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You can use this tag to discuss food in Maine, Vermont, and New Hampshire. We also have tags for each of the individual states, as well as many of the cities within them, which you can browse here.

A Bite-Size Stop in Portsmouth, New Hampshire

Planning a stop in Portsmouth, New Hampshire? Here's where to eat, drink, and stay, and what to see and do. When my friend proposed the idea spending a few days in Portsmouth, NH as one of the stops...

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Thanksgiving Dinner in Mt. Snow, VT

by GINGERSNAP4 10 years ago

Hello, We are going to be in Mt. Snow, Vermont over Thanksgiving weekend and are looking for a recommendation for Thanksgiving dinner.

Dining recs Fairlee, Vermont?

by Parsnipity 10 years ago

Hi, Hounds- I'm looking for some dining recommendations near Fairlee, Vermont. We'll be staying at the Lake Morey resort which apparently has their own restaurant, but are interested in trying wh...

Roadtrip up towards Quechee, VT for leaf peeping

by javaandjazz 10 years ago

Taking a roadtrip up towards Quechee VT in a few weeks from central CT. Will be going up 91. Any food stops along the way that we shouldn't miss. Probably turn in and head down route 7 on the way ...

Lunch in Burlington VT

by Bridge66 10 years ago

My wife and I, who lived in Burlington for many years (now living in Boston), are heading back and bringing some well-traveled and food-centric friends for the first time. Our current plan is to hi...

Breakfast in Burlington

by estilker 10 years ago

Any good breakfast to get in town before a drive/on my way to Boston? Staying at the Days Inn Colchester (and gladly skipping another continental brekkie). I read about Shelburne Inn...

Vermont: Pimp my trip....

by extramsg 10 years ago

Any help would be great. I feel especially worried about hitting anything schlocky. Also worried about most of my food options, other than places like Hen of the Woods. I know there's a lot belo...

Know of any great fishmongers in NH?

by wongadon 11 years ago

Hi there! I'm looking for a fishmonger in NH - anyone out there know of any? Looking specifically for whole fish and high quality - we've moved here from NYC where we were spoiled rotten by the av...

Vacationing in VT - need suggestions for great restaurants and things to do

by RIFoodie777 10 years ago

Hello- I'm traveling to VT for the first time in about a week and I need suggestions of where to go and things not to miss while I am there. My boyfriend is a real beer person and has already expr...

visiting son in college in burlington

by smokeandapancake 10 years ago

NYC chowhounder heading to burlington with wife to visit my son in college. looking for something nice, but nothing stuffy.....we like just about any cuisine, except indian. price isnt really an i...

Burlington and/or Portland - Good Bar Food

by Solstice444 10 years ago

My friend and I will be doing a brewery tour this weekend stopping at various breweries in Vermont and Maine, and we'll be spending one night in Burlington and two nights in Portland. I'm intereste...

Sunday in Burlington, VT and/or surroundings

by onif74 10 years ago

I am visiting the Burlington area for the first time this Sunday from Montreal. I would love to have some ideas as to where I could have lunch/dinner and what attractions I could see/do (inbetween...

The skinny on Barnacle Billy's?

by fmcoxe6188 10 years ago

Hi All I did a board search for Barnacle Billy's in Perkins Cove Maine and I didnt come up with much, so I was wondering-is it worth it? Is their Lobster Roll their star? What's the inside tra...

Must Try Restaurants Within an Hour of Hanover, NH?

by cscott4313 10 years ago

I go to Dartmouth and am always looking for new upscale restaurants to try with the girlfriend on special occasions, or with the parents when they come out. I love Stone Soup (a delicious restaura...

Bday/anniversary weekend in Waterbury, VT

by Bentley0228 10 years ago

Heading to Waterbury for last weekend of Sept for a combined wedding anniversary/40th bday celebration. We both quasi-foodies, so looking for something special and tasty for both nights. The one p...

Boston To Burlington, VT

by jkap910 10 years ago

I am coming out to burlington via Boston on September 10th with my wife for our Anniversary, and I am looking for some food choices both along the route for lunch, and within the lake Champlain are...

Chrys's Greek Restaurant - Old Orchard Beach, Maine

by Morganna 10 years ago

We were intending to meet some friends for dinner here but they weren't able to make it. So sad for them. ;D I ordered the Mezzethakia ($10.95) and my husband had just the gyros sandwich ($6.95)....

Burlington, VT area in November

by BackBayGirl 11 years ago

Hi everyone. For my boyfriend's birthday, I booked two nights at the 1804 Potter House in Jericho, VT, in November. I know it's near Burlington. I love Burlington but have not been there in some ti...

Mountain Burritos, Waterbury, VT

by TonyO 10 years ago

If you crave a truly delicious burrito, go see Agatha (and sometimes Adam) at the Mountain Burrito cart in Waterbury, VT (on Main Street right, in front of the village green). The ingredients are ...

Juniper's Fare - Waterbury, VT

by Morganna 10 years ago

There's a new place that just opened up on April 6th in Waterbury, at the junction of routes 2 and 100, near Snowfire auto. This restaurant used to be located in Waitsfield, but just recently move...

Portland, ME best bartender?

by trob 10 years ago

I am wondering about the Portland cocktail scene. Anyone have thoughts about Portland's best bartender(s) and the drinks they do well? Where would you stop on a cocktail tour of the area (and wha...

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