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Master Sushi Chef Nozomu Abe Reveals His 5 Prized Kitchen Tools

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Differences Miyabi 6000MCT and 7000D Knives

by VanquishNL 18 hours ago

I am not planning to buy a knive soon, but I would like to be informed well. I like Zwilling Miyabi knives (German-Japanese) and the Miyabi knives contains different series. The two I would like t...


Recommendations for leather honing strop

by VFish 4 days ago

Hi, I didn't want to hijack a thread and thought it best to just ask. Can someone recommend a leather strop to hone my Wusthof Classic and Ikon knives? I've been using the regular Wusthof honing s...


Introducing my Japanese Nikiri to my Chinese Cleaver

by drrayeye 3 days ago

Today's my birthday, and I'm spending part of it admiring my awesome new cleaver, trying it out--comparing it to my Seki Magoroku (now Kai Wasabi) nakiri. The nakiri I have was virtually forced on...

I deserve something new....

by tcamp 30 days ago

I've been enduring 100% telework with only minimal complaints, not to mention cooking delicious dinners most of the time for the 2 returned students and my spouse. Mothers day is around the corner....


Wusthof steel change, or just no longer printing it on the knives?

by DJKitchen 7 days ago

I've been looking to buy a wusthof paring knife and have noticed that their website and most ads show that they print X 50 CR MO V 15 on the blades. However, the ones on Amazon now don't have this....

Shun Premier or Kramer by Zwilling? Help!

by wilsoju 9 days ago

I am treating myself to a Damascus steel chef knife but cannot decide between the Kai Shun Premier or the euro-stainless Kramer by Zwilling. I have used Wusthof and Kai Shun classics up till now. C...

Not associating minimalism with inexpensive

tim irvine
by tim irvine 28 days ago

On another currently active thread it was said that it was wise not to associate minimalism with inexpensive. Intuitively I agree, but I am not sure why. If I had a batterie of a dozen carefully ...

Steak knives

by CafeOle 19 days ago

I am looking to quality steak knives hopefully at a reasonable price. Wanting to replace my set I got as a wedding gift over a decade ago. They were part of a knife block set which I got ride of l...

Help me identify my Japanese knife

by acc2690 22 days ago

I got this knife in Miami around 10 years ago and would like to know what the brand/maker is. Could anyone shed some light for me? Thanks!

Help Needed: Furnishing An Efficient, Minimalist Kitchen

by zabritt 29 days ago

Hi Chowhound! Let me begin with a special thank you to all contributors who have greatly expanded my knowledge of and contributed to my passion for all things cooking. Apologies in advance for t...

Meat cleaver identification

by Madmike1 1 month ago

Looking to find out how old this is. I put on a new handle.

Inexpensive Carbon Steel (Non-Stainless) Knives For Sale?

by zackly 1 month ago

I guess this is akin to shopping for a typewriter but I'm looking for Carbon Chef's Knives (without chromium). There are myriad nice inexpensive high carbon stainless knives on the market, primaril...

Washing Wusthof knives regularly in dishwasher

by chowkakie 2 months ago

I've got a Wusthof Classic knife set for the past 20 or so years, and I love them! I have been generally quite good about hand washing them, but once in a while other family members load the dishwa...

Seki Magoroku Nakiri

by drrayeye 2 months ago

Over 20 years ago, I was given a Kai Seki Magoroku Nakiri in Japan, before there was a Shun. The profile has been used with many metals and different designs on Shun Nakiris, but I think this Wata...

Knife Sharpening With a Strop

by obillo 3 months ago

Years ago I tried a hack: sharpen a razor by stroking in backwards on a piece of cloth. It worked. Last year I saw one of those Hollywood Gunga Din movies of the 1930s; in it, there's a shaving sce...

Made in China Kitchen Knives: getting objective product information

by drrayeye 1 year ago

Time was we went to look at kitchen knives up close and personal--got to hold them or even cut up a few carrots with one. It still happens sometimes with a limited range of knives--especially at S...

New cutting gadget

by diegomed14 4 months ago

Hello everyone, I am new here, but I was searching for a good home-cooking discussion page and found this one. I wanted to know what are some of your thoughts on this cool new hand-held gadget that...

Upgrading home cookware

by Eelgem85 4 months ago

Hi Everyone! My husband and I recently closed on our first home. We are looking to invest in some high quality knives, pans & bakeware. Up until now I have either had hand me downs, or less exp...

Pro knife sharpeners in Santa Monica?

by Blade 17 years ago

Hello The edge on my Wustoff chef knife is Kaput. I read your Message Board Rules and thought this query fit in with restaurant chat. Anybody have a favorite knife sharpening shop that doesn't g...