The 50 Best Apple Orchards & Pumpkin Patches in the Country, According to Yelp

The arrival of fall is not merely marked by the changing of the leaves from green to bright orange, but also by the opening of apple orchards and pumpkin patches all across the country. Pilgrimages...

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Battleview Orchards - This may be the last week for pick your own strawberries

by HillJ 8 years ago

Heading out to their Freehold orchard early this morning. $3.25/lb and they are still plentiful and gorgeous. Sweet as candy. In 20 minutes I had 7 lbs. Peaches in early to late July Nectari...

Apple orchards + Apple cider makers?

by maoyi 9 years ago

Hey chowhounds! A few friends and I are looking to pick some apples, but we were wondering if there was an orchard that had an apple cider brewery type of thing going on the side? Ideally one th...

Great Apple Orchards?

by Elyssa 13 years ago

With all this rain and the AC on overdrive creating a chill my thoughts turned towards Fall this afternoon (despite it being 80 degrees out). I've never been apple picking in the DC area but grew u...

Mann Orchards in Methuen, MA now sells wine?

by pinehurst 10 years ago

..or so says a sign out front? Anybody explore that yet..is it fruit wine, like the Nashoba label? I try to avoid that place in the month of November up to Thanksgiving, due to general T-Day flocks...

495, Worcester and north--orchards and lunch close to the highway?

by spa 10 years ago

We're going to be driving from NY to Maine a lot in the coming years (our daughter just started college at Bates). I posted some of our Maine finds on the Northern NE board but wanted to check in a...

Carver Hill Orchards

by briansensei 10 years ago

A little further out from Honeypot (which I have never been to) and from what I've heard, far mellower. No frills, just a cute general store, pumpkins outside, and walk into the orchards. I love...

Lyman Orchards-Middlefield, CT

masha bousha
by masha bousha 11 years ago

I hit Lyman orchards today (just the big store they have there) and I was in my glory. I picked up an amazing cinnamon bread, 6 killer apple cider donuts (2 with cinn./suger, 2 glazed, 2 plain), a...

Meat Market/Restaurants/Orchards - [Northern MI]

by ReneeAllis 10 years ago

We are in Green Bay and traveling north through the upper penisula down to Traverse City, MI. Looking for local restaurants with local fare and a good meat market to purchase brats, etc. Suggesti...

Orchards season (here) in full swing

iL Divo
by iL Divo 11 years ago

About this time last year, I was doing a lot of traveling for singing reversals every weekend. Just under a hundred miles one way, the drive got boring so I decided to go a different way on my way ...

Best orchards/farms for fall events & pumpkins

by pamd 11 years ago

I am interested in Montgomery or Howard County, however please list elsewhere MD/VA if worth the trip.

Advice on CT apple orchards and cafes?

by saltysnack 11 years ago

Wanting to make a daytrip from NYC to an orchard in CT (ideally no more than 1.5 hour drive). Any recommendations on orchards? Would like a wide variety of pick-your-own apples and a good market...

Apple Dumpling at Silverman's Orchards, Easton, CT

by javaandjazz 11 years ago

Went for a sunday drive today looking for early apples in Fairfield County. Stopped at Silverman's Orchards on Sport Hill Rd in Easton and we were both starving so I got an apple dumpling. It was s...

Cherry Orchards

by ElleBeavero 13 years ago

I've heard there are several places near Palmdale/Lancaster where you can pick your own cherries. I think they are grouped together but I don't have any more information than that. Has anyone bee...

Montgomery Orchards Farm Stand-Red Hook (Dutchess County), NY

by jayjay 12 years ago

If you're into fall fruit, this is the place to go. Montgomery Place is an estate located on the Hudson and for nearly 200 years there have been, among other things, orchards with a wide variety...

Dog friendly orchards?

by mtm7654 12 years ago

Does anyone know of local orchards that allow dogs? Preferably one with a nice store or farmstand as we probably won't be picking our own but just want the muttley to enjoy the day with us. T...

Willow Creek Orchards

by oliviasaru 13 years ago

I've been meaning to get out to Willow Creek Orchards in Collegeville for nearly two years. Today my 4-year-old and I finally went, and it was great! They have pick-your-own blackberries right now ...

Delicious Orchards Favorites?

by yankeefan 14 years ago

OK- so what is everyone's favorite items from D.O.? Im probably forgetting some things, but tops on my list are: - fresh figs - sun-dried red peppers - muffin bread - of course, apple cide...

Linvilla Orchards in Media

by Enjoy Good Food 12 years ago

Another thread inspired me to write this review of Linvilla Orchards in Media. Such an incredible experience, particularly for kids or grandkids. Fresh baked goods are plentiful and delicious, alth...

Andy's Orchards, Morgan Hill - early Brooks cherries

by teela brown 12 years ago

Andy's Orchards in Morgan Hill has started harvesting their earliest local cherry variety - Brooks. I like this largish, light red cherry for its crispness and balance between sweetness and tartne...