Lost Recipes


Lost recipe, grape candy/gelatin

by Whyowhy 10 years ago

My grandmother used to grow grapes and would use the juice to make a candy like treat that I fondly remember. She would pour a liquid into little shallow bowls and leave them all over the spare roo...

Challenge to Re-Create Fanny's

by rcauntay 3 years ago

Growing up, spaghetti with meat sauce at Fanny's in Evanston was my absolute favorite dish. Fanny's recipe isn't lost, but is a secret held closely by her son, who still sells jars of the sauce. ...

Pie Crust

by gblemer 3 months ago

Hi! I am trying to locate a recipe that was on page 67 of the November 1979 issue of Bon Appetit. It was for a pie..... I don't remember the name. Thanks for your help

Simply Delicious collectible recipe cards from early 1990s

by deelee11 11 months ago

I enjoyed collecting these cards and had an almost complete collection in 3 ring binders. Unfortunately, all became damaged in a flood. Does anyone have the recipes for Chilli Chicken or St David'...

Looking for a Lost recipe from Healthy Meals in Minutes

by Ariam 6 years ago

Does anyone have a recipe card from the HM in M set (mine was from @ 1995) for Pineapple Upside Down Cake? I moved and lost it. I think it had low fat, applesauce, canola oil, it was sooooo good...

Healthy Meals In Minutes Chinese-style Shrimp Soup & Pecan Pie

by Cin519 5 months ago

Hi I'm looking for the Healthy Meals In Minutes recipe for Chinese-style Shrimp Soup I used to make this all of the time & everyone loved it. I lost that & the Pecan Pie one. Of course it's because...

Need a Bon Appetit cake recipe from 1990!

by jamabriscoe 5 months ago

Hi all! There is a cake shown on the cover of a 1990 Bon Appetit magazine--I don't know which month. (Probably springtime.) I lost my copy and this is a cake I am needing to make next week. It lo...

Dickie Davis's "Sweet & Hot"

by gabear50 7 years ago

Does anyone know anything about this incredible relish? Or about a lady named "Dickie Davis" from Menard, Texas? A friend used to get it for me from the General Store in Menard. I don't know if ...

Simply Delicious Recipe Cards - 90s

by Kerryjo 5 months ago

I have the whole set of these great cards from the 90's.... I say the whole set, I've lost one and am hoping that someone, somewhere has it.... so, does anyone have the Card for Bakewell Tart? G...

Lost Recipe

by Gumby65 6 months ago

Trying to find a long lost James Beard recipe. Basically, he created a "bird's nest" by boiling egg noodles then "frying" them in a wok to create a nest. Then a concoction of hand-diced beef, chopp...

Real Simple Pita sandwich recipe from years ago?

by luvcubs 6 months ago

I'm looking for a recipe from Real Simple (the magazine) that was a pita sandwich. I remember it had spinach (cooked for just a few seconds) and a white sauce? I know it was vegetarian, but I can...

Searching: white chocolate/raspberry tart

by sma 6 months ago

I'm looking for a recipe for a white chocolate raspberry tart that was in a Bon Appetite issue at least 25+ years ago.

Looking for Eggnog Recipe for Healthy Meals in Minutes

by PRR 6 months ago

I too had the full set of recipe cards but after lots of moving.... anyway I have never found a easier/better eggnog recipe and I am hoping someone can please share it with me.

Seeking long lost Banana Bread from original Cuisine magazine

by sseberly 7 months ago

Hi! The December 1983 or 1984 issue of Cuisine magazine had a recipe for the best banana bread I've ever made. Hoping someone might still have a print copy they'd be wiling to share the recipe from...

Anchovies! Delicious? Multifunctional or Not?

by kelvin_of_ranard 7 months ago

I bought a tin of King Oscar anchovies to complete a Bolognese sauce, and used the leftover fillets in a olive oil vinaigrette. What a wonderful flavor! We’re hooked! [pun intended]. What other...

Liver pudding

by CHASNATIVE 10 months ago

Liver pudding is a traditional sausage product of the black people in and around Charleston S.C. Lacking access to skeletal muscle meats and being left with visceral products (offal) i.e. heart, ki...

Looking for a recipe from a vintage cookbook

by andyray48 7 months ago

I used to live in Denver in the 70's and 80's. I have since moved and in the process I mislaid an old cookbook that had several great recipes in it. The book was a small and notebook like with tabs...

Hiroshima spicy tsukemen

by marhell 7 months ago

Hello, I visited Hiroshima recently and ate Hiroshima style tsukemen, spicy dipping noodles. I can't stop thinking about how good it was and would like to cook this at home, but I can't find any g...

Mexican Pizza Denver Colorado Cache Cookbook

by jilldw 7 months ago

I need recipe for Mexican Pizza from the Jr. League Colorado Cache Cookbook 1980's. I lost mine.