What Is the Difference Between Tequila and Mezcal?

There's a never a day more suited than National Mezcal Day (Oct. 21) to wonder: What is the difference between tequila and mezcal? They're both made from agave, sure, but different species from different...

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Mezcal infusion

by Nocturnalbill 8 years ago

I've been considering infusing a bottle of Sombra with coffee or cocoa powder. Any thoughts between the two? And in what ratios? I've played with other things, but the spirit is new to me and th...

Visiting small-batch mezcal distillers in/around Oaxaca

by hassenpfeffer 8 years ago

I'll be in Oaxaca for about 10 days around New Years and would very much like to make a day of visiting some artisanal mezcal distilleries in the area. Can anyone recommend a tour group that covers...

Mezcaliente Cocktail @ Gramercy Tavern (NYC) ? Trying to re-create!

by Angelina 8 years ago

So I just recently had the best cocktail in a very long time!! I had this and now I am obsessed with making it for a party I am hosting next week. The thing is, I do not know really anything abou...

Mezcal- Gift

by ms. mika 8 years ago

I am hoping for some recommendations of a bottle of mezcal I can get my husband for his birthday. I am thinking a price range of $50-$70. He doesn't currently have any and I was looking at the dif...


by linus 10 years ago

can any recommend a mezcal for fifty dollars or less? the don maguey collection is a bit pricey at this point, but i'd love to hear your suggestions for great drinking mezcal on a budget that is ...

Any MEZCAL LOVERS? Where can I find good Mezcal in L.A.?

by vittus 14 years ago

Just tried El Senorio Mezcal for the first time and was swept away by it's smoky flavor and THCish effects. Does anyone know where to get it? So far I've tried Bevmo(had none) on Santa Monica B...

Mezcal in Ontario?

by graydyn 11 years ago

Does anybody know a way to get some quality Mezcal while under the crushing thumb of the LCBO? Maybe a supplier in Mexico that will ship to Canada? The LCBO used to carry at least three different...

Where to buy Mezcal in DC area? (not bars, bottles/retail0

by el_patachin 9 years ago

Anyone have any suggestions on liquor stores in the DC/MD/VA area that stock some premium Mezcals? Thanks

That New Place on Court St. Near Mezcal's Whose Name I Forget

by missmodular 10 years ago

There seems to be a new bar/restaurant on Court St. in Carroll Gardens, couple doors up from Buttermilk and, I think, right next to Mezcal's. It has signage, but the name of the place eludes me now...

Excellent mezcal cocktail

by brettnyc 11 years ago

I was at Flatiron Lounge last night, had just had an Oaxaca Old Fashioned, and asked the bartender to improvise another drink that prominently featured the smokiness of mezcal. After some deliberat...

Mezcal de Pechuga - is the breast raw or cooked?

by snackish 16 years ago

Does anyone know if the chicken breast in Mezcal de Pechuga is raw or cooked? I just have an inquiring mind. Have you tasted it? How is it?

Similarity between cachaca and mezcal (or tequila) ?

by ncyankee101 10 years ago

I like good rum and tequila, but have only had the opportunity to try inexpensive cachaca (Pitu) and mezcal (Monte Alban). I noticed a great deal of similarities in their flavor profiles, but t...

Nice Article in NY Times on Mezcal

by StriperGuy 10 years ago

Here: http://events.nytimes.com/2010/08/18/dining/reviews/18wine.html?pagewanted=all

mezcal selection in sfv

by linus 10 years ago

i'm looking for a bottle of reasonably priced mezcal, preferably in the s.f. valley. i'm open to elsewhere around town if necessary. the del maguey line is more than i'd like to spend at this t...

KnB Cellars - Del Cerro (Mezcal)

by DiningDiva 10 years ago

I stopped into KnB Cellars this afternoon to pick up a bottle of tequila for Margaritas and discovered that KnB now carries virtually the entire line of Del Maguey mezcal. This is single village me...

new lover of mezcal, newer lover of islay scotch. please help me decide on a bottle without tasting

by pb n foie 11 years ago

I love smokey mezcal! I have three bottles of scotch. I first got the Caol Ila 12, then the Laphroaig 15, and lastly the Laphroaig 10 year Cask Strength. I want something very smokey, peatey, s...

Mezcal Restaurant in San Jose opens. Lunch report.

by teela brown 12 years ago

I've been watching the progress of the fitting up of the new Oaxacan restaurant, Mezcal, on San Fernando between First and Market in San Jose. It looked pretty inside, and I read somewhere that th...

Mezcal in Worcester -- OK, but kick it up a notch, please.

by Rick_V 13 years ago

Tonight we went to Mezcal on Shrewsbury St. (that's "Shoosbury St." for you non-locals) to check out Mezcal, the new Mex/Southwestern restaurant in the space where Pearl Oyster lived out its few da...

Help. Mezcal's on Fifth.

by LED 12 years ago

I can't get out of this. Friends are dragging me to Mezcal's on Fifth Avenue. I've only ever been to the one on Atlantic and it was awful. So, if you had to go and had to order one thing, w...

Where to buy tequila/mezcal in Yucatan

by Framinghound 12 years ago

I will be travelling to the Yucatan in February and wondering if anyone has any advice as to where to stock up on some good tequila and/or mezcal. We will be landing in Cancun airport, but sta...