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Markets & Stores Be the first to comment

Country Market's $1.79 lb. bone-in Pork Roast is a good deal!

by gutreactions 7 days ago

While shopping at Country Market in Eastchester for some pork chops my companion spotted a big 3 pound bone-in pork r...

100 lbs. of pork tenderloin

by larryavsdad 1 month ago

Hey, I am the kitchen mgr. at a non-profit. I picked up 100 lbs, of frozen pork tenderloin at my local foodbank. Any ...


medlar commented 1 month ago

Pork roast vs. pork sirloin roast

by eenie1 3 months ago

Hi all: What, if anything, is the difference between these two? Thank you!


treb commented 3 months ago

Boston Butt / Pork Roast , Roasted Low and Slow @ 200* for 8.5 Hours ( Pictures )

by fourunder 5 years ago

During my latest weekly shopping excursion, I spotted a very nice looking Boston Butt Pork Roast, rolled and tied and...


faramoans commented 5 months ago

HELP! Pork Butt Roast Smells

by muimi07 6 months ago

I bought a 5+ pound cryovac'ed pork roast on Friday (June 16) with a best buy date of June 30. I took it out of the p...

hotoynoodle commented 6 months ago

Cook time for 3 pork roasts

by liask 12 months ago

I am cooking three 4.65 pounds pork roasts in a roaster. My husband & I are disagreeing on cooking time. any suggest...


zackly commented 12 months ago

How long to cook a whole pork loin roast?

by dicken74 12 months ago

I picked up a whole boneless pork loin roast and i'm not sure how long to cook it. I had my butcher cut it in half so...


fourunder commented 12 months ago

Pork Roast for 20 people

by sdohm3 12 months ago

Hi, I am hosting Christmas dinner for 20 people, and have two 6.5 lb pork loin top loin roasts to make. I'd like to ...


sdohm3 commented 12 months ago

Re-heating a cooked pork roast

by nycron 10 years ago

I had a group invited for Xmas bag and have a good chunk of cooked roast loin of pork. I cooled it, wrapped it well a...


klberg16 commented 1 year ago

Sides with roast pork?

by NYchowcook 1 year ago

I am planning a dinner party with a terrific, local roast pork shoulder. I plan to roast with fennel seeds, rosemary ...

tim irvine commented 1 year ago

Pork Skin - Recurring issue re puffy vs. leathery

by sbp 1 year ago

I run into this when I make a pork shoulder or, as here, a fresh ham roast (and when I try to make chiccharones, for ...

sbp commented 1 year ago

Easter Emergency!!! 9 lb porchetta in the oven cooking and the power went out in my neighborhood.

by MsBees 1 year ago

They estimate the power will go back on in 2 hours. I put it in the oven at 9:30 @450 and then reduced it to convect...


Madrid commented 1 year ago

Question about fresh pork sell by date

by mistertee 2 years ago

Hi, I recently purchased a fresh 7lb pork shoulder roast with a long "sell by" date. It's packaged in what I'd descri...


treb commented 2 years ago

Best Roast Pork (Evah)

by umamigal 2 years ago

The other day, we meandered over to 2nd street in midtown to an American brasserie called The Smith. We whistled up t...


saria commented 2 years ago

10 Rib Rack of Pork

by katesirc 2 years ago

Hello, I ordered a rack of pork for Christmas. It's about 7-8 lbs, 10 ribs. My butcher said to roast it for 10-15 m...


fourunder commented 2 years ago

Starch with roast pork

by helmswoman 2 years ago

Hoping hounds can help once again. I will be serving roast pork to friends for a fall birthday dinner--Julia Child's ...


Querencia commented 2 years ago

Home Cooking Be the first to comment

Can I adapt this pork roast with dried fruit to sous vide?

by allipalli 2 years ago

For an Oktoberfest potluck I plan to make Himmelreich from The Essential New York Times cookbook - a pork roast with ...

Would you have cooked this pork roast? I'm worried it's bad.

by vvv03 9 years ago

I bought a pork roast at the grocery store Friday, haven't gotten around to cooking it until today. It has a "sell b...


Lisacooking commented 2 years ago

How long to cook Pork Roast-quick help please

by Dio di Romanese 10 years ago

Its a 4lb. pork roast, so on what heat and what should the tempature be on the inside?


ChefScottSamson commented 2 years ago

Pork roast in a smoker

by smokedinvt 7 years ago

Hey all - I want to smoke a boneless center cut pork roast (2.33 pounds) in my smoker. Any good rub recipes, ideas ...


Bubba1560 commented 2 years ago

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