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Cookware Small Talk - The Spring 2018 'Bird of Paradise' Edition

by damiano 27 days ago

Let's start a new thread. What is on your mind these days cookware people? Is it the Lacor paella pan you've been eye...


ReeseLee commented 7 minutes ago

What are your favorite knives?

by cameronreddy 1 month ago

Chatting with damiano about knives, he suggested we start a favorites thread. My interest is that I have a few Wustho...


drrayeye commented 1 day ago

Ken Onion Sky 4" BDn1: the c an b florets test

by drrayeye 6 days ago

Just purchased a Ken Onion Sky detail knife with a Rockwell 63 hardness blade, mounted at a 16 degree angle with a tr...


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Any Cleaver Fan's - Whaddya Say

by mobiledynamics 3 months ago

I've got a couple of cleavers in the stash . Nothing special.... I've got a friend who's going to HK. The last tim...


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Need my first Japanese Nakiri knife, need your advice

by intelguy 18 days ago

Hi there I am living in Vancouver, BC. I am a home cook. Love to eat salad. Would like to get a Japanese Nakiri ...


Hiracer commented 15 days ago

World Travel with Knife Roll?

by AnoiseAnnoys 27 days ago

Hello Everyone! My wife and i have been saving up for a world travel trip starting in Europe, crossing through the m...


AnoiseAnnoys commented 26 days ago

Knives - Protein\Birds

by mobiledynamics 1 month ago

Be curious, do any of ya'll have a single preference when breaking down birds. I sorta flip-flop between a petty or ...


breadchick commented 30 days ago

Shun Hikari knife series

by drrayeye 1 year ago

This is Shun's answer to the Miyabi Birchwood: http://www.williams-sonoma.com/shop/cutlery/knives-shun/?cm_type=gn...


drrayeye commented 1 month ago

Yaxell Dragon Fusion: evolution of a great knife

by drrayeye 1 month ago

In 2013, Ken Onion won knife of the year for his rain collection. He soon went into production with rain and two oth...


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Henckels Zwilling their collections so confusing

by toyopl 6 years ago

Me and my fiance are buying our first home this year and we're starting to collect some necessary cookware. We're se...


kro commented 1 month ago

Advice needed - looking for HIGH quality Japan knife-series

by CHSeifert 1 year ago

Hey, I already own a good deal of Global SAI, Ni and Classic knives and 4 Zwilling Twin Cuisine. I almost bought ...


drrayeye commented 1 month ago

Need help selecting knives

by rekh 4 months ago

I am looking to replace me cheap knife set, was looking and the Shun knives and my online searches always kept coming...


CHSeifert commented 1 month ago

If Money Was No Object, What Cookware Would You Buy?

by Iluvcooking 2 months ago

Taking off on Kaleo's recent post "if you only had $1,000 what would you buy" post, what if you had unlimited funds? ...


Iluvcooking commented 1 month ago

Learning to sharpen knives with a whetstone: advice for a newbie?

by nofunlatte 2 months ago

I've been using a Chef's Choice electric sharpener, but I'd like to learn how to sharpen knives with a whetstone. Any...

tim irvine

tim irvine commented 2 months ago

Anyone Like the Bob Kramer by Zwilling Knives?

by Iluvcooking 2 months ago

I played with an 8" Damascus chefs at SLT the other day and have to say it felt amazingly good. I think if I was goi...


Iluvcooking commented 2 months ago

A New Cutting Board & Knife Storage Option

by kaleokahu 2 months ago

Last week, while on vacation in New Orleans, I stumbled onto this little gem of a shop on a sidestreet in the French ...


nofunlatte commented 2 months ago

Thoughts on Dalstrong?

by ksoviero 7 months ago

I've been interested in Japanese knives recently, especially gyutos, and I started watching a YouTube channel called ...


drrayeye commented 2 months ago

Klok ceramic knives at Ocean State Job Lot

by javaandjazz 5 years ago

I know Job Lot sells a lot of junk but just looking at their latest sale flyer and they have a brand of ceramic knive...


jaqpembroke commented 2 months ago

Do I need one of these? (I'm just a home cook.)

by walker 3 months ago

I just read about the Tourne knife on Serious Eats; I'd probably buy the cheaper Victorinox one since I love their pa...


am47 commented 3 months ago