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In-N-Out has a cultlike following amongst burger lovers. Tell us your feelings, chat with Chowhounds about menu items, and discuss the chain in the news.

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how far have you gone for an in-n-out burger?

by lanyburg 14 years ago

Hello -- I'm looking to hear any and all stories of devoted in-n-out fans: how far have you traveled for a double double? what is your favorite INO story? how often do you go? how did you first get...

Five Guys: An In-n-Out clone?

by aynrandgirl 14 years ago

Fresh never frozen meat? Check. Fresh cut fries? Check. Plasticky red and white decor? Check. I did *like* Five Guys, though I thought In-n-Out has better burgers, and Five Guys has better fri...

Is Anything As Good As IN-N-OUT BURGER??!! [Moved from L.A. board]

by ewrohde 14 years ago

i've come to the conclusion that in-n-out burger is the best in la. any one disagree?

Real iced tea at In-N-Out Burger

Dave MP
by Dave MP 14 years ago

I went to In-N-Out for the second time today (I am new to California- today I was in Manteca.) I was pleasantly surprised when I tasted the iced tea and found out that it was real! Not the fake ove...

In-N-Out Tribute [Moved from L.A.]

by dw438 14 years ago

[LA Times] http://www.latimes.com/news/obituaries/la-me-snyder6aug06,0,4056525.story?coll=la-home-obituaries Esther Snyder, 86; Co-Founded the In-N-Out Burger Chain By Myrna Oliver, Special ...

In-n-Out Burger...in Soquel?

by Matt 15 years ago

Can anyone confirm the rumor that there's going to be an In-n-Out Burger built in the parking lot of the former K-Mart on 41st Avenue?

how to transport in-n-out burgers on a redeye flight

by wvgirl 15 years ago

how do i pack in-n-out burgers before a cross-country flight so that they will (hopefully) taste just as good for breakfast :) the next day? i've done this once before, where i've gently packed t...

"secret" menu at In-N-Out?

by wyf4lyf 15 years ago

I just came across a post elsewhere that mentioned a "secret" menu at In-N-Out. Anyone willing to reveal what that is? The only thing I've heard about, and ordered, is a "protein style" burger, wra...

In-N-Out Secret favorite?

by Animal Style Fries 15 years ago

The name says it. The fries need to be well done to hold the topping of grilled onions, cheese, salad dressing and pickles. Ask for the pickles. In-N-Out will make any combination of their food....

IN-N-OUT 100x100 burger

by mrnyc 15 years ago

check out the link below. yeeooow! Link: http://whatupwilly.blogspot.com/2006/01/in-n-out-100x100.html Image: http://photos1.blogger.com/hello/113/2202/1024/Halloween2004%20086b.0.jpg

In n Out Protein Style ...

by PaulF 15 years ago

I just ate an In and Out Double Meat Protein style for the first time. Really good. I didn't need the sauce, but it tasted good. The grilled onions were carmelized and sweet. The lettuce they u...

Nearest In n Out from LAX and directions

by brooklynmasala 15 years ago

NYC Chowhound visiting LA for the first time and would like to get an In N Out burger as soon as I land. What is the closest one to LAX and what should I order??? Sooooo excited to finally visi...

In-N-Out Burger clone opened today on Main Street Flushing...

by Jack*the*Lurker 15 years ago

...it’s called Joe’s Best Burger, located 1 store down from the NE corner of Main Street at Roosevelt, and appears to be a new brand, as a (brief) web search only turned up its not-yet-functioning ...

Shake Shack v. In N Out

by Mike M 15 years ago

I am from Los Angeles visiting. I was wondering if anyone can compare Shake Shack to In N Out. They sound about the same. If they are, I won't go out of my way to visit. Anyone been to both? ...

In-N-Out Service Level & Core Values

by Chino Wayne 15 years ago

This is a response to a thread started on the Outer Boroughs board. Unlike some big, corporate behemouth, In-N-Out is still a closely held company, managed by the founder's family. His son was k...

oceanside area and in-n-out reccomendations?

by emdb 15 years ago

I'm visiting Oceanside to see family, and the unadventurous family members living here have no restaurant reccomendations besides the Olive Garden. I'd appreciate any reccs for the Oceanside/Carls...

First time at Five Guys/L.A. transplant compares to In N Out

by Spike 15 years ago

First impression was very good. Some serious eats! The burger is about on par with In N Out Burger. The meat tasted better and was more tender/juicer/flavorful, but it didn't have that wonderful ...

Of Fried Chicken, Fried Chicken, Chicken Wings and In-N-Out Burger

by MKatrinaToo 15 years ago

First things first: drove to In-N-Out Burger in the new shopping/fast food development on Edgewater Drive in Oakland, along w/ a half dozen other motorists circling the place like sharks. I hopp...

in n out burger secret menu

by ton casmo 16 years ago

we were having protein burgers yesterday and saw someone who was having what looked like chili fries but as i looked closer i think maybe it was just meat pieces, cheese and sauce. has anyone hear...

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