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Monday night in Port St. Lucie-dinner suggestions?

by RKMFoto 12 years ago

Looking for unique and casual place with decent beer selection. Staying near Traditions Field for one night, but willing to travel a bit for good eats. Open to any suggestions. Cheers!

Port St. Lucie

by Foodie for sure 12 years ago

Going for the week to play golf and have fabulous food...good food at reasonable prices...or great food that is worth the price.. Any ideas?

Port St. Lucie - Any prime rib specials?

by Patticakes1 12 years ago

Just wondering if anyone knows of any prime rib specials nearby......what day of the week and how much? Thanks

Tin Fish / Port St. Lucie - 3rd Time a Charm

by LargeLife 12 years ago

My wife and I visited 'Tin Fish' in Port St. Lucie last night for the third time and it just keeps getting better as we go. If you haven't visited Tin Fish it's a treat as this establishment serves...

Tin Fish review - Port St. Lucie

by Patticakes1 12 years ago

I just wanted to write a posiitive review on Tin Fish. I come from New England and I have not had luck in finding decent fish and chips and chowder. I have to say that this is the best that I hav...

port saint lucie chinese restaurant

by michael772 12 years ago

this was my favorite chinese rest. not great but consistent. at least i thought so... http://www.tcpalm.com/news/2009/jun/03/psl-restaurant-allowed-reopen-was-closed-when-100-/

Tell me the best reasonably priced Italian restaurant in or near Port St. Lucie

by Patticakes1 12 years ago

I'm looking for a great chicken parm. Also, I'm getting tired of the garlic knots served at the places I have tried so far and would prefer Italian bread or foccaccia.

Help me find Real Italian bread in Port St. Lucie

by Patticakes1 12 years ago

I'm looking for the kind of Italian bread made in certain R.I. bakeries that has a tough outer crust that you have to rip off with a good set of teeth and also has a chewy center.

Port St Lucie FL - Greek Market

by misplacedtexan 13 years ago

Does anyone know of a Greek market in the Treasure Coast area? I'm looking for some good, fresh flat bread, olives and other tasty greek foods.

Asian or Chinese food Jupter to Port St Lucie

by cfisch 13 years ago

Are there any decent Asain or Chinese restaurants out there? I'm in Stuart and they are all like stepping back into the fifties! Help!

Port St Lucie area restaurants

by SAMMS 14 years ago

We are planning a trip to Hutchinson Island later this summer. We have never ventured quite this far north, Singer Island is as north as we have gone before. We are looking for a good steamed crab ...

Port St. Lucie - food platter delivery?

by advisor_Girl 14 years ago

Covert Ops or any Chowhounds in PSL- I have a friend who's had surgery in Saint Lucie West and will be housebound for the week. I wanted to send in a platter of good, simple food, whether deli ...

Port St. Lucie Area Chow?

by jackson 15 years ago

Is there anything chowish for lunch in the vicinity of the Mets Spring training stadium? Would prefer a non-chain experience of any kind; Greek,Italian,Thai or anything NOT predictable.

Visit to Port St. Lucie

by grownup55 15 years ago

I'd love to know about some good fish restaurants in the Port St. Lucie area. Any suggestions?

Need to send Passover package to Port St. Lucie Florida

by ScottK 14 years ago

A colleagues family lives in the area, and wants to send a passover basket. Not a basket of sweets, since they are diabetic, but of eats for dinner. I don't know of any places in the area or surr...

Headed to Port St. Lucie for spring training...

by mawaldman 14 years ago

My son and I are headed to Port St. Lucie for spring training. Reccomendations for good local ribs/steak/male bonding joints ... also, are there places that the ballplayers go to? I realize that ...

Lunch/Dinner/Drinks Options around Port St. Lucie and in Ft. Laud

by kristainlondon 15 years ago

Hello Chowhounds I'm visiting the 'rents in PSL and Ft Lauderdale in December and need some lunch and dinner recommendations. Firstly, PSL: We usually dine in the general St Lucie West vicin...

Bagels in Port St. Lucie

by Egregious 15 years ago

Over Christmas 2006 week, we had a number of great light meals at <a href="http://bagelbrotherstest.tripod.com/BagelBrothers_Menu_Pg2-3.pdf">Bagel Brothers of New York</a> at Tradition Square in Po...

Port St. Lucie--HELP!

by LED 15 years ago

My husband, 16-month-old son and I are going to PSL next week to visit the mother-in-law. We're staying at a hotel in St. Lucie West. Any recommendations on where we should eat, especially with the...

Daytona + Port St. Lucie notes

by s.m. koppelman 16 years ago

Went up to Daytona for a weekend and another day trip recently. Had lunch at Billy's Tap Room in Ormond (thanks, Chuck!) Fantastic place. It's going to be a must next I'm in the area, and probabl...