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Hommus Hannah VS Sabra

by ljshep5795 11 years ago

I recently tasted the best hommus at Costco Wholesale in Massachusetts. This was under the Hannah Brand Label. I wa...


onyxlight commented 6 months ago

Oil-Free Hummus

by FrenchPeach 12 months ago

Hi - can anyone tell me where I can find these type of products in and around Montreal without having to make my own?...


lagatta commented 12 months ago

sabra hummus

by Lil 11 years ago

Best we've ever had. Who would have thought we'd find it at Costco. Go figure


small h commented 1 year ago

Which is better for making hummus: Immersion Blender or Food Processor?

by Jennlax27iga0 6 years ago

I'm looking for a holiday gift for my dad, and he wants to make his own hummus. I've read it can be done well with ei...


MacGuffin commented 1 year ago

Need a Killer Hummus Recipe

by Jim Leff 1 year ago

I've been trying to make hummus for years. I've followed zillions of recipes, freelanced it on my own, worked from ca...


Smokeydoke30 commented 1 year ago

M&S Humus Recipe?

by lafutura 9 years ago

Hello! I lived in London and am now living in the states and just went back for a visit, during which I consumed con...


Jude1010 commented 1 year ago

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Roots Hummus

Jim Leff
by Jim Leff 2 years ago

Just want to send some love to this startup that makes by far the best pre-packaged hummus I ever found, vastly bette...

Shelf-life and storage of Hummus

by Munkipawse 2 years ago

Hi, I've never ventured into making my own hummus but was wondering what the shelf life of commercially made hummu...


HippyKittyMama commented 2 years ago

Hummus made with soaked but uncooked chickpeas?

by lastZZ 2 years ago

Does anyone have such a recipe? I remember seeing one a long time ago. Or it might have just been for falafel balls w...


medlar commented 2 years ago

Hummus Help: Alternative Recipes?

by jngc 10 years ago

I used to eat hummus, until... I became fatally allergic to chickpeas (aka garbanzo beans). I've been looking all ove...


MikeG commented 2 years ago

Kosher Be the first to comment

Gourmet Chummus Article

by moegreene 2 years ago

Interesting article in today's NY Post http://nypost.com/2016/05/04/israeli-immigrant-is-hummus-broker-to-new-yor...

Can you Freeze Hummus?

by GravyDog 11 years ago

I just bought a case of Fresh Hummus from Bobby's, thanks to help from chowhound. Is it okay to freeze hummus...and i...


BEFrings commented 2 years ago

Help!!! Too much lemon!!!

by olwagens 11 years ago

Any remedies for too much lemon in a dish? In this case, it was Houmous/Hummus - the recipe called for way more lemon...


ChantHareKrishna commented 2 years ago

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Rock stars' backstage food requests

by ebchower 2 years ago

If you've ever wondered what your favorite artist likes to eat/drink backstage. Hummus seems to be popular in a lot ...

Anyone have a hummus recipe similar to Trader Joe's Mediterranean Smooth and Creamy?

by boisenewbie 9 years ago

I moved from Atlanta to Boise about 1 1/2 years ago and am missing Trader Joe's like CRAZY! I just spent a week in Se...


drneutrino commented 2 years ago

OFFICIAL Dizengoff thread

by lepidoptery 3 years ago

Dizengoff is "An Israeli Hummusiya in the City of Brotherly Love" Restaurant group/owner: CookNSolo Executive c...


JunieB commented 3 years ago

Achla hummus--gone forever? Good alternatives?

by noya 3 years ago

Hadn't seen Achla hummus and today I learned from the store that it is no longer available in the US. What? Forever? ...


daniklein_YTK commented 3 years ago

Lunch at Hummus Place - Oh The Zhug!

by thegforceny 3 years ago

Stopped in today while walking around the village. I am not a hummus specialist but really liked theirs. Smooth, wi...


Ziggy41 commented 3 years ago

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