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How do you tame too hot salsa?

by newfoodie 8 years ago

I followed a recipe for roasted tomatillo salsa. The directions warned against removing the jalapeno seeds but I sho...


amsutton commented 7 days ago

Trying to learn how to double+ my sauce recipes

by mugzi 9 days ago

I have recipes that I've mastered in small quantities at home, but now I'm planning to fulfill my lifelong dream and ...

hotoynoodle commented 9 days ago

Weak Soup

by Meeskeit 10 days ago

I made my usual celery soup ( Celery, onion,garlic, homemade chicken stock watered down a bit so it's not "chicken so...


Meeskeit commented 9 days ago

How can I repair my crunchy rice pudding?

by hungryinmanhattan 2 years ago

I followed the instructions on chowhound for "Easy Rice Pudding." Now that it is cooled, it is still a little crunch...


momurdock commented 21 days ago

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Sugarless recipes for sour grapes?

by ced1106 21 days ago

Bought some sour grapes at the grocery. Oops. I searched for some recipes using soured grapes, but they involved suga...

Need wing advice

by jillfiredup 2 years ago

I make wings frequently but have never been able to get my picky eater to try them. I typically cook them "naked" t...

The_Libster commented 30 days ago

Help over simmered chicken broth

by heylids 1 month ago

I simmered the bones of an organic chicken in a crockpot from 9 pm to 2ish then added vegetables. I forgot it till ...


Madrid commented 1 month ago

Need Help with Muffin Texture

by patrickbcox 1 month ago

Hello, I am trying to match the texture of my muffins to the texture of muffins that I have purchased. In general, ...

hotoynoodle commented 1 month ago

My chili is a little to spicy

by TVC15 9 years ago

Any ideas how to bring down the heat without losing the flavor?


akrealtor commented 1 month ago

Guacamole - Bitter!?

by jounipesonen 5 years ago

Have made a batch of Guacamole -- Avocado - definitely ripe Lemon juice Garlic cloves (maybe a bit too much) Sh...


foodieafloat commented 2 months ago

Meringue FAIL, SOS!!

by tc2012 7 months ago

I can't get stiff peaks, no matter what I try. I've scoured the internet and tried everything, nothing works. Anyone ...


petejonesbus commented 2 months ago

Chuck roast on a stovetop and tender... is this possible?

by Katie Nell 10 years ago

I made Marcella's Pot Roast of Beef with Garlic, Anchovies, Vinegar and Pancetta from Marcella Says last night. It c...


itsadryheat commented 2 months ago

How do I make my chocolate peanut oatmeal cookies more dense/firm?

by CuriousNewbies78 2 months ago

16 bars Current ingredient list 1⁄2 cup skim milk 1 cup Kraft peanut butter 17g granulated sugar 1 1⁄4-1 1⁄2 cup...


Foxeyblue commented 2 months ago

Correct too sweet salad dressing

by lisaleira 2 months ago

Hola! I was looking to make a quick dressing for a raw cabbage salad and for raw kale salad (two separate salads)...


lisaleira commented 2 months ago

Bread dough question - can I salvage my dough?

by AkL 7 years ago

Hi there. I'm a newbie at making bread, but I love Italian Easter bread (the one with the colored eggs in the shel...


stradingerm commented 2 months ago

Can This Brisket Be Saved?

by MomofJesse 3 months ago

I cooked a 5-lb. brisket at 325 for three-and-a-half hours and when I took it out, all the liquid had evaporated and ...


Indy 67 commented 3 months ago

Is there any use for bread dough that did not rise?

by Georgia Sommers 6 years ago

I suppose there isn't much else to say! I'll pitch it if I should but thought I'd see if there are any ideas out t...

blue room commented 3 months ago

help, my soup is way too acidic!

by kudru 8 years ago

I made a bean soup and got a little over-enthusiastic with the sun-dried tomatoes, and the result is waaaay too tangy...


NachoRodriguez commented 3 months ago

Quick Bread Disaster

by human2 3 months ago

Hi everyone, I decided to try to make a healthy quick bread that brought together some of my favorite flavors from...

hotoynoodle commented 3 months ago

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How to save your chunky overcooked Dulce de Leche

by imaina89 3 months ago

I came across this problem, wanting to figure it out too. I tried keeping it in the hot water about 1/3 of the way...