Cookbook Gift Guide for the Holidays

As you mull over gift ideas before the mad shopping rush begins, think on this: a cookbook is just the thing for the cook in your life — but not any cookbook. Listen carefully to your homecook's interests...

Vegan Wellington Recipe

by WaxyK 7 months ago

I am planning a holiday dinner for friends and beef tenderloin is the main. I need a vegan main to go along side it. In my research for ideas online I discovered vegan wellingtons that I think fit...

Epiphany dinner with a Galette des Rois

by vanessa7 6 months ago

We are having some friends over for a final holiday meal to celebrate Epiphany. I am getting a Galette des Rois and trying to decide what I should make for dinner. I originally thought beef bourgui...

What cookbooks are you lusting after or buying these days? December 2018 edition!

Caitlin McGrath
by Caitlin McGrath 7 months ago

We've reached a month of holidays, which means gifts! What cookbooks are on your wish list? I'm trying to slow my accumulation and spend more time using the books I already have, but nevertheless, ...

Holiday Treats 2018

Caitlin McGrath
by Caitlin McGrath 7 months ago

It’s not too soon to start thinking about what homemade goodies we’ll be giving to family, friends, neighbors, colleagues, and hosts this holiday season, whether you’re celebrating Hanukkah, Christ...

Holiday Food-related Failures

by truman 1 year ago

Just for fun, let's share stories of our food-related failures from this holiday cooking season. I'll kick things off... 1. I tried a recipe for kugelhopf breakfast rolls from The Kitchn, and a...

Yet Another Rib Roast Question, 6-bone

by yddeyma 6 months ago

The last few years I've cooked a standing rib roast for Christmas. We don't have it at any other time of year. It usually comes out okay, but over done. Last year I had a 4-bone roast. I took i...

Holiday Treats 2017

Caitlin McGrath
by Caitlin McGrath 1 year ago

What kind of cookies, cake, confections, savory snacks, preserves, potables, and so on are you planning to put by for gifts, guests, or your own selves this holiday season? Here's the place to shar...

Bake-ahead question: how to store to keep cake moist, sugar top crisp?

by hippopotame 6 months ago

I've made this almond flour cake a few times; it calls for a layer of sugar in the bottom of the pan so when turned out, the cake has a nice, crisp sugar top. Previously I've been able to serve ...

Holidays: what are your go-to brunch recipes that serve a crowd?

by hippopotame 7 months ago

Hosting family for the first time this December. Most restaurants here are closed on the 24th, 25th so that means...lots of cooking! We'll probably set up a help-yourself cold breakfast spread, but...

Chocolate Covered Cherries

by OElder 7 months ago

Looking for the "best" recipes? I made with fondant (which recipe?) and cherries soak in liqueur (which??) and covered in dark chocolate...yummy but looking for the very best. Will you share?

Thanksgiving Menus 2018

by arp29 8 months ago

I always look forward to reading the Thanksgiving posts each year and didn't see one started for this year yet. I am currently trying to figure out the logistics of hosting my family and squeezing ...

Visiting 'Holiday Train Show' at NYBG: Where do we eat?

by gutreactions 7 months ago

The annual 'Holiday Train Show' is underway at the beautiful New York Botanical Garden in the Bronx. It will run thru January 21st., 2019. We're planning to visit with family and friends. We will g...

I can't wait for Thanksgiving! Ordered my turkey. How are you cooking yours?

by seefoo 8 months ago

This is the first year that i can remember where i am not going anywhere for the holiday. i told my entire family no..(okay, i faked it that i was broke) i just called and put in my order for a sm...

Charity Easter Dinner

by lsnmcg 1 year ago

So, my family and I have volunteered to provide Easter Dinner to Ronald McDonald House (30-40 people). We have picked up 20lb of chicken leg quarters to smoke but are needing recommendations for s...

Need a last minute easy chicken dish for Passover

by goldcoastchow 1 year ago

I made a brisket for passover but feel like I don't have enough food to serve 12 people. Would love to make a chicken dish that is easy...thinking something I can marinade the night before and coo...

Holiday Cookware Gift Haul 2017

by kaleokahu 1 year ago

2017 surprised me with how little I was gifted in the way of cookware and associated accoutrements. So I wanted to hear what Santa may have brought you. I DID receive one little jewel of a unit...

Grading Christmas Dinner 2017

by HabaneroLady 1 year ago

So I am a bit late. Sorry. But I wanted to grade my Christmas dinner and take a critical look at it to think about what I can improve next time. So here we go. Prime rib roast: A- I went heavy ...

What's your traditional Christmas dinner?

by coffeebean79 1 year ago

My parents were not foodies and I didn't grow up with any solid Christmas dinner traditions. I have two young kids (who are adventurous eaters) and would love to start some traditions of our own. W...

What's your favorite Holiday dining venue...

by gutreactions 3 years ago

It might be for personal reasons, a dose of nostalgia, or just a good time, would like to hear about your favorite Holiday gathering places...

Best Seasonal/Holiday Trader Joe's Products 2017

by GraceW 2 years ago

It is almost that time of year... Autumn-oriented foods and winter-holiday treats will soon be arriving at Trader Joe's. Please feel free to share autumn-seasonal items or winter-holiday items at T...