Lost Recipes


Lost recipe

by ChesWeeks 11 days ago

Looking for recipe called Angel Almond Delight. Angel Food Cake, vanilla pudding, pineapple tidbits, Cool-Whip & Maraschino cherries on top. 9 x 13 pan ...

Searching for Old Bon Appetit Recipe

by VictoriaK 16 days ago

Hello. I recall a pasta dish recipe from somewhere between 1993-1996 for June or July that involved blanching Roma tomatoes in order to remove the skin. I have searched all "Summer" recipes on epic...

Liver pudding

by CHASNATIVE 1 month ago

Liver pudding is a traditional sausage product of the black people in and around Charleston S.C. Lacking access to skeletal muscle meats and being left with visceral products (offal) i.e. heart, ki...

Lost Recipe

by ChesWeeks 22 days ago

I am looking for a lost recipe called Tunnel of Cherry which used Pillsbury white cake mix and Cherry Pie Filling. Can anyone help? ...

Searching for Simply Ming Roasted Curry Chicken with Olive Orzo Stuffing recipe

by lisajwells 3 months ago

A 2009 episode (#609) of Simply Ming featured the combination of Madras Curry and Olives. It included a roast chicken that called for a seemingly huge amount of curry powder that surprisingly did n...

Cookie Recipe Emergency... Bon Appetit Back Issue?

by Adoette 2 months ago

Looking for Hazelnut Cookie Recipe from Bon Appetit Magazine, December 1987, Page 77! Need ASAP! Thanks!!

Pierogies that are not rolled and filled

by Kasyjansk1 2 months ago

Looking for a recipe mom made called easy pierogies. These are not rolled and filled. Mostly farmers cheese.

Chocolate eggnog recipe /Chocolatier

by IrishAyes721 2 months ago

hello, I've been desperately looking for the chocolate eggnog recipe that was posted in an issue of Chocolatier magazine many years ago. I thought I had every issue ever published but I can't seem...

Simply Delicious collectible recipe cards from early 1990s

by deelee11 3 months ago

I enjoyed collecting these cards and had an almost complete collection in 3 ring binders. Unfortunately, all became damaged in a flood. Does anyone have the recipes for Chilli Chicken or St David'...

American delights!

by Bellesea 3 months ago

Hey, looking to identify the popular dishes across each of the states! - What are people's favourite breakfast, lunch and dinner?! Thanks, Belle

Chocolatier Magazine Recipe Grand Marnier Chocolate Cheese Torte

by SGrau 3 months ago

Hello! I'm looking for the issue of Chocolatier Magazine that has a recipe for a Grand Marnier Chocolate Cheese Torte. I had copied a page out of a friend's issue ages ago (early 90s) and it's a ...

Recipe for Mexican White Sauce (Salsa Blanca)

by greggc 4 months ago

I used to dine at a long closed upscale Mexican restaurant that served a fresh roasted poblano seafood relleno ("naked" not battered and fried). It was served in a puddle of a rich and silky whit...

Macaroni and Cheese

by Wildgoosechase99 4 months ago

I lost my recipe for mac and cheese. It didn't use a roux. From what I remember, cooked pasta was layered in the casserole dish with grated cheese. It had onions in it, raw I think. Then hot mi...

Lost Recipe Babka with meringue filling

by elysianfields 4 months ago

Help! My grandmother made amazing babka and can't find the recipe anywhere. It was huge. Made by putting rolls of dough with filling in large tube pan. The thing that made it special, is how she ...

Help finding lost recipe

by jlhumbel 5 months ago

25 or so years ago I found a recipe for cut out ginger cookies. I loved it and used it for years every Christmas, it was in a magazine that I unfortunately threw out in a purge. The article was abo...

Lost recipe

by scottferg 5 months ago

I made a dessert from Gourmet Magazine in the early 1990s that I can't find in the magazine's archives. It's for ricotta cheese-filled pears with a cherry brandy sauce. Any help finding this recipe...

Lost my mom's sweet chili sauce recipe ...

by Spanish Willy 6 years ago

Hi, I'm from Ontario. My late mother used to make a sweet chili sauce which was great on eggs as well as other stuff. We lost the recipe, but here's what I remember. - It was not spicy at all, ...

Lost recipe from Gourmet Magazine

by Targeteer 7 months ago

I'm looking for a Gourmet Magazine recipe that did not make it to Epicurious and has not been posted elsewhere online. I'm pretty sure that it was called Iced Tomato Cream--a cold soup flavored wit...

Recipe search help!!

by ravitfeld 10 months ago

I am looking for a recipe from Bon Appetit magazine April 2001. It’s called Baby Greens with Fruit and Lime Vinaigrette. I make it every year and accidentally threw it out about 2 months ago...can’...

Lost penne pasta recipe from 1985 Bon Appetit

by TSwizz 7 months ago

I am looking for the four cheese penne pasta with fresh tomatoes and basil from the 1985 Bon Appetit magazine (it was the cover photo). I know it has fontina, mozzarella, ricotta (I think) and whi...