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Best frozen Onion Rings?

by Lefty 7 years ago

Who has the best frozen Onion Rings that can be deep fried at a tailgate party? thanks


magic_mic commented 5 months ago

Walla Walla Onion Rings

by kim c 13 years ago

Last night after picking someone up at the airport, I decided I wanted to go to Burgerville for some Walla Walla oni...


GH1618 commented 9 months ago

Sonic onion rings.... is this nationwide or just my sadness in the Midwest?

by Firegoat 6 years ago

Was starving. Hadn't had Sonic or onion rings in forever. Stopped by. Did get a carhop on skates. Nice. Very polite a...


corylynn commented 1 year ago

Had the juicest fattest onion rings

by sleepycat 10 years ago

at ..... of all places.. Red Robins Edmonton. So now I wanna see if I can make my own. Where does one get onions t...


sgstanley commented 1 year ago

Battered Onion Rings?

by Pookipichu 2 years ago

May someone recommend a place with good battered onion rings (not bread crumbs)? Willing to go anywhere in the city....

coasts commented 1 year ago

Missing Porky's Onion Rings!

by marcthenarc 5 years ago

I LOVE onion rings and am always searching for truly good ones and by that I mean made from scratch ones - no commerc...


lewie2s commented 2 years ago

Mannings Cafe on Como

by justinjvh 2 years ago

Visited Mannings Cafe on Como down by the U this past week and ordered their onion rings. They were like nothing I've...


ssioff commented 2 years ago

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onion rings in can

by avrum goldfein 2 years ago

For cooks who shop at Meijer's in Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Meijer's brand fried onion rings have no saturat...

Mourning and missing the humble and simple fried onion ring

by waderoberts 2 years ago

I love battered and fried onion rings. They have often constituted my dinner. Make that "good" onion rings. I do n...

Lambowner commented 2 years ago

Alexia Brand frozen potatoes & onion rings?

by josephnl 7 years ago

I have been drooling over the photos on the packaging of many Alexia Brand frozen potato & onion prducts. The ingred...


Bubblezs commented 3 years ago

Onion rings at what can only be called a truly unknown location...

by coolaugustmoon 3 years ago

So I recently moved to JP. With some help from you folks I have been making my way through the hood, chowing away. ...


Ora Moose commented 3 years ago

Onion Rings

by arepo 4 years ago

Is there a place in the burbs that does onion rings shaved like strings piled high instead of big fat rings?


Velvet Elvis commented 4 years ago

Best Onion Rings / Worst Onion Rings

by topsail33 4 years ago

Best onion rings: Hard Times Cafe. Yes, they are greasy, but they come out nice and thin and hot with just the righ...


Vidute commented 4 years ago

Onion Rings

by rudeboy 4 years ago

Kind of a budget topic, but I like onion rings. I'm trying to get my kids to like them. Who has the tastiest? Seems l...

sqwertz commented 4 years ago

Joe's Cable Car, SF - best burger, onion rings, chocolate malt?

by hhc 9 years ago

I just read David's Lebovitz's post on Joe's Cable Car in SF. Seems he had the best burger, onion rings, & a good ch...

hyperbowler commented 4 years ago

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Best onion rings in the suburbs?

by slozier 4 years ago

Hi All, I've been sick for a few months and now feeling better and absolutely craving onion rings! Wondering where t...

Frozen Kosher Onion Rings

by EmpireState 4 years ago

Is there any company- other than Kineret- that makes them?


gleibler commented 4 years ago

Onion Rings

by Barbara Ladden 11 years ago

Where to go for great onion rings in L. A.? Not shoestring. Batter dipped, but no bread crumbs. Thank you.

wienermobile commented 4 years ago

great fried clams w/ bellies and onion rings in ct

by sundeck sue 7 years ago

We had great (underscored) fried clams w/ bellies at Westfair Fish and Chips in Westport CT. Fresh-tasting, perfectl...


BoNapateet commented 5 years ago