Lubbock recs?

by MVNYC 15 years ago

Hi I will be in Lubbock this weekend and am looking for recs on Sunday night. What place stands out as the best place in the city. I will be staying at the embassy Suites but will have a car so...


by KHW 20 years ago

Hello out there in Lubbock! Is anyone listening? Can you tell me where to find a good steak, or a good Chinese or seafood meal in town or within a half hour's drive? Is it possible there's no gour...

3 nights in Lubbock - anything good?

by bobbert 10 years ago

Heading down from Maine for a long weekend. I always try to eat local. Thinking Mexican, BBQ and maybe a steakhouse? No chains unless it's a very local one. Anything chow worthy?

One Guy From Italy - Calzones (Lubbock)

by shanagain 12 years ago

So good, but just one star shy of fabulous. One Guy, where's the ricotta? Just a smidge and I promise I'd drive the hour and a half to Lubbock just for that perfectly/slightly burnt-in-spots crus...

Tom & Bingo's BBQ - Lubbock

by CocoaNut 13 years ago

This week, I'm doing a quick, 1-day turnaround trip to/from Lubbock. While watching a Tech game a couple of weeks ago, one of the announcers was raving about the BBQ here at T&B's. I thought I'd ...


by ruskirk 12 years ago

Going up there in a couple of weeks. We'll be celebrating a family birthday. Any suggestions on nice restaurants? Would love a good steak.

Great Italian Place In Lubbock

by ilovpugs 13 years ago

My family lives in Lubbock, and whenever I go back we always try to eat at Stellas. It's a wonderful Italian place right off of 50th and Slide. The food rivals anything I've had in Dallas.

Lubbock Saturday Night

by ccfoodie 13 years ago

My husband and I will stay in Lubbock on a Sat. night in March. We love good food -cheap and expensive.Any suggestions???

Austin to Lubbock

by jodila20 13 years ago

Can you recommend some good spots to eat when driving from Austin to Lubbock? I'm looking for some great food experiences and wouldn't mind going a bit off-track but not too much since we're making...

Lubbock Graduation Dinner-Recommendations?

by tvmovielover 14 years ago

Our daughter suggests a place called Las Brisas which she claims is a steak place. Can anyone comment on that restaurant? We have already been to 50 Yard Line or whatever it is called, the late l...

Eats in Lubbock

Ron L
by Ron L 14 years ago

Going to Lubbock on business on 6/26. Any recommendations for good eats in downtown area? Looking for Mexican or TexMex.

In Lubbock

by MVNYC 15 years ago

For a few days later this month. Anything that is not to miss?

Lubbock help, please

by Vinny Clams 16 years ago

Going to Lubbock soon. need the best places to eat: 1. Steak 2. BBQ/Southern/Teaas 3. Mexican or other ethnic 4. Fine Dining 5.Not to be missed experiences Thanks

weddings in Lubbock

by Emily Phillips 15 years ago

Does anyone have any location/catering recommendations for a wedding in Lubbock?

Dinners in Lubbock and Canyon?

by Lonn Taylor 16 years ago

Research in university libraries will take my wife and me to Lubbock and Canyon next week. Can anyone suggest a good place for dinner in either or both places? Steaks or Italian food, perhaps? Alth...

Anything new in Lubbock?

by Shadow 18 years ago

Coming to Lubbock again for Christmas (husbands family). Are there any new restaurants (within the last year)? We usually eat at the same restaurants that his family likes and they are not advent...

Cool places between Lubbock and Dallas?

by Colby Phillips 18 years ago

Will be making a trip from Albuquerque to Dallas and back, and am wondering about cool places (perferably BBQ) between Lubbock and Dallas along I-20 and Hwy 84. Plan to try as many spots as we can...

Driving through Lubbock and Plainview, then to Santa Fe

by Buck 18 years ago

Any recommendations for food in the Panhandle? (Yes, I know there's good food in Santa Fe!) --buck