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bagels, etc.

by femnasian 18 years ago

i'll be up in montreal this weekend (coming from nyc) and wanted to taste those delicious bagels everyone has been talking about. can someone suggest a good place to get them? also, i know there...

the best baguette in montreal

by mark grossman 17 years ago

where can i find the best baguette in montreal--even if it means going off the beaten track.

Inexpensive Bistro or Belgian.

by iron frank 17 years ago

Does anyone know of any bistros around town ala L'Express without the steep prices? Great food without the trendiness would be cool. Also any great Belgian places in town? Thanks, Frank

Turkish bread bakery?

by iron frank 17 years ago

I remember reading somewhere(maybe NY Times travel) about a Turkish bakery/takeout place with a huge variety of baked on the premises traditional breads. It sounded amazing and I will be in town t...

Montreal article

by Susan 18 years ago

Help, you Montrealers: For an article I'm writing this week on What's Doing In Montreal, please name/describe your 5 fav restaurants (relatively easy to get to), 4 places where you love to visit ...

My recent trip to Montreal

by Jerry M. Bank 17 years ago

My wife and I just returned from a long weekend in Montreal. We had absolutely miserable weather, with cold rain during all the full days we were there. Now for the food. At the suggestion of ...

Montreal Restaurant Recommendations for NY-ers

by Rich 17 years ago

My wife and I will be visiting Montral next Friday and Saturday night, and would welcome any recommendations for Montral restaurants where the emphasis is on fresh ingredients imaginatively prepare...

Recap of 1st trip to Montreal

by Rich Engel 17 years ago

Thursday went to La Marivaude. My liver was fantastic; my wife's veal was good. We had an excellent scallops appetizer and good wine by the glass. The service was excellent. Place was not crowd...

Great eats in Montreal

by Susan Dresner 18 years ago

For a trip I'm planning to Montreal very soon, please send me your recommendations for wonderful places to eat. Ethnic, moderately-expensive, and otherwise would be great.

Dunn's Famous -- The best burger in years!

by Chaz 18 years ago

During my very recent trip to Montreal, we stopped at "Dunn's Famous" near The Bay department store on St Catherine. They are famous for their "smoked meat" which my girlfriend had but wasn't too ...

Verdict - Moishe's is the best steak

by Teddi 18 years ago

I just came back from my trip to Montreal, and had to say that, after having eaten at both Moishe's and Gibby's, the verdict is in: Moishe's has the best steak in the city. We ate at both, and th...

Sushi in Eastern Townships?

by Steve 18 years ago

There used to be a small sushi restaurant in Magog (that also had live music on the weekends), but are there any decent sushi joints in Sherbrooke, Magog, Coaticook, ???

Montreal W/Kids

by SLANDAU 18 years ago

We are going to be in montreal w/ out 2 boys, 4 and 6. They don't have a wide pallate but, salad, and roast chicken will get them by. Can you recommend a good place which will be relaxed enough...


by Hopi 18 years ago

I will be in Mtl 9/14-28 & would love recommendations for great Thai, Vietnamese or other Asian restos. Plan to check out Chao Phyra (sp?). Have frequently enjoyed the food court (really!) Thai (...

Montreal Steakhouses

by Lesley 18 years ago

Lookin for a darn good steak within reasonable distance from Old Montreal. Suggestions?


by Phil Dupuis 18 years ago

Is Joe's Steak-house still around? any comments on quality?

Cuisine Quebecois (or not)

by Phil Dupuis 18 years ago

My family is gathering in Montreal for the first time since the 70's for a combination 50th birthday & 60th wedding anniversary. I need some ideas for a special dinner that will be memorable. One o...


by Jef. 18 years ago

Thanks for your kind offer of info re: off-the-beaten-path spots and good dining in Montreal. We're hitting the road tomorrow morning, and will be without computer access for 10 days, so if you see...


by John 18 years ago

I am going to Montreal, in a week and I am looking for a nice restaurant. I know there are dozens of quality restaurants in the city, but I am going with a special person and would like to go to a ...

Maestro SVP: Thumbs up or down?

by Jef. 18 years ago

I ran across a few references to this place on other web pages, and as I love good seafood, am curious to try it. I have seen a rave and a compplete dismissal on this board, however. Can anyone els...

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