Hurricane Preparedness: These Are The Foods To Have On Hand

Contemplating natural disasters like hurricanes and wildfires may suppress your appetite, but we must eat to live, and gathering food supplies is an important part of being prepared to survive catastrophic...

Where to buy bulk pecans in shell? San Francisco preferred.

by poot 5 days ago

I used to get pecans at the Santa Monica farmers market. I haven’t seen bulk pecans in the shell since. Rainbow? A farmers market?

Can you use nuts as pie weights?

by sophie5311 2 months ago

Wondering if you could use nuts such as almonds or walnuts as pie weights. Thanks!

SPICED NUTS – Home Cooking Dish of the Month, December 2017

by masha 2 years ago

Welcome to our Reporting Thread for our December Dish of the Month (“DOTM”). For those new to our DOTM series, the purpose of this thread is to encourage hounds to prepare the selected dish throug...

Where to buy black walnuts?

by gnuf 8 months ago

Looking for a store in Toronto. Or an online Canadian retailer. Not interested in foraging, sorry.

Indian Nuts

by Electra Jablons 18 years ago

I'm looking for a place to buy Indian Nuts -- a small, sweet, hard-shelled nut grown and hand-picked in the American southwest. They're expensive, yet I used to eat them all the time as a snack at...

Seeking a good savory spiced/roasted nut recipe

by nofunlatte 2 years ago

Okay, I am finally on semester break, but want to make some savory nuts for a holiday gathering (the sweets have all been taken care of by others). I am looking for a recipe with no added sweetener...

Where to buy fresh nuts?

by cwladis 2 years ago

So I have tried buying nuts locally at Whole Foods, and online from various farms--and maybe I just have a particularly sensitive palate--but all the nuts taste a bit rancid to me. Does anyone know...

Prevalence of ground almonds in French baking

by vjb 2 years ago

Howdy, Does anyone happen to know why so many French recipes for baked goods call for ground almonds? I'm not talking about macarons, but rather cakes, petits gateaux, tortes, "pain de" this or ...

La Tourangelle nut oils

by HaveSpoonWillCook 2 years ago

I just bought some pistachio, walnut and hazelnut oils from La Tourangelle. The pistachio oil is divine! Green, thick, beautiful aroma and taste. I've used it for dipping bread - would love sug...

Looking for hickory nuts (LI)

by Scott_R 2 years ago

Shelled, if possible, mom & pop store preferred overchain. Not looking to forage for them, :)

Almond Extract and Nut Allergy

by SaraASR 11 years ago

Does anyone know if people who are allergic to nuts (like almonds) also have an allergy to Almond Extract. I am making sugar cookies and the glaze I want to make calls for Almond Extract. Any extra...

Pine nut substitution?

by chinchi 8 years ago

A friend passed along an interesting sounding recipe for pasta with sardines, fennel, currants, and pine nuts. I have avoided using pine nuts after a couple friends suffered from pine-mouth. Addi...

Cheese Ball help

by Multifoiled 3 years ago

I'm going to make this Bits & Pieces Party Cheese Ball for cocktail hour for my family's Christmas gathering. People were so helpful with my "unique marmalade" request that I thought I'd come back ...

The science behind candied nut recipes?

by Shrinkrap 6 years ago

Many years ago I made what I thought was the perfect candied pecan recipe for my tastes, most likely from Gourmet, but have never found the same one again. I have seen and tried many, and have a co...

The best way to coarsely chop nuts?

by greygarious 10 years ago

Costco's Kirkland brand nut meats, in 3# bags, are good quality and a good price. I like to chop them coarsely but evenly for use in cookies, brownies, etc. I do about a pound at a time, to keep...

Innovative appliance for nuts seeds and spices!

by Galamba 3 years ago

Dear community, I am currently studying for my PhD on product design, and thought it was a good idea to come up with something useful and innovative on the field of small kitchen appliances. ...

Sicily pistachios, supermarkets

by Cornetti 4 years ago

Anyone know the price on Bronte pistachios in Sicily and where the best place to buy it is? I'm headed to Sicily for the first time in 2 weeks at the end of October and was hoping to pick up some B...

Why do they insist on feeding me rancid nuts?!

by kerosundae 8 years ago

In the last 2 months, 4 people have cooked for me on 5 occasions with different rancid nuts! (No, there isn't something wrong with my tastebuds, I know a rancid nut from a good one.) Everything in ...

Nuts, Seeking best prices,Montreal

by AMETHYSTENERGY 4 years ago

In Montreal, C.d.N, NDG,Snowdon,Lasalle-besides Akhavan,are there any other lower priced stores to purchase fresh nuts by the pound?

Trader Joe's: Rancid Nuts??

maria lorraine
by maria lorraine 6 years ago

I buy sunflower seeds rather often, and use them in bread-baking, salads and for snacks. I've probably purchased at least five bags over the last 2 years that were rancid. Not horribly terribly...