Sharpen your knowledge. Expert Chowhounds weigh in on what knife to buy, how to clean and sharpen it, and how to improve your knife skills.

This Limited-Edition Made In Bread Knife Is on the Top of Our Holiday Shopping Lists

Made In—one of our favorite direct-to-consumer cookware brands—is heading into new territory. On Oct. 5, the cookware company is launching its first-ever, limited-edition bread knife, designed in partnership...

Looking for a new bread knife: anyone using a Mac?

by damiano 3 days ago

So, with all the attention given to knives on the cookware board recently, I thought let's chime in with my dilemma. Currently I have a cheapo Nogent bread knife. But I'm realising now that I actua...

Zwilling Pro 8” chefs knife battle

by CHSeifert 10 days ago

I bought the two 8” chefs knife versions from the Zwilling Pro line. So far they perform formidable for their price. I paid a total of $140 for both knives The more curved chefs knife ha...

Sharpening knives

by Pertti 7 days ago

Hi, I have just ordered some new knives and am asking for advice what I should use to keep them going and sharpen when needed. I bought from these Zwilling lines: Zwilling Pro S Zwilling...

Upgrading knives. Where to start?

by Pina_Colada 8 days ago

Hi Everybody, I presently use Victorinox, Wüsthof Gourmet and similar laser cut knives. I want to get a forged knife (like Wüstof Classic maybe) to see the difference. I thought that, in order ...

Fall 2020 cookware deals

by CHSeifert 28 days ago

So what deals have you seen lately and are you planning on purchasing something special once the price is right ? I just got a good deal on a duo of Zwilling Pro 20cm/8” Chefs knife. One is a ...

Summer 2020 Cookware Deals

by jankdc 4 months ago

Since it is officially summer, I thought to start a new thread. There are still active deals in the Spring 2020 thread.

Vintage Sabatier knife

by kj26 1 month ago

I found this at the thrift shop for $1.59 I’ve done some research but not sure exactly how well I did on this find. Is there are #sabatier lover out there that can tell me about this knife? I’ve ...

Best Knife Sharpener In SF?

by DavidT 21 days ago

Any recommendations? The Town Cutler shop on Bush St. has closed. Has anyone been to Columbus Cutlery lately? Is it still any good?

Couple of French Housewives Butchering a Wild Boar

by JustCharlie 28 days ago

Another classic from Ina.fr The next time you find yourself watching your favorite Food Network poseur, remember these two ladies...

Knife Advice for Offset Knife Fan

by tealightful 2 years ago

Hi all! Trying to wade through the knife world and after extensive research, I’ve only confused myself even more. After reading some really helpful threads on here, I decided to ask for some help! ...

Thoughts on Sujihiki design?

by Eiron 2 months ago

My latest order is for a 9" long (230mm) sujihiki. Looking at a lot of designs, I decided to do one in a “sword tip.” Shown is the hard pattern (Masonite) I made for it. Anyone have any thoughts/ex...

Thoughts on German Cutlery (split from Jacques Pepin thread)

by WSP_Lee 1 month ago

I suppose the other side of the argument is that 100 years of German cutlery can't be wrong. But I'm not a professional, you're not a professional, and we both agree that we don't want to be arsed ...

Advice to a new cook on knives?

by nosey 1 month ago

I was just asked by someone who is just starting to show an interest in cooking about a knife set to recommend. I told her not to go for a set, but that starting out she needs 3-4 decent knives-- a...

Knives for raw meat - what do you use?

by CHSeifert 2 months ago

I’m all for using my Miyabi SG2 and ZDP-189, my Kramer SG2 and my Wüsthof Classic Ikon for numerous tasks in my kitchen. But when it comes to butcher tasks and cutting raw meat, I’ve always felt ...

Ever bought a pan / cookware product and regretted it?

by ceasar2k6 2 months ago

To me, various extra thick turners, If I can't get under a piece of fish and turn it, the turner is useless. I went through 8-10+ of them before finding one I like. I also had negative experienc...

Honing rods & honing steels - are they effective?

by CHSeifert 2 months ago

So I just bought a Zwilling ceramic honing rod and 4 F.Dick 30 cm honing steels. Zwilling 23 cm ceramic - Rockwell 70-75 (according to a Zwilling rep) F.Dick - All Rockwell 66 Oval 30 cm - ...