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Weekly Menu Planning – August 2018

by MidwesternerTT 17 days ago

Let’s use this thread to share concise weekly dinner menus for each week in August. Will you be cooking with the Cook...


MmeFleiss commented 19 minutes ago

What's for Dinner #418 (August 2018) - Summer!

by sallyt 13 days ago

How's everyone doing with the plentiful August produce? Who's picking blueberries? What are you doing with 10 tons ...


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Cooking with my Dad Part 1- Chicken Divan

by ZoeyCovey 4 hours ago

please help me with bread or dessert.. I wrote more but it didn't save.

Pre "broiled" packaged Tofu - What do I do with it?

by sarahbeths 1 day ago

Last time I was at the Japanese Supermarket I somehow bought this "broiled" packaged tofu. It's got black markings on...


sarahbeths commented 8 hours ago

How do you manage your recipe "queue"?

by dtremit 13 days ago

I know this probably seems like a repeat of one of the million threads about recipe tools / websites / etc -- but I t...


Thymus commented 3 days ago

How many people will a goose feed?

by MrFerociousDinosaur 26 days ago

I am going to host a dinner on July 29, and there will be 7 people eating, myself included. As stated in the title, t...


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Gonna cook Peruvian dish. Needs suggestions!

by katemcbride 5 days ago

I’ll be cooking a Peruvian dish for my grandparents this weekend and I need suggestions. This will be my first time c...

Food to prepare for daughter's friends

by gooddaddy 21 days ago

My daughter is finally moving back home after 4 years in the university and I couldn’t be more excited. She’s flying ...


BigG commented 7 days ago

Classy Luau?

by RoyalBakery 17 days ago

I'm throwing myself a 50th birthday party in a month or so! I'm going loosely for a luau theme, just because I think ...


acgold7 commented 10 days ago

Recipes for testing out cookware

by bblonde 11 days ago

Hi all. Not sure whether to post this in cookware or home cooking, but because I'm looking for recipes or at least...


drrayeye commented 10 days ago

Weekly Menu Planning – July 2018

by MidwesternerTT 2 months ago

Let’s use this thread to share concise weekly dinner menus for each week in July. Will you be cooking with the Cookbo...


MidwesternerTT commented 12 days ago

Duke's Mayonnaise discovered...

by gutreactions 15 days ago

We were travelling thru Virginia recently and picked up a couple of jars of Duke's Mayo. We had heard a lot about it,...


acgold7 commented 13 days ago

What's for Dinner #417 (July 2018) -Mid-Summer!

by sallyt 1 month ago

I can't believe it's July! How's your garden? CSA? Farm share? In New England, it's cherry season... Here's wher...


RainyRamone commented 13 days ago

DISH OF THE MONTH: Voting for July 2018

by herby 2 months ago

Fifteen dishes were nominated for July cooking but three rose to the top with almost equal number of nominations and ...


masha commented 14 days ago

What to serve with pierogies filled with mashed potatoes

by RAOL 2 years ago

Should pierogies filled with mashed potatoes be served as a side or as the main event? If as a side, with what? My ...


BigG commented 16 days ago

Tomato Passata- No Food Mill

by naunabear3 18 days ago

Hey! I’m a young homecook and I’m trying to make tomato passata, however I don’t have a food mill. Is there any other...


Madrid commented 17 days ago

Need help with tasty appetizers

by twodales2 1 month ago

20 folks in a cabin. Everyone is bringing appetizers. So far we've got Italian skewers and Caprese with Balsamic, ...


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DOTM July 2018: Nominations

by herby 2 months ago

Welcome to the nomination thread for July 2018 DOTM! Tomorrow we will celebrate the summer equinox and that means tha...


masha commented 20 days ago

Weekly Menu Planning – June 2018

by MidwesternerTT 3 months ago

Let’s use this thread to share concise weekly dinner menus for each week in June. Will you be cooking with the Cookbo...


truman commented 20 days ago