What Is Bulletproof Coffee & Is It Actually Good for You?

Like green juice or a wheatgrass shot, bulletproof coffee is both a beverage and a lifestyle statement. A mixture of coffee, butter (sometimes ghee), and coconut oil (or MCT oil), this cult favorite...

ISO Vegetarian low carb (keto) in San Francisco (and some recommends from me so far)

by mirimin 3 years ago

Hi all, wanted to present a tough ask to the Chowhound community: any suggestions for good restaurants where I can eat keto (very low carb) vegetarian. I've been in SF for a while and have a fe...

Butter, Lard & Tallow... Yum, Yum!

by kelvin_of_ranard 1 year ago

How many Hounders have switched from margarine/veggie oil to animal-fat cooking, and found substantial taste improvement in your food? Are you following a ketogenic or LCHF diet and thriving, or n...

Sushi Low Carb

by lilacrosie 2 years ago

Hey, does anyone know of any restaurant within 40 miles of Beacon, NY that is amenable to preparing Sushi rolls without rice? Dreaming of some sushi but I have. heard that many restaurants will no...

Tallow vs Lard

by borisabrams 2 years ago

Hey! So i saw Epic's Grass Fed Tallow in a store and was intrigued by it. Online it seems that neither tallow nor lard have any real taste and can be used interchangeable. Does the same rin...

Keto lunch ideas (Downtown Montreal)

by blork 2 years ago

I'm having lunch with an out-of-town friend next week. He's on the Ketogenic diet, so no burgers, no pizza, no noodles, etc. I'm at a loss as to where to go for lunch. It's not just a matter of him...

Anyone tried to get in Ketosis, meaning low carb, any great low carb recipes?

by getketopia 6 years ago

I am changing my lifestyle to low carb, looking for some great low carb recipes? Anyone have any that taste incredible.

Keto-friendly meals/restaurants in BK

by Bone Thug n Hominy 7 years ago

Hi - being relatively new to the borough, I was curious if there are any restaurants that specialize in low carb dishes. If not, are there any less-obvious (i.e. not just meat) dishes that might su...

Suggestions for low carb / keto / Atkins mid-Town?

by hnewburn 10 years ago

I seem to keep ending up here on biz, usually stay in Times Square or 52nd/Lex area just for convenience. Found the Farmer's Rotisseria, the sausage and Cracklins were fantastic, a plate of ea...

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