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What's for Dinner #400 (February 2017) - The Milestone Edition

by ChristinaMason 22 days ago

Four hundred What's for Dinner posts!? Wow! And that's just since we've been counting. This thread had seen a lot of...

ChristinaMason commented 8 hours ago

New Boyfriend - What to Cook?

by The_Libster 2 months ago

I am recently divorced within the last year. I have a new boyfriend who enjoys my cooking. I was married for 7 years ...


The_Libster commented 13 hours ago

Weekly Menu Plans - February 2017, 2nd Half

by MidwesternerTT 12 days ago

Let's use this thread to share concise weekly dinner menus for each week in the 2nd Half of February. Will you be j...

DuffyH commented 14 hours ago

Home Cooking Dish of the Month: February 2017 NOMINATIONS

by herby 1 month ago

Welcome to the nomination thread for February 2017 Dish of the Month! If you’re new here, or if you just want a r...


masha commented 1 day ago

Home Cooking Dish of the Month: February 2017 VOTING

by herby 1 month ago

Very interesting line up of dishes was nominated this month. Among the fifteen nominated, three came ahead: quesadill...


masha commented 1 day ago

Help Recycle Lamb Burgers

by meinNYC 8 days ago

Husband grilled too many lamb burgers and we froze them. Any suggestions on how to reinvent the lamb burgers as somet...


The_Libster commented 2 days ago

Making salsa verde & I need help, please

by toni6 3 days ago

I want to make salsa verde starting with a base of canned, pureed tomotillos, I'd like it to have that roasted taste,...


toni6 commented 2 days ago

Pork Chops for 12

by loveyournoms 4 months ago

What started as a simple triple date has evolved into a dinner party for 12- and as happy as I am to see all of my lo...


ccjohnston commented 3 days ago

Help me get my mojo back

by luckiestduck 6 days ago

Do you ever go through a cooking rut? It's not just not knowing what to cook, but I seem to have lost my touch and no...


Foxeyblue commented 4 days ago

Share your favorite one pot meal recipes

by Monica 1 month ago

As a full time working mom of 2 young kids, I often search for easy but tasty weekday(and weekend) one pot meals that...

outRIAAge commented 6 days ago

Food Elimination/Substitutions

by brilynn79 1 month ago

I had some testing that revealed many intolerances and am going to start eliminating. I mostly rely on take out and p...


femmevox commented 7 days ago

Need help eating better

by USSManhattan 15 days ago

Hi everyone, I hope you can give me some input. I'd really like to eat better but I'm having some limitations due...

Ttrockwood commented 7 days ago

Weekly Menu Plans - February 2017

by MidwesternerTT 1 month ago

Let's use this thread to share concise weekly dinner menus for each week of February. Will you be joining in the Cook...

MidwesternerTT commented 8 days ago

Need some help

by mwaine 11 days ago

Hey everyone, I'm writing my thesis on food websites and blogs. I'm almost done my research but am looking for a fe...

thegforceny commented 10 days ago

TorontoJo, please help me

by Wtg2Retire 12 days ago

My computer got hit by a horrible, horrible virus and wiped everything off my computer. Would you mind sending me th...

Wtg2Retire commented 12 days ago

Weekly Menu Plans - December 2015

by MidwesternerTT 1 year ago

What, December already? Yes, for those who are reporting their menu plans for the up-coming week. Those of us who de...

MidwesternerTT commented 14 days ago

Favorite Ottolenghi Recipes

by dkennedy 11 months ago

My Cook-the-Book-Club will be focusing on Ottolenghi recipes for our first meeting. I only own Plenty on kindle at th...


HungryMike23 commented 14 days ago

Exciting Vegetable Dishes for Adults

by chezron 17 days ago

I have several go-to recipes for tasty vegetables. Do you have a favorite vegetable dish that you love? Please post t...

MidwesternerTT commented 16 days ago

Vegetable sides

by RHplus 19 days ago

Recently, visited a New York diner called westville and inspired to eat more vegetables. Thinking of cooking up ...


tastesgoodwhatisit commented 16 days ago