How to Perfect the Pisco Sour

Like good bartenders, all worthwhile drinks have a story. The pisco sour's past is less history than it is mythology. Like the spirit, the cocktail hails from South America. Peru and Chile stake insistent...

Kaiyo Peruvian Nikkei | Cow Hollow - SF

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 2 years ago

Unexpectedly on my own for a night in the City, I took a walk down Union Street and landed at the then three-month old Kaiyo. The specialty here is small plates and sushi drinking food in the style...

Daily Happy Hour @ La Mar Cebicheria | The Embarcadero - SF

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 3 years ago

Last month La Mar Cebicheria made sense for meeting a friend for a drink before a function nearby. Happy hour is from 3pm to 6pm in the bar daily. https://lamarsf.com/wp-content/uploads/HAPPY-HOU...

? on simple sirup yield

by RickatChow 4 years ago

Is it normal to get more volume of simple sirup than the initial water contribution? I just made a rich simple sirup for the first time (3 cups sugar dry weight to 1.5 cups water liquid weight.)I g...

Where to find pisco

by Xochitl10 18 years ago

Does anyone know where in the area I can find pisco (Chilean brandy)? Packing claimed the only bottle we had, carried lovingly back from England because we couldn't find it here. Thanks! Cheers...

Where to find Pisco Sour

by MargeA 5 years ago

I recently returned from Chili and had the best drink called Pisco Sour. They were selling it in a bottle at the airport in Santiago, Chili, but I did not want to carry it on the plane. Thought I...

Any bars/restaurants serving Pisco?

by mdpilam 10 years ago

I am coming out to DC in less than a week (I have another post, but this is a separate inquiry), and was wondering if there is anywhere in DC that I can get pisco? Preferably a bar, because I'm no...

Have you substituted something for Pisco in a Pisco Sour?

by MazDee 7 years ago

I just came back from South America and forgot to bring a bottle of Pisco with me. It isn't available where I live, and now I'm addicted to Pisco Sours! In a culinary class on the ship, we were tol...


by Dapuma 8 years ago

What is a good Pisco for making a Pisco sour or other cocktails There are so many different variations I would prefer a jack of all trades if possible Hi Time Wines has a decent selection and...


by aja1 8 years ago

I have read that Pisco is fairly available in Edmonton, but would anyone have any ideas where at all please? I am located near Whyte Avenue, so around that area would be better, and if it is at al...

Village Pisco, Peruvian Chicken 8th St

by streamwise 8 years ago

I tried this place for delivery recently and was quite impressed. I think it opened during the summer in a previous bar space right near 6th Ave. I'm not a Peruvian Chicken expert, so I'll lea...


by albiceleste 8 years ago

Where to find the best pisco sour or pisco punch in Atlanta?

Best Pisco Sours in Denver?

by mampara 10 years ago

Hello local foodies, I'm looking for the best pisco sours in Denver. Does anyone have any recommendations? I had some at Limon (Denver, east 17th or 18th) a while back that were adequate but n...

french cassis/pisco

by prairieprincess 10 years ago

i'm looking for a liquor store that sells quality cassis and pisco.....i live in venice but will travel from bradenton to ft myers.....

Pisco recommendations?

by samboca 10 years ago

I'm looking for a good Peruvian pisco to add to my collection. Mostly I will be making pisco sours, but am interested in drinking it neat as well; so something that is aromatic would be nice. Tha...

Pisco sour or any other pisco cocktail?

by applesauce23 10 years ago

louuuuuu made a quick mention of the lack of pisco sours in the stealth sa post...and the nytimes had a nice article (http://www.nytimes.com/2011/06/22/dining/pisco-makes-the-trip-north.html?ref=di...

Leon's Full Service Pisco Sling

by John Galt 10 years ago

The Pisco Sling at Leon's Full Service deserves its own post. Inca gold pisco, pineapple juice, lime juice, house-made vodka based falenrum, and green chartreuse It is magic. The lamb ...

New in town from Chile: Pisco? Chilean/Peruvian/Argentinean food?

by L12 11 years ago

Hi, I'm new in MSP from Florida actually but my wife is from Chile. We love and miss frequently food from Chile/Peru/Argentina, and Pisco, and would love any recommendations on where to buy s...

Where can I find Pisco Sours in Chicago?

by Randall_N 13 years ago

Does anyone know which bars serve this native Peruvian drink? I know Rosa de Lima (restaurant) serves good ones with your meal, but they are not setup as a bar. Click the small photo below this...

Great Pisco Sours at Bar Pleiades

by MMRuth 11 years ago

I've been to Bar Pleiades (at the Surrey Hotel/Cafe Boulud) a number of times now, and just love their Pisco Sour - perfectly made, in my opinion. The Paloma is also quite good, but I prefer the "...

BEST mojitos and pisco sours?

by VAfoodie 11 years ago

Notice I use the plural. I plan to go on a mojito/sour tour. Where do I stop?