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Mac and cheese lovers, gather! Discuss your favorite recipes, where to find the best versions, and what tips you have for making the cheesiest, tastiest pasta ever.

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Grateful for the Grateful Deli

by DonShirer 8 days ago

Took the family for lunch at the Grateful Deli & Bagel in Westbrook, and all were very satisfied with their meal. Th...

How can I get Franco-American Mac and Cheese?

by tarsandbeetle 6 years ago

I am really hoping someone out there can direct me to a site/suggestion on how I can purchase Franco-American Mac & C...


acgold7 commented 1 month ago

Creamy, dreamy make-ahead mac-and-cheese

by LL3786 2 months ago

Does anyone have a great recipe for this? Need something I can make a day in advance for a party and cook through/war...

DonShirer commented 2 months ago

Who uses ketchup on home-made Mac & Cheese?

by Bada Bing 8 years ago

Subject line pretty much says it all, But I'm also curious about demographics. Where in the USA (which is all I...


THEKatKeen commented 2 months ago

Kraft Mac and cheese

by plude19 3 months ago

Okay so I have some craft Mac and cheese cheese packets left over and I was wondering if I could use that powder to m...


acgold7 commented 3 months ago

My Mac n Cheese isn't creamy! ideas?

by melly 9 years ago

So, I made the white sauce, added some warm milk, and then 3 kinds of cheese; sharp cheddar, montery jack, and romano...


breelbosley commented 3 months ago

Macaroni and cheese for Thanksgiving side?

by mushroomaffairs 2 years ago

I really want to make some sort of mac and cheese dish for Thanksgiving but am afraid the dish will lend to the alrea...

The_Libster commented 3 months ago

mac n cheese sodium citrate measured in teaspoons

by sylvan 4 years ago

I haven't been able to find how many teaspoons of sodium citrate to use for 2-3 cups of cheese for mac-n-cheese. All...


Foxeyblue commented 4 months ago

What do you eat when you don't know what you want?

by rainey 3 years ago

Know that feeling? You're hungry but nothing looks or sounds interesting. What do you go to in that situation?

prima commented 4 months ago

Silky Smooth Macaroni and Cheese - need Sodium Citrate.

by JedZ 3 years ago

Where would I find sodium citrate? I checked my local health food store in luck. Thanks folks.


CaptCrunch commented 4 months ago

Whole foods macaroni and cheese recipe?

by galaxiegoo 10 years ago

I am a fan of the macaroni and cheese that is available at Whole Foods, but not a fan of the price tag. I am sure I ...


RichmondTaster commented 5 months ago

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Mac n cheese on the north shore?

by chowgrrl 10 months ago

Any recs for excellent Mac n cheese on the north shore? I know about Cheesie's in Evanston, but are there any other g...

Does anyone else do Mac & Cheese like this?

by loveyournoms 10 months ago

I have tried many versions of stove top mac and cheese- like many, I grew up with the blue box but I never loved it (...


pfink42 commented 10 months ago

My Macaroni and Cheese Always Comes Out Grainy-What to do?

by Ardentauthor 5 years ago

I've attempted to make a cheese sauce 4 times...the first 3 I didn't realize what I was doing and did not cook the ro...


weekendchef24 commented 12 months ago

Dry Mac and Cheese - help

by TguyMTL 5 years ago

Alright, so this is not the first time this has happened and it baffles me... I make the bachamel and add the cook...


tommyrenee25 commented 12 months ago

Favorite cheese blend for homemade Mac & Cheese?

by Phoo_d 9 years ago

Hi Chowhounds, I made a batch of mac and cheese this weekend which used equal parts extra sharp cheddar, gruyere, ...


seanspec commented 1 year ago

Mac n Cheese what is best to cook in?

by sylvan 1 year ago

Hi I've been using a DO to bake mac n cheese. Is the Dutch Oven ok to use or should I buy a casserole pan? I like th...

rasputina commented 1 year ago

What to serve with macaroni and cheese

by littlegreenpea 11 years ago

So, I just made a batch of macaroni and cheese... another current thread inspired me. It turned out well, but I just...


kandym commented 1 year ago

Macaroni and cheese

by mlanni 1 year ago

Would it be wrong to make an emulsion sauce of say egg yolk, dijon, worstershire, and butter to help keep macaroni an...

TorontoJo commented 1 year ago

Slow-cooker macaroni and cheese

by maestra 1 year ago

It's supposed to hit 100 degrees in my area today, so I'd rather not stand over a stove or turn on an oven. I figured...

MidwesternerTT commented 1 year ago