Sharpen your knowledge. Expert Chowhounds weigh in on what knife to buy, how to clean and sharpen it, and how to improve your knife skills.

This Limited-Edition Made In Bread Knife Is on the Top of Our Holiday Shopping Lists

Made In—one of our favorite direct-to-consumer cookware brands—is heading into new territory. On Oct. 5, the cookware company is launching its first-ever, limited-edition bread knife, designed in partnership...

Finding a New Fusion Kitchen Knife made in China to Test

by drrayeye 22 days ago

If one visits a typical home kitchen, one would expect to see a Chef’s knife in Europe, a Santoku in Japan, and a Cleaver in China. These three knife profiles are all starting to appear together i...

Knife sharpening rabbit hole: Viking Edge strop upgrade

by drrayeye 1 month ago

My focus has shifted back to issues of kitchen knife sharpness maintenance—and my surprising success in relying on a green loaded strop. It’s really only surprising if you think using wet stones i...

Mandolin recommendations?

by LulusMom 2 months ago

I hadn't used my mandolin in ages (Lulu's about to turn 15, and I don't remember using it since she was born) until last week. I got it out and was befuddled by the whole thing. Couldn't figure out...

My home knife sharpening rabbit hole: a strop

by drrayeye 2 months ago

Sharpening kitchen knives at home involves choosing a rabbit hole to inhabit. Here are a few: 1. Use it and throw it away 2. Hone it, and hire out annual sharpening 3. Sharpening stones ...

Handcrafted? Artisan? Bespoke? What am I doing??

by Eiron 2 months ago

These are the labels traditionally applied to hand-made items, but these days it seems like they're all just another selection of marketing terms. All Clad pans say they're Handcrafted in the USA. ...

Damascus, no scratches—but

by drrayeye 2 months ago

Approximately half of my kitchen knives could be called “Damascus”—a vague reference to a lost tradition of blended metals for improved performance Now, we use Damascus to refer to blades that ha...

Value Proposition: Shun Kanso 7” Asian Utility Knife

by drrayeye 2 months ago

When I was given a nakiri in Japan to take home, I was told that others would be offering more expensive versions that would do no better. Even when it became my go to knife for vegetables, I thou...

Att. Taisa - YouTube channel?

by CHSeifert 2 months ago

Since there’s no PM service here, I’m asking you in a thread. Is taisa on YouTube your channel ? He uses Mauviel coppper, De Buyer Carbon steel, Lodge cast iron and everything is done in a ver...

Help me identify my Japanese knife

by acc2690 12 months ago

I got this knife in Miami around 10 years ago and would like to know what the brand/maker is. Could anyone shed some light for me? Thanks!

Need help identifying my japanese knife

by kono 1 year ago

I had gotten this knife from my grandmother before she died, and I know she brought it back from Japan before I was born, so it's very dear to me, and I would appreciate any help that I can get, th...

Spending more on knives

tim irvine
by tim irvine 3 months ago

This question is getting its own thread because it is getting lost in the shuffle on the artisan/fusion question. I have an inexpensive Tojiro ITK gyuto and nakiri. They are shirogami white #2, h...

Steak knives. How much to spend?

by randallhank 2 months ago

I’ve had this set of Mundial Olivier Anquier steak knives. But I am looking to either sell these, and replace with something else, or simply add to what I already have. I found a set of Wolf Gourme...

Two different chef's knives

by Eiron 3 months ago

Two distinctly different chef's knives. The upper one's a Classic 8" Chef with African mahogany, and the lower one's a 210mm (8.3") Gyuto with purpleheart. Similar in length, you can see the differ...

Japanese knives

by Pertti 6 months ago

Hi, I've been stung by the J-knife bee. Would appreciate some brand and model suggestions, as well as if you have read some nice resource around the subject, I'd like to look into it too. We ...

Claus - What Other Kitchen Appliances Do You Own?

by rei17 3 months ago

Hi Claus, we know you have an amazing array of top notch pots and pans. Also, knives ! What other kitchen appliances and brands do you have? Coffee/Expresso Maker ? Induction Top Cooking ? ...

Artisan vs. Fusion Kitchen Knives

by drrayeye 3 months ago

My question: Is the classic Japanese artisan kitchen knife being overtaken by modern fusion technology knives? Has it become more a collectible than a usable tool in home or professional food prep...

Cuisinart knives?

by Malcolm Ruthven 3 months ago

A dozen years ago I was given a set of Cuisinart kitchen knives. I know nothing about them and rarely use them; I reach for my carbon steel knives instead. Anyone know anything about these?

LL Bean kitchen knives?

by Malcolm Ruthven 3 months ago

I have a set of carbon steel (I assume) knives from LL Bean. I vaguely remember ordering them way back when LL Bean was big in the mail-order-from-a-catalog business, before online ordering. They'r...

Identify this knife?

by Malcolm Ruthven 3 months ago

It's obviously a Henckels and the blade is 10" long. The other markings are as shown in the photos. I've had it for many years, but have no idea where or how I acquired it. It sharpens and works pe...

New santoku out

by Eiron 4 months ago

The new owner picked out beautiful Ipe for the handle and requested a stunning custom coral colored mosaic pin fill. :-) The mysterious "MM&M" monogram on the back will have people pondering its m...