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What's your traditional Christmas dinner?

by coffeebean79 6 days ago

My parents were not foodies and I didn't grow up with any solid Christmas dinner traditions. I have two young kids (w...


coffeebean79 commented 24 minutes ago

Make ahead dishes for Christmas

by pumpkinspice 16 hours ago

What are your favourite make ahead dishes for Christmas? Ideally, I can put it together a week in advance (freeze if ...

Njchicaa commented 2 hours ago

Weekly Menu Plans – December 2017

by MidwesternerTT 19 days ago

Let’s use this thread to share concise weekly dinner menus for each week in December. What’s planned from the COTM (C...


saregama commented 10 hours ago

Green Tea Ice Cream Topping

by aronsinvest 3 days ago

I'm having an Asian dinner...serving green tea ice cream with a few almond cookies. Beside red beans what else could ...

TheLibsters commented 3 days ago

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Do any of you use a meal planning service or app?

by msoftich 3 days ago

I love to cook at home. I also know it can be a pain to fit time in to cook on the weekdays. I am training to become ...

"San Franciscan" Menus?

by JaneDoe123 9 days ago

Hiya. I'm heading home for the holidays to Nebraska after about ten years. No one in my family has ever been out this...

MidwesternerTT commented 4 days ago

Not Sure

by WINDELLA 6 days ago

In October ,I planned a birthday party for my Aunt. The day before the party she went into the hospital. I planned to...

TheLibsters commented 4 days ago

Make a Free-Range Lamb Shank Less Gamy?

by t.susannah.chen 8 days ago

Hi 'hounds, I have a super-gamy, super-tough lamb shank sitting in my freezer that I don't want to waste (it wasn't c...

hotoynoodle commented 7 days ago

Weekly Menu Plans - November 2017

by MidwesternerTT 2 months ago

Let’s use this thread to share concise weekly dinner menus for each week in November. BRRR .. Soups are sounding good...


mbcraw4d commented 8 days ago

What are your best full-meal sheet pan recipes?

by magnoliasouth 4 months ago

I have recently discovered the brilliance of full-meal sheet pan recipes. I see a lot that say that they'll work but ...


angelo12815 commented 8 days ago

Healthy Crockpot dinner for 6 people

by rkraus5 10 days ago

I am throwing a birthday dinner for my father and looking for healthy, simple recipe recommendations! My sister in la...

alex9179 commented 10 days ago

Meat for 150 people - check my math

by cowboyardee 7 years ago

I'm catering a wedding this weekend (!). About 150 attendees, served buffet style. I'm making, among other things, on...

hotoynoodle commented 11 days ago

Vanilla beans

by nuraman00 1 month ago

If the description says "very dry", is that good? I also just read there's a difference between "extract beans" an...


nuraman00 commented 11 days ago

What's for Dinner #409 (November 2017) - The Harvest Edition

by ChristinaMason 1 month ago

Turning leaves, gap-toothed gourds, falling acorns, and steaming mugs of apple cider - these are just a few of the si...


saregama commented 12 days ago

Freezing white chicken chili with a heavy cream roux

by Shrinkrap 1 month ago

I've been making this annually for a November meeting, this year I can't be there, and I was asked if I could make it...

Shrinkrap commented 12 days ago

What to Do?

by WINDELLA 14 days ago

In October, I planned a party but at the last minute it had to be cancelled. I had already cooked 5 lbs of beef roast...

hotoynoodle commented 14 days ago

Care of burrata

by Fuffy 16 days ago

Is freshness crucial with burrata and can one freeze it?


MikeG commented 14 days ago

Easy low-calorie meals

by ChristinaMason 29 days ago

I am sure there are older threads on this subject, which I'll browse as well, but I'd like to hear your current sugge...

KitchenBarbarian commented 15 days ago

Diabetic foodie with high blood pressure. Ideas? Recipes? Tips?

by AaronTheMoo 1 year ago

I love food! There is so much out there to try. What a world we live in! I'd like to ask my fellow foodies and chowho...


masha commented 15 days ago

Need alternative to my homemade chicken salad

by sergioq 6 months ago

Using my crockpot I cook chicken breasts to make them super soft and with mayo and Dijon I make a great chicken salad...

BeeRich commented 17 days ago