Lost Recipes


Need a Bon Appetit cake recipe from 1990!

by jamabriscoe 12 hours ago

Hi all! There is a cake shown on the cover of a 1990 Bon Appetit magazine--I don't know which month. (Probably springtime.) I lost my copy and this is a cake I am needing to make next week. It lo...

Simply Delicious collectible recipe cards from early 1990s

by deelee11 6 months ago

I enjoyed collecting these cards and had an almost complete collection in 3 ring binders. Unfortunately, all became damaged in a flood. Does anyone have the recipes for Chilli Chicken or St David'...

Dickie Davis's "Sweet & Hot"

by gabear50 6 years ago

Does anyone know anything about this incredible relish? Or about a lady named "Dickie Davis" from Menard, Texas? A friend used to get it for me from the General Store in Menard. I don't know if ...

Simply Delicious Recipe Cards - 90s

by Kerryjo 18 days ago

I have the whole set of these great cards from the 90's.... I say the whole set, I've lost one and am hoping that someone, somewhere has it.... so, does anyone have the Card for Bakewell Tart? G...

Lost Recipe

by Gumby65 25 days ago

Trying to find a long lost James Beard recipe. Basically, he created a "bird's nest" by boiling egg noodles then "frying" them in a wok to create a nest. Then a concoction of hand-diced beef, chopp...

Real Simple Pita sandwich recipe from years ago?

by luvcubs 1 month ago

I'm looking for a recipe from Real Simple (the magazine) that was a pita sandwich. I remember it had spinach (cooked for just a few seconds) and a white sauce? I know it was vegetarian, but I can...

Searching: white chocolate/raspberry tart

by sma 1 month ago

I'm looking for a recipe for a white chocolate raspberry tart that was in a Bon Appetite issue at least 25+ years ago.

Looking for Eggnog Recipe for Healthy Meals in Minutes

by PRR 2 months ago

I too had the full set of recipe cards but after lots of moving.... anyway I have never found a easier/better eggnog recipe and I am hoping someone can please share it with me.

Seeking long lost Banana Bread from original Cuisine magazine

by sseberly 2 months ago

Hi! The December 1983 or 1984 issue of Cuisine magazine had a recipe for the best banana bread I've ever made. Hoping someone might still have a print copy they'd be wiling to share the recipe from...

Anchovies! Delicious? Multifunctional or Not?

by kelvin_of_ranard 2 months ago

I bought a tin of King Oscar anchovies to complete a Bolognese sauce, and used the leftover fillets in a olive oil vinaigrette. What a wonderful flavor! We’re hooked! [pun intended]. What other...

Liver pudding

by CHASNATIVE 5 months ago

Liver pudding is a traditional sausage product of the black people in and around Charleston S.C. Lacking access to skeletal muscle meats and being left with visceral products (offal) i.e. heart, ki...

Looking for a recipe from a vintage cookbook

by andyray48 2 months ago

I used to live in Denver in the 70's and 80's. I have since moved and in the process I mislaid an old cookbook that had several great recipes in it. The book was a small and notebook like with tabs...

Hiroshima spicy tsukemen

by marhell 2 months ago

Hello, I visited Hiroshima recently and ate Hiroshima style tsukemen, spicy dipping noodles. I can't stop thinking about how good it was and would like to cook this at home, but I can't find any g...

Mexican Pizza Denver Colorado Cache Cookbook

by jilldw 2 months ago

I need recipe for Mexican Pizza from the Jr. League Colorado Cache Cookbook 1980's. I lost mine.

Chocolatier Magazine Monster Oatmeal Cookies

by menlo 2 months ago

Does anyone have the recipe from Choclatier for Monster Oatmeal Cookies made with coconut and honey? Lostmy copy

Chicago Tribune pre-2008 chocolate mousse recipe?

by jojojovich 2 years ago

Reading the Chicago Tribune one day long ago, they featured a chocolate mousse recipe which featured ground pecan, and which resulted in a recipe that was SO rich and delicious I actually held onto...

Shrimp Mousse

by Deborah1004marilyn 3 months ago

I am looking for the Shrimp Mousse recipe from Gourmet Magazine, I thought it was January 1981 but not, I now think it may be earlier. Please help. Deborah Fontenot

Chocolatier Magazine Recipe Grand Marnier Chocolate Cheese Torte

by SGrau 7 months ago

Hello! I'm looking for the issue of Chocolatier Magazine that has a recipe for a Grand Marnier Chocolate Cheese Torte. I had copied a page out of a friend's issue ages ago (early 90s) and it's a ...

Williams-Sonoma broccoli-gruyere quiche

by twodales2 3 months ago

I've mislaid a decades-old broccoli quiche. It had gruyere and half & half. The crust was brushed with mustard. I could be wrong on it's origin however. Any chance this seems familiar?

Lost recipe

by ChesWeeks 4 months ago

Looking for recipe called Angel Almond Delight. Angel Food Cake, vanilla pudding, pineapple tidbits, Cool-Whip & Maraschino cherries on top. 9 x 13 pan ...