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Curious about making homemade gnocchi? Confused about how long to cook lasagna? Can't find specialty spelt pasta in your city? Look no further for cooking tips and shopping advice for every kind of pasta, plus suggestions for where to find the best restaurant pasta dishes in your area.

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Rigatoni, Vodka sauce, and...?

by celeryleaf 7 days ago

Hello All! Just made some rigatoni with vodka sauce last night and it was amazing. I use the Bon Appetit recipe as...


Ttrockwood commented 6 days ago

Pasta question - why add egg when it isn't needed?

by JetLaggedChef 5 years ago

My favorite pasta (which actually tastes like what I've had all over Italy) has nothing but semolina flour, soft flou...


sunshine842 commented 11 days ago

Where Do You Buy Your Pasta and What Do You Buy?

by roger simon 17 years ago

Reading Irene Viribila's rave of Angelini Osteria in last Sunday's LAT (with which I agreed--I know some here do not)...


lballinger commented 17 days ago

Homemade Pasta

by megney1 20 days ago

Hello! I just got married, and one of my gifts was the pasta making attachment for my Kitchen Aid Mixer. I've neve...


megney1 commented 20 days ago

When does unused pasta go bad?

by bakersdozen 10 years ago

I have never been able to tell when unused, dried pasta purchased in a box or plastic is bad. How can you tell if i...


dragonflydreams commented 1 month ago

Moldy pasta sauce, help

by WhatsEatingYou 4 years ago

Everytime I leave an opened jar of pasta sauce in the fridge for more than a couple weeks it gets a big chunk of mold...


Vally commented 1 month ago

TVB by: Pax Romana reopens in White Plains...

by gutreactions 3 months ago

It had previously been called simply Pax Romana on E. Post Road, White Plains. Now, a year after moving to a new loca...


gutreactions commented 2 months ago

Challenge to Re-Create Fanny's

by rcauntay 9 months ago

Growing up, spaghetti with meat sauce at Fanny's in Evanston was my absolute favorite dish. Fanny's recipe isn't los...


ferret commented 2 months ago

Why do some Italians put "Hard Boiled Eggs in Pasta Sauce" ?

by MariaRN 5 years ago

Hi All ! The curiosity is killing me! While reminiscing with my Parents, we started a huge conversation about ...


hotoynoodle commented 3 months ago

Gusto Handcrafted Pasta and Pizza in Seaside

by Melanie Wong 3 years ago

Gusto is a new pizzeria and pasta specialist in Seaside on the Monterey Peninsula. The owner is Denis Boaro, who is a...

Melanie Wong

Melanie Wong commented 3 months ago

Best in Philadelphia for Pasta...

by honeybrook_99 4 months ago

I'm making my first visit to Philadelphia and looking for some dining recommendations. My absolute favorite, "last me...

jen kalb

jen kalb commented 3 months ago

Searching for lost recipe for penne with sausage and peas

by sbylaska 3 months ago

I am looking for a recipe with sweet and hot sausage, peas in a cream sauce with penne pasta. I believe it came from ...


Ttrockwood commented 3 months ago

What type of pancetta for bolognese?

by orlybabe 4 months ago

Hi, I recently found an AMAZING recipe for bolognese on America’s Test Kitchen. It calls for pancetta, and I found tw...


acgold7 commented 4 months ago

Does anyone (else) eat raw pasta?

by steinpilz 10 years ago

I suddenly realized today that I have a sort of odd habit, I snack on raw pasta -- often while cooking. I think it s...


TheJGamer commented 4 months ago

Pasta cooked 'al dente', am I the only one who doesn't like it that way?

by Reston 10 years ago

It seems that the preferred way to cook pasta is 'al dente', but I can't bring myself to make it that way. The textur...


superfurrykylos commented 4 months ago

Can you buy Rummo pasta where you live? Please buy a package or more this week

by HolyTerroir 3 years ago

My first post, and sorry if it is a dupilicate post or in the wrong place. There was a flood in Italy last week an...


acgold7 commented 4 months ago

How many pounds of pasta to feed 60-70?

by Disneyfreak 6 years ago

I'm making pasta to feed a bunch of high school kids after a rehearsal. There will also be meatballs, chicken wings, ...


Ttrockwood commented 4 months ago

Pesto chicken pasta disaster

by orlybabe 4 months ago

Hi, I like making chicken pesto pasta, but major disaster today - for the first time, I wanted to cook together the c...

babette feasts

babette feasts commented 4 months ago

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