Food just tastes better outside. Talk about all things picnic-related with our community: recipes, best picnic spots, tips on keeping food cool, and more.

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Trader Joe's YAY/MEH/NAY Thread - May 2017

by fldhkybnva 22 days ago

From April showers come May flowers. A new Fearless Flyer is out and as they say "at Trader Joe’s, shopping is a picn...

Ttrockwood commented 4 hours ago

Menu/Recipe Recommendations for a Beach Day

by ad7yn 1 month ago

Please share menu ideas and your favorite recipes to bring to the beach. Today I packed: Spanish Tortillas - rea...

The_Libster commented 1 month ago

Homemade sausage with picnic shoulder?

by mystikdrey 5 years ago

Hi everyone, so as I mentionned in the title, can I make homemade sausages with a picnic shoulder? I read it's better...


RPYee commented 3 months ago

Walla Walla: Wineries with restaurants or picnic areas?

by ethereal 9 years ago

Thinking ahead to a summer Walla Walla trip. I'm wondering if any of the wineries in the area have picnic areas or r...


KatieMcIntyre commented 3 months ago

Sweet onigiri fillings

by Ateji 1 year ago

I'd like to cook onigiri but I am a big fond of sweets so i want some SWEET ONIGIRI. Could you offer me some sweet on...


wokmasterYEE commented 8 months ago

Self-catering "picnic" wedding reception: help!

by hansi21 1 year ago

My partner and I are planning on self-catering an informal wedding reception for about 50 people at a nearby state pa...

LaLa commented 9 months ago

How To Keep Picnic Supplies Cold in France

by pepisstud 9 months ago

Each time we travel in Europe we love to enjoy a picnic lunch or dinner for a welcome change from restaurants twice a...


thimes commented 9 months ago

Your favorite lobster salad recipe

by CindyJ 9 months ago

Live Maine lobsters are plentiful and inexpensive ($5.99/lb) these days and I'm thinking of packing a picnic lunch fe...


Querencia commented 9 months ago

Side Dishes to make a Burgers and Brats BBQ special?

by Gretchen 10 months ago

We are throwing a birthday party on Saturday and while my husband is in charge of the basics on the grill, I'd like t...


travelerjjm commented 9 months ago

Picnicking in Portland

by harrisea 10 months ago

My husband and I are coming to Portland for 4 nights on Tuesday. I've already mined chowhound suggestions for bars, ...

stevewi commented 9 months ago

Best picnic spot in Tilden Park for a small group??

by eknight77 6 years ago

Hello, I'm from Southern Cal and heading up the coast on a road trip in late June. I will only be in SF for one d...

wolfe commented 10 months ago

Where to pick up a picnic near Brooklyn Botanic Garden?

by foster 11 months ago

Coming from out of town & planning to spend a members' evening in the garden. Invited to bring a picnic. Where is a...


jinx commented 11 months ago

Victorian wedding picnic

by drymanhattan 3 years ago

I am hosting a wedding reception for 150 at home on a lawn under big trees by a lake. It is to be a picnic feast in t...


sisterfunkhaus commented 11 months ago

BBQ on the Beach

by chezron 12 months ago

What are you favorite places to BBQ on the beach in San Diego? I know there are fire rings and BBQs, but are there al...

RhonelyInsanediego commented 12 months ago

Road Trip Menu Ideas Needed!

by mkd3702 1 year ago

We have to drive from San Diego out to Mesa, AZ. And, since we will each be driving separate cars on the way there, ...


DukesNan commented 1 year ago

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Wine Country Picnic in September

by Dugan 1 year ago

I have two friends visiting SF in September. They are from the midwest and I know they'd enjoy a visit to a couple o...

Portland, Maine daytrip with kids

by blink617 3 years ago

My wife and I are taking our family to Portland for a Saturday. We have baby twins (and gigantic double stroller) and...


sultanaboudreau commented 1 year ago

Any recent experiences at Picnic Garden in Edison - Korean BBQ all you can eat?

by Quine 6 years ago

Still mourning the loss of Eugene's of Browns Mills and wanting to take Mom to some Korean BBQ (she hasn't been to an...


joonjoon commented 2 years ago

Easy picnic side dish or appetizer that travels well?

by Isolda 2 years ago

Yep, that's what I need. It's for an outdoor gathering to meet other local families whose kids will attend the same c...


sandylc commented 2 years ago

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