21 Amazing Air Fryer Recipes You Did Not See Coming

You expect the almighty air fryer to turn out crisp fried chicken, crunchy french fries, and other goodies with that key f-word in their names. But the air fryer is a lot more versatile than you might...

SALE: Live jumbo lobsters, $7.95/lb @ New England Lobster, Burlingame

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 1 year ago

Tip from a shy chowhound: NEW ENGLAND LOBSTER Jumbo Live Lobsters (6-10 lb each) $7.95/lb. Large Culls (One Claw) 2-6 lbs each $7.50/lb Frozen 4 - 5 oz Lobster Tails $6.95 each or 10 lb cas...

Pot lobsters?

by law_doc89 8 months ago

Put them in the freezer about half an hour and they go dormant. Much easier and more effective.

Lobster BLT off menu at B&G Oyster????

by Kodiak604 9 months ago

Has anyone else encountered this? It’s mind blowing to me. It is one of Boston’s best sandwiches. Does anyone else share this love? Start a petition?

Lobster prices coming down: how do you like them?

by gutreactions 1 year ago

Now is a good time to buy lobsters. I have noticed sale prices at local markets starting at $6.99 lb. for pound and a quarter; a bit more for larger sizes. Even frozen lobster tails have been on sa...

Adding lobster tail meat to paella

by normalmode 1 year ago

So my contribution to the Christmas Eve dinner is lobster tail meat to add to my mom's paella. I see many recipes saying that the seafood should be cooked ahead of time before added to the paella. ...

Helping Out Restaurant Business During This Trying Times!... Amazing Value Take-out Lobster Dish At 'Golden Lion' Fusion Restaurant

Charles Yu
by Charles Yu 1 year ago

For those of you foodies who happen to live out east over in the Markham/Scarborough area, 'Golden Lion Seafood/Fusion' is currently offering a 'one and a half pounder' lobster dish, prepared eithe...

Searching for: Ridgeback shrimp/spiny lobster

by turbox3 1 year ago

Has anyone seen these from a CSA or grocer? The season has started for both these products which typically are harvesting Monterey and south. Hoping that a vendor has brought these up to the San Fr...

Bulk lobster in the Boston area?

by mezzodiva54 1 year ago

I can buy large cans of crab. Does anyone have suggestions for buying bulk lobster for a recipe? Canned, pre-picked, frozen (tails), lagostino, whatever. I'd like to avoid having to cook live l...

Where to buy lobster in the East Bay?

Dave MP
by Dave MP 1 year ago

I'm hoping to buy some lobster to make my own lobster rolls at home. Anyone seen good sources of fresh, live lobster lately, particularly in Oakland or Berkeley?

Buying Lobster in Savannah?

by Amishchow 1 year ago

Any suggestions on where to buy Maine cold water Lobster around Savannah?

Where do you get Lobster in Savannah?

by Amishchow 1 year ago

Hi Savannah Chowhounds. Does anyone know where to get live cold water (Maine) lobster's in the Savannah area? In the past I've been able to source them from restaurant seafood suppliers. But I'm...

large lobsters vs. small lobsters

by stace78 14 years ago

I know it varies per lb based on hard shell or soft shell, but does anyone know in general if there is more edible meat in: one six lb lobster, two three lb lobsters, three two lb lobsters or ...

Lobster ravioli (split from DOTM, Samosas post)

by souschef 2 years ago

Thanks for the tip on the wonton wrappers. I use them when I make lobster ravioli.

How did Poor Man's Lobster turn into the "New Fois Gras"?

by Kaththee 2 years ago

I remember when langoustine was dirt cheap. In the mid-80s I would buy it at the Navy PX for 3.00 a pound and it came with a label that said it contained food coloring. We moved from Virginia Bea...

Langosta viva en temporano - Mariscos Bahia - Ensenada

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 2 years ago

Lucky to be in Baja during the short season for Langosta (Pacific spiny lobster), I had the chance to indulge in a live lobster at Mariscos Bahia two nights ago. My visits to the area usually focus...

Lobster Ravioli - Cheese or no cheese?

by NomadicFoodie 2 years ago

Ok so I know Italians don't typically pair seafood with cheese, but I'm searching for a great Lobster Ravioli recipe for New Year's Eve and it's seems most of them have either ricotta or marscapone...

Dinner at Dragon Beaux in San Francisco

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 2 years ago

When Dragon Beaux first opened in 2015, the dinner menu was limited to a few appetizers and hot pot. Over time the selection of ala carte dishes has increased. But this doesn't seem to be widely kn...

Good Fortune Supermarket in San Gabriel

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 2 years ago

During my visit a year ago to the Southland, I had an adventure in live seafood at Good Fortune Supermarket. We would BYO conch and a live lobster to our lunch spot. Good Fortune has some of the...