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What to serve with lobster?

by Moimoi 11 years ago

I always get stuck on this one, so I thought I'd ask my fellow chowhounds... Which side dishes compliment fresh, coo...


Redman63 commented 25 days ago

What Was In My Wife's Lobster??

by Davwud 11 years ago

Hey Hounds. Last night we had lobsters for dinner. Fresh steamed in my kitchen of course. Anyway, when my wife to...


irishlegacy commented 4 months ago

Lobster sauce

by BeverlySM 4 years ago

When I was a kid in 1950's Boston the restaurants were known by their address - as in 25 Tyler St. The food was wonde...


marqos commented 4 months ago

Restaurants & Bars Be the first to comment

Sundays on the Bay Lobstah Special

by Motosport 4 months ago

In Hampton Bays by the jetty and just over the Ponquogue Bridge is Sundays by the Bay. We've been going there for ...

What to serve with lobster tail?

by Margo 11 years ago

I have planned an appetizer of mussels in garlic and wine sauce followed by a main course with lobster tail. This wi...


Harley999 commented 4 months ago

Lobster Bisque

by raberbm 1 year ago

I bought some frozen lobster bisque and had it shipped to my house. When it arrived, it was not completely frozen an...


thefatspice1 commented 8 months ago

Lobster E-fu Noodles @ Empero Taste, San Francisco

by Melanie Wong 9 months ago

Last month I dropped into Empero Taste for a late, solo lunch. I confess that this was my first time to this neighbor...

Melanie Wong

Melanie Wong commented 9 months ago

Lobster and food for vegans

by oceans 10 months ago

We go to Maine frequently and usually eat at the same places. I grew up near there and need my lobster and haddock f...


barbaract commented 10 months ago

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Houston grocery store steamed lobster

by clutj 10 months ago

I know H-E-B and Central Market will do it, but will any of the Asian supermarkets steam your love lobster for you? ...

Lobster near Mount Laurel NJ

by Eatboston222 12 months ago

Looking for a place near Mount Laurel to treat my parents to fresh lobster for their 60th anniversary. It's been a tr...


cwdonald commented 10 months ago

Frozen lobster tails: meat sticks to shell

by justicenow 6 years ago

I have bought newly available frozen cold water lobster tails five times in the in the last 2 months. They are about...


mjlapierre commented 11 months ago

Markey"s vs. Brown's- The Battle of the Lobster Pounds

by BlueMagic 5 years ago

Is this really a competition anymore? It seems over the past few years that every die hard Brown's fan whom I have co...


nhjmc commented 11 months ago

Jumbo Lobsters

by BostonTparty 11 months ago

Anyone have experience cooking jumbo lobsters? Lobsters in the six pound plus range? The largest one I ever cooked wa...


BostonTparty commented 11 months ago


by WINDELLA 12 months ago

Any great Puerto Nuevo style Lobster dinners in San Diego? I miss going to Baja!


millerowski commented 12 months ago

O'Mei - Close encounter with one HUGE monster Lobster

by Charles Yu 12 months ago

Biggest lobster I have ever encountered! Tonight, my family and in-laws decided to treat our out-of-town relatives...

T Long

T Long commented 12 months ago

Black liquid in Lobster, what was it?

by Michele Cindy 14 years ago

The other night I bought 2 2.5 lbs live lobsters at Shop Rite. They steamed them at the store. We ate the claws and ...


bianquini commented 12 months ago

Frying Lobster at Asian Market

by rhgindc 12 months ago

Many of the Asian Markets (eg, 99 Ranch, Shun Fat, etc) will fry up their fresh fish for your on the spot at no extra...


Borderbumble commented 12 months ago

Silver Palate Lobster with tarragon, tried it?

by MazDee 9 years ago

I received a gift of lobster tail meat from the man who helps me in the garden. This is from the spiny lobster that w...


Kazebier commented 12 months ago


by babybun 12 months ago

I've got a Honeymoon couple visiting us in Maine (Boothbay, on Lake Knickerbocker) at a vacation house in August and ...


dfrostnh commented 12 months ago

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