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by babybun 3 days ago

I've got a Honeymoon couple visiting us in Maine (Boothbay, on Lake Knickerbocker) at a vacation house in August and ...


dfrostnh commented 2 days ago

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Toronto Food Events 2017

by prima 5 days ago

Fundraising season has begun! For the Love of Lobster in support of the St Felix Centre takes placed on Thu, May 1...

What kind of sauce for lobster ravioli?

by Philly Ray 10 years ago

An Italian grocery store near me sells fresh made lobster ravioli, but I never buy them because I don't want to put m...


stever1950 commented 11 days ago

What Was In My Wife's Lobster??

by Davwud 10 years ago

Hey Hounds. Last night we had lobsters for dinner. Fresh steamed in my kitchen of course. Anyway, when my wife to...


blargi commented 1 month ago

Asian lobster

by abypmua90 3 months ago

I'm making a decision on two Asian spots for lobster. I'm already planning on going to PPQ Dungeness Island B...


abypmua90 commented 2 months ago

Best lobster in the outer boroughs

by Blumie 2 months ago

Bronx/City Island preferred, but will entertain all suggestions other than Staten Island. Prefer traditional prepara...

sgordon commented 2 months ago

Seafood Risotto Help

by Ali G 2 months ago

I'm planning to make risotto tonight for a Valentine's Day dinner. We are adding lobster, shrimp, and some scallops....

Ali G commented 2 months ago

Steakhouse in Nassau on Long Island

by Gastronomos 3 months ago

We dine with friends and family in many different places. I'm usually there just for the company, enjoying a night ou...

EM23 commented 3 months ago

Canned frozen lobster: worth eating?

by stak 4 years ago

On sale right now at my local grocer: cans of frozen lobster for $15, regularly priced at $25. I assume it won't be a...


dhp699 commented 3 months ago eating roe of more than 3 pound lobster safe??

by hae young 9 years ago

i'm very concerned that single lobster much hevyier than 2 pounds such as 3 pound lobster may not have roe of proper...


shan1081 commented 3 months ago

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where to buy live lobsters 4 new years

by dyippie 4 months ago

Annual search. Gelsons (surprise) has been a reliable source the last couple of years @ just under $10/lb. Usually ...

Suggestions for punching up a lobster pot pie

by intentionally 4 months ago

Was planning to make lobster pot pies for Christmas dinner. I initially saw this recipe on Saveur (see link), but the...


intentionally commented 4 months ago

Trader Joe's Frozen Lobster Tails

by The Librarian 2 years ago

I've never bought them. How are they? I was thinking about having them for Christmas Eve dinner. Any thoughts? Thanks!


jlr2day commented 5 months ago

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Rudy's Hideaway Lobsterhouse, Rancho Cordova

by win42 5 months ago

Rudy's Hideaway Highway 50 & Hazel Sacramento Home of the Lobster and very fine dining Seafood at high end atmosp...

Fresh lobster in EDMONTON

by PyariA 6 years ago

Where is the best place to buy good fresh whole lobster in Edmonton?? A good price would be nice to but I'm more con...


steveoo76 commented 6 months ago

Lobster Bisque

by raberbm 6 months ago

I bought some frozen lobster bisque and had it shipped to my house. When it arrived, it was not completely frozen an...


raberbm commented 6 months ago

lbs. (lobster beef salad) report

by Dr. John 6 months ago

We haven't seen much written about this place here, except for a few mentions so we thought we would document our vis...


Pincus commented 6 months ago

Can you eat lobster when you're pregnant?

by starbucksbrew 9 years ago

Of course I'll ask my doctor this too, but DH and I are going to Maine in my third month, and I'm wondering if lobste...


SabrinaKelley commented 6 months ago

Uses for Lobster Bisque?

by opinionatedchef 8 years ago

I had a recent windfall of lobster bodies and now have 8 quarts of lobster bisque (at this point,minus the roux and c...


rschlintz commented 8 months ago