Lost Recipes


Looking for a recipe from BonAppetit March 1993 issue

by hollybcars 5 days ago

I lost a recipe for Chicken and Garden Vegetable pie from Bon Appetit March 1993. I found it briefly on Pinterest but the link is no longer active. HELP!

Recipe for Canadian style Sweet and Sour Chicken Balls and Egg Rolls

by Ghotiman 27 days ago

I miss Canadian style Chinese food I grew up with. I have been in the southern US for the last 20 years and while they have great BBQ the Chinese food here is quite different from my favorites back...

12 layer cake

by ldjnevans 3 months ago

I am looking for a recipe from pre 1990 bon appetite for a 10 or 12 layer cake. If I remember correctly, there was a photo of the cake on the cover of the magazine.

Recipe search help!!

by ravitfeld 3 months ago

I am looking for a recipe from Bon Appetit magazine April 2001. It’s called Baby Greens with Fruit and Lime Vinaigrette. I make it every year and accidentally threw it out about 2 months ago...can’...

Challenge to Re-Create Fanny's

by rcauntay 1 year ago

Growing up, spaghetti with meat sauce at Fanny's in Evanston was my absolute favorite dish. Fanny's recipe isn't lost, but is a secret held closely by her son, who still sells jars of the sauce. ...

Recipe for "Hang Chow" spare ribs?

by abNYC212 1 year ago

I grew up eating Chinese food at Chan's Garden in Dunellen, NJ. Forty years later I still vividly remember a dish they had called Hang Chow Spare Ribs. They were small pieces of pork rib, very swe...

Help, lost lemon coconut bars recipe

by ElsieB 6 months ago

I had a recipe for lemon coconut bars that I really liked but I cannot find the scrap of paper I wrote it on:(. I’ve tried searching on line with no success. I remember the crust was done in the pr...

Looking for Alpine Cake recipe, Chocolatier magazine

by ruotsi 6 months ago

Does anyone have the recipe for Alpine Cake that appeared in Chocolatier magazine? I have a note in my recipe book that it was in the March 1987 issue but when we moved a few years ago, sadly my ...

In search of a lost recipe from Gourmet Magazine

by paulmunk 6 years ago

Back in mid 80's, i made achocolate-cranberry torte/tart/pie? for Thanksgiving and the memory of this dessert lingers to this day. I recall that the recipe came from Gourmet Magazine and the year i...

Bon Appetit Recipe(s) Search

by Neurofabulous 7 months ago

Hello all, I had amazing luck recently with tracking down a recipe from older Bon Appetit magazines. So I thought I'd try it once more and put it out there to this wonderful community. I'm looki...

Lost recipe

by Suzanne3469 7 months ago

I am looking for Meta Givins cheesecake recipe my Mom used to make. Mom is gone now and unfortunately recipe is lost with her. Does anybody have it? Suzanne3469@gmail.com

Vintage Bon Appetit Tiramisu Recipe

by Neurofabulous 11 months ago

Hello All, once again I'm regretting giving away my Bon Appetit collection (1981 to present!) I'm looking for a tiramisu recipe, possibly from 1993, '94, or '95 or thereabouts. It was pretty old s...

Finding the right Glühwein recipe, or is it the right wine? Or both?

by magnoliasouth 7 months ago

First off, I apologize for the length of this post. I just wanted to explain so you fully get what my problem is. I am of Austrian descent and my great-Aunt used to make Glühwein every Christmas...

Lost 1985 Gourmet Cranberry Chutney Recipe

by Amy Bauer 9 years ago

Usually make a couple of cranberry sauces for Thanksgiving including a classice version of Ocean Spray back of the bag. But I also like to make a spicy/tangy sauce. A number of years ago I made ...

Cranberry cool whip squares

by jesabelle1224 8 months ago

Hi, I have looked everywhere for a recipe I clipped off a box back in the 90's. It was with canned cranberries, cool whip, walnuts and vanilla wafers. I have found alot that are close but this one ...

Lost Recipe

by Nikskat 8 months ago

Along about 1974-1976 I clipped a recipe from a woman's magazine for a date-and-nut-filled coffee ring. It was a variation on poteca, but not called that. It was to die for, and I made it for years...

Spinach Fettuccine Muffins from Bon Appetit Cooks Exchange

by cave1976 9 months ago

I cannot find this recipe. I think it was in an old issue of BA Cooks Exchange. It is nests of spinach fettucine with a cream/Parmesan sauce. Makes a great appetizer. Thank you.

Looking for Better Homes & Gardens creamy cheese and tart cherry pie recipe

by upick11 9 months ago

In a recent issue of BH&G there was a recipe for creamy cheese and tart cherry pie. I neglected to save the second page. Does anyone have a copy of the entire recipe?

Looking for dessert recipe - Bon Appetit November 1990?

by Maria_B 1 year ago

Hi - Looking for a dessert recipe that I think was in the November 1990 (maybe December?) edition of Bon Appetit. I have searched Epicurious in vain, as well as myriad other web searches and canno...

Trying to track down mom's favorite childhood dessert

by majandra22 9 months ago

Hello all! I have been trying over the years to track down a recipe for my mom's favorite dessert from her childhood. She remembers it as being grey (!), having sugar and eggs, and being relativel...