11 years ago

I made banana breads last night. When I cut them this am i discovered that some of the middle is uncooked. Can I put them back in the oven and cook more or perhaps in the microwave? I had taken the...

Challah rise trouble

by thecupboard 4 months ago

So I’m no bread expert, but I’ve used this challah recipe a half dozen times, always with no issue/great success. The dough has been sitting abou 2.5 hrs and has definitely not doubled. Pictured...

How to fix my Red Wine Braised Short Ribs? (Too sweet)

by cgxy96 4 months ago

Hi all, I followed the recipe but added too much tomato paste. Now it taste too sweet and too tomato-y. I have a pantry of basic herbs and spices, lemon, orange, onion, fresh birds eye chilli, some...

I undercooked my cheesecake, can I re-cook it?

by Rick 13 years ago

I cut into my cheesecake last night and found out it was runny and undercooked. I still have it in the fridge but I don't know if I can cook it again or not?

Baby Back Ribs

by codmeister 8 months ago

When we cook ribs they are not as good as the ones when we dine out. My wife puts an aluminum foil tent over them and steams them in the oven for an hour or two . . . to the almost-fall-off-the-bo...

Is my caramel burnt?

by pinshure 11 months ago

So I was trying to melt 2 cups of caramel at once because my recipe called for it and it took me a while to melt all the sugar. I kept taking it off the heat so that it didn't darken until it all m...

why didn't my ricotta set up?

by sparkareno 5 years ago

I tried making ricotta tonight for the first time & it is a disaster. I used a quart of milk, 2 cups of cream (not ultra pasteurized), 1 tsp salt. I brought it to 190 and then added 3 tbs of lemon ...

Dim sum sticking to steamer

by biggreenmatt 6 months ago

Hey all, Bought a whack of frozen dim sum to try and alleviate cravings while the Rona keeps me away from the Cantonese (and every other) joints. Can't get em to stop sticking to my steamer, wh...

Burnt Pork Belly? From Momofuko

by margarita7 6 months ago

I’m making a pork belly recipe from Momofuko and the top is very much blackened. I covered it with tin foil so it doesn’t burn more, but I’m worried I burnt or overcooked it... has anyone made this...

What's the best way to rescue a thin chicken stock?

by TKB21 7 months ago

I've been making my stocks in an 8qt stock pot but needed more room for each cook. I recently upgraded to a 16qt but have been making the mistake of filling it to full capacity. To give you an idea...

Beef Brisket with Figs, Mango & Pistachios

by fleetwoodPC 7 months ago

I saw pistachios on the shelf and had the thought to encrust a beef brisket with them. But I also thought to add chopped mangos and figs and cover in maple syrup glaze. Having never done anyt...