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Good chow near the Molson Centre?

by Steve 18 years ago

We are going to a Canadiens game Saturday night. Any recommendations on decent chow around the Molson Centre beforehand? We'll have young kids, but they're fairly adventurous. We're wide open to...

Ham in Montreal

by Donna 18 years ago

I'm from the States and always got a HoneyBaked Ham or reasonable facsimile for Christmas. Who does a great ham here in Montreal? Does anyone know of good take-out places other than the usual piz...

New Year's Eve in Montreal

by Shelly McK 18 years ago

I also am looking for suggestions for a New Year's Eve meal in Montreal (I did see the post and follow up just below). We are not necesarily looking for a party type experience--just a good meal. ...

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by The Chowhound Team 18 years ago

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by gaelyne leslie 18 years ago

My husband and I will be in Montreal for our wedding anniversary. We are planning to go to Toque for one meal but looking for something less formal and maybe kind of funky for the other night. Is t...

bubble tea in montreal

by iron frank 18 years ago

Has anyone found any bubble tea places in Montreal? They seem to be prevalent on the West Coast but not so much back East. I found one place on the Web that was vaguely listed as being in a mall ...

Holiday help

by Marc 18 years ago

6 of us Coming into town for New Year's eve, and we're looking to do one over-the-top dinner out. Already have reservations at L'Express on Dec 29, but we want to do something even more spectacu...

Joe's Steak House - warning

by François 18 years ago

Last week. Lunch at Joe's on Stanley south of de Maisonneuve. Group of six. Disaster from start to finish. Though generally reluctant to trash a spot based on a single meal, the circumstances in ...


by JDenby 18 years ago

Does anyone know of any good restaurants in the Atwater market area?

Peking Duck - Where?

by Warren Prince 18 years ago

Can anyone suggest a Montreal location for Peking Duck. My wife and son love it, and I'm sure there's several places in Chinatown, but I have no idea where to start. I'd appreciate any suggestions.


by JDenby 18 years ago

Just returned from Montreal. Found an excellent restaurant on St. Denis called Chorus, previously Jongleux Cafe. Minimal menu, extremely well done and well presented. Expensive

new restaurant - Rumi on Hutchison

by scott 18 years ago

I happened to walk by this restaurant over the weekend and decided to give it a try. Rumi is run by two brothers who make homemade food the covers the many cultures of the spice trade. This place...


by Craig 18 years ago

I know this message board deals with restaurants. However, I am going to Montreal on New Years Eve and would like to find out about what are some good nightclubs. ( I am 37). If someone could direc...

A list of sushi restaurants in Montreal

by Hiko Ikeda 18 years ago

The following Web page must not be outdated because it says it was updated only two or three weeks ago. Link: http://jeff.cs.mcgill.ca/~luc/sushimtl.html

A question about Monreal's Japanese restaurants

by Hiko Ikeda 18 years ago

Which languages are spoken in Montreal's Japanese restaurants? French, English, or Japanese?

Long Montreal Review

by iron frank 18 years ago

Just got back this afternoon for a WONDERFUL couple of nights in Montreal. I ate and ate myself sleepy for two+ days. Dinner Thursday: ChuChai on St. Denis, read about it here in the archives....

Le Fripon

by J.Denby 18 years ago

Does anyone have any info on Le Fripon? Anyone been there recently?

3 restaurants in Montreal

by La Manque 18 years ago

I am in Montreal for 3 nights next week. I have booked tables for dinner at L'Express, Les Halles, and Chez Delmo. Any comments on these three and/or any recommendations that would out do these ...

late night student spots

by JDenby 18 years ago

We are traveling to Montreal with family, some of whom are college students. I need some suggestions for affordable late night places with trendy music for them.One speaks fluent french. Needless t...

Remainder of Montreal chowing - La Gaudriole, etc. (very long)

by Kitty 18 years ago

La Gaudriole - Great little neighborhood bistro! Table d'hote: Choice of avocado mousse, delicious wild mushroom ravioli for starters, braised venison chosen for the main course, and closed with a ...

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