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LA's 'Cafe Gratitude' and Other Restaurants Offering Steep Meatless Monday Deals

Meatless Monday deals and offerings across the country show no signs of slowing. From the rollout of meatless options, like the Impossible Burger and Beyond Meat, at national fast food and fast casual...

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Reasonably Priced Moroccan - N Orange County, S. LA County

by Ken Bond 21 years ago

Looking for a neighborhood/family type place with low - moderate price range in reasonable driving time from Long Beach. So recommendations in Lakewood, Bellflower, Artesia, Hungtington Beach, Ce...

Asia De Cuba or Crustacean

by Andrei Osyka 21 years ago

I'm following up on my previous message. Thanx for your input. I might skip Sushi Roku and Matsuhisa altogether. I want to hear your thoughts on Asia and Crustacean

Seal Beach's Walt's Wharf

by tracy 21 years ago

By far--- the best seafood in OC.

Los Olivos, Santa Ynez restaurants

by Bob 21 years ago

Is anybody interested in an update of restaurants in this area? Things are changing rapidly for the better. I just returned from a week-end there and tried 3 new restaurants. All 3 were at least...

Love Joan's on Third for prepared food but...

by Ruth 21 years ago

I am in search of really wonderful prepared foods shops in the Los Angeles area. I like Joan's on Third (although their service is ridiculously slow), but Marmalade leaves me cold and Michel Richa...

It's for my Mom

by Tara 21 years ago

Please help... my Mom is having - gasp - surgery on her stomach, of all things, which will render her unable to digest anything starchy for months, and pretty much anything at all for a little whil...

Dim Sum in Lomita

by Tom Armitage 22 years ago

Los Angeles is blessed with a large number of places where top quality dim sum can be had. Among the contenders for best dim sum in Los Angeles are Empress Pavilion in downtown Chinatown, and Harb...

wine bars/tapas bars

by deborah 21 years ago

Why aren't there any wine bars in LA? or tapas bars (I'm not talking about Cava or Luna Negri)? Am I missing something?

Thank You L.A. Hounds

by Helen 22 years ago

Just returned from a week of happy mealtimes in L.A. I left NYC clutching the L.A. Zagat's & several dog-eared pages of comments I downloaded from this board (hope I wasn't infringing anyone's cop...

My visit to LA

by Rich Nebenzahl 22 years ago

I will be visiting LA in November, specifically Woodland Hills. Would like a few recommendations of seafood and Mexican restaurants in the area. Thanks

restaurants in the inland valley?

by marty 22 years ago

what are some good restaurants in the inland valley? it's for my brother's homecoming dance at high school.

Table One at Bel-Air Hotel

by Jeffrey Shore 22 years ago

Anybody eat Chef Gary Clauson's cooking at Bel-Air Hotel - any thoughts? And specificially, has anyone done the Table One gimmick - special reservations to sit at a special solitary table in the ...

Dinner at Vincenti

by Bob 22 years ago

Thank You for all of your advice. It really helped. I did try the Soft Scrambled Eggs with Guanciale and Asparagus. It was very nice. I had the Bottarga with Tomatoes, Red Onions and 10 Year Ol...

if not renu nakorn...[issan or lao]

by Mary Lynne 22 years ago

After hearing all of the talk about Renu Nakorn, I was dismayed to hear it will probably still be closed during my trip from NYC to LA next weekend (though Tom's post indicated the owners return fr...

Out of business and sadly missed

by Larry 22 years ago

It seems to be all too common that the restaurants that the foodies love the most go out of business, while the restaurants that serve "bad" food continue to flourish, open new locations, and pack ...

Oaxacan and More

by Jim Leff 22 years ago

The "Best Thai Food" thread (see right below this one on the index) is starting to digress into more of a discussion on Oaxacan places in LA. Jonathan Gold, The Man in such matters, wrote the fol...

Thanksgiving meal in L.A. vicinity

by Jerry 22 years ago

I'll be spending the holiday in Claremont, which is about 50 miles east of central L.A. Any recommendations where dress is casual and food is creatively traditional within that 50 mile radius?

LA eating dilemma

by Kate 22 years ago

So here goes. Knowing very little about the dining scene in LA, I was advised to try some rather expensive eateries. This is okay, except that I can only afford one, and I need some help deciding w...

LA (Santa Monica, Venice) dining

by phyllis 22 years ago

Just returned from a lovely trip to LA. Had 2 outstanding meals in Venice and I highly recommend these two places: James' Beach on Venice Blvd. and Joe's Restaurant on Abbot Kinney Blvd. They...

Manhattan Beach, CA recommendations

by larry 22 years ago

We want to go to dinner with 7 people to a non Japanese or Chinese restaurant in the Manhattan Beach or Hermosa or Redondo. We went to Cafe Paradiso and it was great. That is the price and dec...

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