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Bear with us: We're about to get all philosophical on you for a moment. In the Western perspective of the universe (yeah, we're going there), there are four elements: earth, air, water, and fire. But...

Why why why is my stew meat always dry & tough?

by denishaskin 6 months ago

Whenever I try to make a beef stew, the meat pretty much always comes out tough, and is not tender etc as the recipe always promises. What am I doing wrong? Today's stew was stew meat from New Le...

Jello Sauce?

by ombretta 15 hours ago

Has anyone ever used jello as a meat glaze or for stir fry sauce? My dad has diabetes and hypertension, he likes lemon and orange stir fry sauce but the sugar and sodium levels are not good for hi...

Help with ice cream cake

by tweetie 11 days ago

I make an ice cream cake for my husband's birthday every July. Over the years I have varied the non ice cream layers, sometimes using cookie crumbs as a layer sandwiched between ice cream but it a...

Pork Chops Overdone

by LilRedHen 28 days ago

After a long time not using it, I dragged out the Ronco rotisserie and proceeded to cook 2 beautiful bone-in port chops to death. Without a recipe I really overestimated the cooking time. So they...

When to par cook bar/square crust?

by tweetie 18 days ago

I love bars of all types ( aka tray bakes) but often wonder why some recipes call for a brief (10 minutes-ish) precook of the crust. Many recipes are very similar except for that step. You know t...

How to Neutralize Anchovy Flavor

by DeeBK72 3 years ago

Hi all, I made a tomato sauce from scratch that called for a small tin of anchovies (2 oz) and 2 28oz cans of crushed tomato, along with the usual onion, garlic, wine, butter, etc. I used a tin...

Mayo Fail

by Joshive 1 month ago

I made TWO batches of mayo that failed. i use half a lemon.. pinch of salt and pepper... one egg.. squeeze of mustard and 1 cup avocado oil... i poured the oil very slowly into the blender as it ...

why did my hummus turn out gritty not smooth?

by noya 7 years ago

Followed a wonderful recipe, and the flavor was spot-on. Unfortunately, the texture was grittier than I would have liked. Is this due to my (inexpensive) food processor? Thanks!!

Fried egg, crispy egg, soft egg?

by Chandler114 2 months ago

Sometimes when I go to make an egg, be it sunny side up or over easy/medium/hard, the egg is this beautiful, white, glossy oval. Almost like something out of a cartoon. (Then sometimes I can't make...

Need oatmeal cookie advice

by soccermom13 2 months ago

I just made Smitten Kitchen Thick and Chewy Oatmeal Cookies. But, alas, my cookies are not as thick and chewy as Deb's appear to be. Which of these reasons do you think might be the reason mine l...


by JerkPork 4 months ago

Any secrets to making a moist falafel? I've been making them from scratch lately, they aren't bad but I want them to be more moist? More onion? Baking soda? Thanks

How to covert this cake recipe from 9" rounds to 1/4 sheet pans

by shescheeky 2 months ago

The link below is for my go-to carrot cake recipe. However, I do take liberties with the frosting recipe. My question is: how do I convert this cake recipe, which uses (3) 9' rounds to (2-3) 13x9...

Chicken Parmesan - cheese was chewy

by JayKon 3 months ago

I made Chicken Parmesan with mozzarella slices and while it was very good, the cheese was very chewy. I browned the breaded chicken in a pan, then put it in an oven dish with the marinara and folde...

Brownie Problem

by farthing 2 months ago

Made brownies but they cracked quite a lot on top. What did I do wrong? Thanks.

Why does my cake rise when baking and deflates when cooling?

by volvo94039 3 months ago

I am using box cake mix (Duncan Hines lemon cake) and my cake rise but when cooling it deflates. I am wondering what I am doing wrong. I use an oven thermometer to make sure the oven is on the corr...

Easy Additions to Instant Udon?

by carissarene 12 years ago

I am obsessed with the instant packages of udon - I prepare them as soup and love it for a quick meal during the week. Any fun and flavorful ideas for add-ins that will make it a little more nutrit...

Crunchy Spilt Pea sound

by Hbbs 3 months ago

Ican not get the split peas to soften, I have been cooking them for two days. I have been making split pea soup for 30 years and this is the first time those peas wont soften. i have already put ...

How to improve intensity of flavour in chili con carne?

by Ramius 4 years ago

This year I have been making chili con carne a few times, and I just had my family over for dinner. But I wish it would taste even more chili. My version becomes just strong enough but not unpleasa...

How to remedy a bitter wine sauce?

by grapes28 3 months ago

I made beef shanks in red wine but this in the first time the sauce tastes somewhat bitter. Any remedies?

Liquidy Homemade yogurt - "incubation" issue?

by lisaleira 3 months ago

I recently got a ton of delicious raw goat milk and as I'll be going away for a few weeks, I thought I'd make some yogurt and kefir. The kefir is still plugging away (grains from "Kefir Lady") and ...