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sunset restaurant in Malibu

by misomom 15 years ago

Has anyone been? It's in the former Gray Whale space on Westward beach. Thanks for any input

Saturday Brunch near Malibu

by Peter 15 years ago

I've got old LA College friends visiting from up North. I'm picking them up from LAX Saturday morning and driving up to meet other friends near Thousand Oaks.....any ideas of nice brunch places in...

Lunch in Malibu

by Free Pal 16 years ago

Hi Hounds, It's such a nice day, I want to take some out of town friends for lunch in Malibu. I have only been to Gladstones and don't want to go there, I am a regular at the Reel Inn but want so...

Good Friday pasta dinner at Duke's in Malibu

by Kayla 16 years ago

Is Duke's a good choice for a Good Friday dinner consisting of a pasta dish? Two people in party are allergic to shellfish so they don't eat any fish. So, does Duke's make a decent salad or pasta...

Chart House or Duke's in Malibu on Easter Sunday

by Mariela 16 years ago

I will be visiting my daughter in LA and I want to spend Easter Sunday (brunch or dinner) at a nice oceanfront restaurant. We are both allergic to shellfish so we don't eat any fish. Steak, chick...

Casa Escobar in Malibu

by LesThePress 16 years ago

Had dinner with my 'Malibu' friend last night, and having tired of Taverna Tony's thought we'd try the new Casa Escobar. I go occasionally to the Wilshire Blvd. location in Santa Monica since it's...

Help - Where to buy fresh oysters either in Malibu or SM?

by JS 16 years ago

1. What is the best place to buy? 2. Although hesitant to ask, what place is the most reasonably priced. Obviously, do not want "cheap" fresh oysters (that is like buying cheap sushi - aka paying...

Good food exist in Malibu?

by AlexP 16 years ago

For years of living in LA, I've been frustrated by the Malibu dining scene. No, I'm not going to go to Nobu in a shopping center or pay ridiculous prices at Geoffreys's (sp?) Can anyone recommen...

Sunshine Thai in Sherman Oaks; Cholada in Malibu

by Dave Feldman 16 years ago

I just got back to NYC from almost two weeks in L.A. and Long Beach, and without a doubt my favorite meal of the trip was at Sunshine. I used to visit the Western location many years ago, and this...

Need Seafood lunch spot in SM or Malibu

by connected 16 years ago

Help! I need to find a great seafood restaurant with a fabulous view for lunch this saturday. Taking out the wife who is a real seafood expert -- must satisfy all her senses. Thank you Chowhounds...

New Mexican joint in Malibu?

by Star 16 years ago

Hi all. I saw the workings for a new Mexican restaurant in Cross Creek plaza awhile back. Does anyone know if it's open yet or what it's called? Thanks.

In Malibu, Duke's or Moonshadows?

by Kate 16 years ago

Nothing special required,just the sun going down so which of these two would you recommend?

Malibu seafood....in big strokes....El Torito..surprise!

by moviebob 16 years ago

Took the Kids & the wife over from Balboa Park to Malibu Seafood for lunch yesterday...great weather... bo the best experience ther though....1st, the guy behind the counter (taking the order) was ...

Hanami Sushi at Malibu Canyon - Anyone tried yet?

by jh 16 years ago

Hanami Sushi at Las Virgenes/Malibu Canyon 101 Exit in the Albertson's Shopping Center ... Anyone tried it yet? Is it good? Great?

Food in Malibu for vegetarians?

by Samo 17 years ago

A vegetarian friend will be staying in Malibu. Where can I take him for good food without straying from Malibu and his meatfree diet? Does the Granita brunch offer much for vegetarians? (No fish, p...

Malibu (and environs) Top 10

by Dylan 17 years ago

OK - now that I have my beach house for a couple of months I'm looking for chow ideas. A search for prior posts yields discussion(not always favorable) of Tony's Taverna, Granita, Nobu, Reel Inn, B...

Malibu lunch

by Sandra W. 17 years ago

A friend from back east is coming to visit. She wants sun and lunch in Malibu, something on the elegant side. Any recommendations?

first date in malibu- suggestions?

by foodiemv 17 years ago

A friend of mine is trying to find a place to take someone on their first date in the Malibu area- hopefully not far from the area around Pepperdine, though there is some willingness to drive. They...

Malibu Inn review - new owners-southern comfort food & BBQ too!!

by imageraiders 17 years ago

Hi there, Saying a quick prayer as I tread lightly into this ever ongoing debate on whether or not there are good ribs to be found in LA - Please be gentle.... Give the under new management MAL...

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