Mac and Cheese

Mac and cheese lovers, gather! Discuss your favorite recipes, where to find the best versions, and what tips you have for making the cheesiest, tastiest pasta ever.

The 11 Best Melting Cheeses, Ranked!

Wondering what’s the best melting cheese around? We tapped an expert to help rank 11 of them—see where your favorite lands in the list. There’s nothing quite like a grilled cheese sandwich to simultaneously...

Whole foods macaroni and cheese recipe?

by galaxiegoo 12 years ago

I am a fan of the macaroni and cheese that is available at Whole Foods, but not a fan of the price tag. I am sure I could replicate it at home but am wondering if anyone has suggestions? Whole Fo...

Miss Oddette's Creole Kitchen - Paso Robles to SLO

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 1 month ago

A shy chowhound forwarded a recommendation for Miss Oddette's Creole Kitchen in Paso Robles. Owner Oddette Augustus does catering, special events at wineries and pop-ups. And like many caterers...

Mac and Cheese - which cheese?

by Kdsantoro 2 months ago

Hi all - Have lots of cheese in the fridge and the kids are asking for mac & cheese. And yes, I know that the freshly grated stuff is better but trying to use what's on hand. I have a swiss/g...

Canned macaroni & cheese

by tmerrall 13 years ago

I'm looking for a place that sells canned macaroni and cheese. I know that several years ago it used to be sold under the Franco-American label, and is sometimes available imported under the Heinz...

Dry baked mac

by tati1 8 months ago

You have a problem with your baked mac coming out to dry? Use 3tablespoons off sour cream and a can of evaporated milk

Macaroni and Cheese

by Wildgoosechase99 9 months ago

I lost my recipe for mac and cheese. It didn't use a roux. From what I remember, cooked pasta was layered in the casserole dish with grated cheese. It had onions in it, raw I think. Then hot mi...

My Macaroni and Cheese Always Comes Out Grainy-What to do?

by Ardentauthor 7 years ago

I've attempted to make a cheese sauce 4 times...the first 3 I didn't realize what I was doing and did not cook the roux at all...so it was grainy. Today I used butter and flour (though I think it...

Hog Wild Barbeque | Placerville

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 10 months ago

For a couple years now, I've seen recommendations from friends for the Texas-style brisket at Hog Wild Barbeque in Placerville. On my first day in town, the plan was to drive by and decide if I wou...

Mac and Cheese lovers?

by gargupie 1 year ago

What type of cheese do you use for mac and cheese? Has anyone perfected a tried and true recipe?

Lobster Mac & Cheese in Baltimore/Towson/Columbia

by juliahoneychile 1 year ago

Where is the best place in Baltimore/Towson/Columbia area for lobster mac & cheese?

Make ahead Mac 'n' Cheese

by Katrinablue 1 year ago

Thinking about making mac 'n' cheese for Easter Brunch. Don't want to make it that day. Any suggestions for making in advance and/or re-heating?

Who uses ketchup on home-made Mac & Cheese?

by Bada Bing 10 years ago

Subject line pretty much says it all, But I'm also curious about demographics. Where in the USA (which is all I can speak to from experience) do people put ketchup onto home-made Mac & Cheese...

How can I get Franco-American Mac and Cheese?

by tarsandbeetle 9 years ago

I am really hoping someone out there can direct me to a site/suggestion on how I can purchase Franco-American Mac & Cheese. I haven't seen this product in years and am willing to order in on-line ...

Best Cheese for Mac and Cheese

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 1 year ago

This article has recommendations from six cheese experts on the best cheese(s) to use for mac and cheese. What do you think? What are your own favorites for this?

Boxed vs. Homemade Mac and Cheese

by sm16 1 year ago

Everyone loves mac and cheese and while some people swear homemade is the best, others say that kraft mac and cheese from the box is just as good. Any thoughts?

Macaroni and cheese!

by bladekc 1 year ago

What is YOUR best mac and cheese recipe? Please share!

What do you eat when you don't know what you want?

by rainey 6 years ago

Know that feeling? You're hungry but nothing looks or sounds interesting. What do you go to in that situation?

Mac 'n Cheese With Evaporated Milk?

by Augusta 12 years ago

Can I substitute evaporated milk for regular milk in a mac and cheese recipe? It’s one of Ina Garten’s (Barefoot Contessa) recipes found on the foodnetwork site. I thought the evaporated milk mig...

Mac and chz taste like flour

by amandakuefler 2 years ago

I made a huge pan of Mac and chz and it taste like flour.. can I somehow save it.

Keeping Mac 'n cheese creamy on the second day?

by nosey 5 years ago

I use a real basic recipe without flour and use American cheese. It is wonderfully creamy right out of the oven. Is there a way to prevent the pasta from soaking up all of the moisture so that on d...