9 Things Any Margarita Drinker Should Always Have on Hand

The margarita is one of the most popular cocktails ever and that's likely because it's both extremely delicious and simple to create at home. With Cinco de Mayo just a few weeks out and most of us having...

Juicers! Whatcha got?

by Eiron 11 months ago

Several years ago I looked into getting a juicer and decided that a slow juicer was the thing to get. Then I abandoned the idea of juicing and never bought one. Fast-forward those years and my part...

Can I freeze small batches of raw veggies to later use to make juices?

by yippee1999 1 year ago

I've realized that so many times, I never use up all my celery stalks, or head of kale, etc, before it starts to go bad. I mainly use all this to make juices in my high-speed blender. I read th...

Juicers : Champion versus Omega ?

by LJcfp 10 years ago

Just got a Champion...have had an Omega for many years,which I consider superior to the Champion.....opinions please ?

Juicero Countertop Cold Press Juicing System

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 6 years ago

This announcement of the introduction of Juicero, a system of pre-packed raw juice ingredients and press combined with an app hit my inbox this morning. I've not read the whole website yet, but ...

Do I need both a VitaMix and A Juicer?

by omotosando 14 years ago

Okay, with a busy lifestyle, I find it no problem eating fruits - put piece of raw fruit in mouth, eat. Vegetables are another story. So, I've decided to invest in a VitaMix on the theory that ...

Professional/Semi professional quality blender for smoothies

by desidude 5 years ago

Hello friends, I hope you are doing well. My fiancee has been using an Oster (from Costco) blender to make smoothies for breakfast. She usually puts in some fruit, nuts and juice or water. A...

Citric acid and aluminum

by lemonadelori 5 years ago

Anyone know of a product to put on aluminum to prevent the black stuff from dripping off of an aluminum lemon squeezer? I have a lemonade stand and use the wear ever aluminum citric squeezers. Af...

Cast iron citrus squeezer -do they work?

by bearzie 15 years ago

Has anyone tried the cast iron citrus squeezer that turn the citrus halves inside out and squeeze the juice out of them? I've seen them in different colors. Orange for oranges, yellow for lemons ...

I'm Looking to Buy a Manual Citrus Juicer

by elapp1126 6 years ago

I have an oxo hand sqeezer, but I'm looking to upgrade, I'd appreciate any recommendations. I'll be using this primarily for lemons/limes, occasionally oranges for cocktails. Thanks!

make fine texture puree without getting air in it, best machine/technique

by frazzleberrypudding 7 years ago

I want to puree frozen blueberries, blackberries, and muscadines to an ultra-smooth puree. Ideally, maybe 2 liters at a time. I don't mind if they get cooked a little in the process, as happens in ...

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