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Houston and Dallas steak/bbq/Mexican

by bigcuban 2 months ago

know I’m curious about lots of different things but my wife and I are traveling to Texas next month and I’m especiall...

shanagain commented 10 days ago

Tacos arabes and Jocoque

by pgalvani 2 months ago

Anyone know of any restaurant serving authentic Tacos Arabes in Houston? Two things make them authentic: 1. They're ...

JayPFrancis commented 2 months ago

Houston one night only, near IAH

by HaveSpoonWillCook 4 months ago

We'll be in Houston on a monday night. Can you please recommend a good restaurant? This is our first meal out in ages...

JayPFrancis commented 2 months ago

Hotel Room Cooking Hacks

by Bella1999 5 months ago

Thanks to Hurricane Harvey the Horrible, we will be living in a hotel room for almost 2 months at the least. My Inst...


saregama commented 2 months ago

Gourmet Walnut Gift Tin Help!

by aw1338 3 months ago

Hi! I'm trying to find these walnuts that my boyfriend was gifted once and loved. It was an assortment of different t...

Ttrockwood commented 3 months ago

Houston Po Boys

by TXStingray 10 years ago

Back in the late 70's to mid 80's there was a chain of Po Boy restaurants in Houston (Bissonnet, Westheimer, & Hillc...


MarR commented 4 months ago

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Makeshift cooking after the storms

by masha 5 months ago

For all of the hounds affected by the recent hurricanes, some inspiration on makeshift kitchens ...

Trapped by Flooding Inside a Bakery, These Heroes Made Pan Dulce

by Melanie Wong 6 months ago

" . . . After a group of bakers realized they were trapped inside El Bolillo Bakery’s Wayside Drive location (which d...


beevod commented 6 months ago

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SF - 9/5, 5-9pm, Tacos for Texas Fundraiser

by Melanie Wong 6 months ago

Wing Wings, 422 Haight St, San Francisco, is hosting a fundraiser to benefit the hurricane relief efforts of the San ...

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SF, 8/31, Bake Sale for Hurricane Harvey Victims

by Melanie Wong 6 months ago

Aug 31, 2017, 11:30-1:30 Chronicle Books 680 2nd St, San Francisco, California 94107 "Swing by our headquart...

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Strawberry Patch

by wright1104 6 months ago

Does anyone remember The Strawberry Patch? Their chocolate chip muffins were amazing!

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Week in Houston

by MrGaglianos 6 months ago

Hi everyone! Just arrived to Houston today! Looking forward to trying out many different cuisines in Houston, as I...

Restaurants near Hobby Airport

by Lambowner 5 years ago

Here's a question we get here occasionally, where can out-of-towners eat near Hobby? Much past Dot, I have no answer...


mandab7 commented 6 months ago

Looking for Arctic Char in Houston

by lazy_engineer 8 months ago

I recently purchased the book "EveryDayCook" by Alton Brown, and so far I love it. I want to try a recipe from there ...


ChineseBarbie commented 7 months ago

Fresh crabmeat

by frankboni 8 months ago

I live alone, and I want to prepare a dish using 4 ounces of fresh crab meat, not canned. The grocery stores stock it...


frankboni commented 7 months ago

Engagement Party Locations in Houston

by speirce 8 years ago

My fiance and I are looking for a place in Houston to have an engagement party- we are both not from here and don't r...


theresaruffino commented 7 months ago

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Houston grocery store steamed lobster

by clutj 8 months ago

I know H-E-B and Central Market will do it, but will any of the Asian supermarkets steam your love lobster for you? ...