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Curious about making homemade gnocchi? Confused about how long to cook lasagna? Can't find specialty spelt pasta in your city? Look no further for cooking tips and shopping advice for every kind of pasta, plus suggestions for where to find the best restaurant pasta dishes in your area.

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Best pasta in NJ?

by shesallthat 10 days ago

My birthday is coming up. I prefer white over red sauce. I also like polenta and truffle oils. Can you suggest a plac...


nizza commented 3 days ago

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Challenge to Re-Create Fanny's

by rcauntay 3 days ago

Growing up, spaghetti with meat sauce at Fanny's in Evanston was my absolute favorite dish. Fanny's recipe isn't los...

Where to purchase Mattarello (Italian pasta rolling pin) preferably in the NYC area?

by qwerty1 3 years ago

Hi, I'm interested in purchasing a mattarello rolling pin. I know that it's not commonly found in the US and I wonde...


DanHeist commented 4 days ago

Thicken sauce for shrimp scampi?

by laraibcooks 2 years ago

I don't want my sauce to be too thick. So instead of making a roux or a slurry with cornstarch I was thinking about c...

Thymus commented 7 days ago

what goes with Vodka sauce?

by mollyditty 9 years ago

Hello! I'll making some pasta with Vodka sauce tonight, and was wondering what people think would go with it? I woul...

ZoeyCovey commented 12 days ago

Fixing an overly sweet tomato pasta sauce

by poloprincess 5 years ago

Hi everyone, My MIL gave me a very nice homemade tomato/beef pasta sauce but it is overly sweet, I think from too ...


krissyre commented 13 days ago

Roller settings/thicknesses for home made pasta

by lunchslut 8 years ago

I just bought a basic rolling pasta machine (Mercato) with roller cutters for tagliatelle and fettuccine, spaghetti, ...


yvonnehennigan commented 1 month ago


by Wankel 4 years ago

I have a buddy whose family is from an area just north of Naples. As a child, he recalls seeing family members eatin...


katrinafinamoreprichard commented 1 month ago

Tall, narrow, stainless pasta pot

by sandih 9 years ago

On "Good Eats" (Alton's show) last night he was dropping his pasta in a pot that was different than your basic stock ...


am47 commented 1 month ago

Why do some Italians put "Hard Boiled Eggs in Pasta Sauce" ?

by MariaRN 4 years ago

Hi All ! The curiosity is killing me! While reminiscing with my Parents, we started a huge conversation about ...


franklinfam7272 commented 2 months ago

Pasta's survey

by Settis 2 months ago

Hi guys! First of all my compliments for community; I appreciate your competences and cooking skills, so i think to ...


Settis commented 2 months ago

Braised Turkey Serving Suggestion

by dawnsona 2 months ago

I'm going to be making David Lebovitz's Wine Braised Turkey for Thanksgiving tomorrow. It requires the meat to be pul...


dawnsona commented 2 months ago

Carbonara: A couple of personal approaches

by antihawk 3 months ago

Hi, all. Carbonara is certainly in my top three pasta dishes. I have two approaches that I'd like to share, and se...


medtran49 commented 2 months ago

July 2014 COTM: Radically Simple - Pasta, Fish

by delys77 3 years ago

Greetings all! Please use this thread to post your reviews of the following: Pasta Fish Remember to review...

MidwesternerTT commented 3 months ago

Don Peppe: Clam Palace Grandeur in Ozone Park

by Jim Leff 4 months ago

I recently called Francesco's, a preserved-in-amber 1961 Italian-American tavern in White Plains, "The Last Great Ita...


Mike R. commented 3 months ago

Why cook pasta in water and not the sauce?

by joninaz 8 years ago

A simple question, but why cook pasta in one pot and the sauce in another? Some chefs seem to finish pasta by foldin...

hotoynoodle commented 3 months ago

Cacio e pepe: tossing cheese in cornstarch

by antihawk 7 months ago

Hi, all. I originally discovered the technique of tossing cheese in cornstarch from Heston Blumenthal's cheese sau...


Foxeyblue commented 3 months ago

Parm wheel pasta in DC?

by miavperez 3 months ago

I'll be in DC next week and am looking for a restaurant that serves pasta tossed table side in a parm wheel. The only...


helmswoman commented 3 months ago

Pasta Adventurers ... Any good recipes (by weight if possible) for extruding pasta?

by FoodNerdGrrl 2 years ago

Hi Everyone, For those who own any kind of an extruding pasta maker ... what are you favorite recipes? Thanks, ...


namron2 commented 3 months ago

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