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These Regional Chains Need to Expand Nationwide

Despite some progress, “chain” is still considered a dirty word in the food world—and for good reason. From to sea to shining sea, our country is littered with restaurant franchises that specialize...

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maui recs

by michiyo 13 years ago

i'll be in maui (mostly in wailea and lahaina) next week for six days with a group of eight from l.a. i'm looking mainly for budget conscious recommendations (entrees in teens), though we'll be sp...

Maui Foods

by jkao1817 13 years ago

Going to Maui for a week and will be staying at the four Seasons. Already have Mama's on my list as well as Pineapple Grill. Any other food recommendations? I have two small children who will ea...

Breakfast in Kaui

by angelina 13 years ago

I'm looking for a good breakfast place north or east Kauai. Does anyone have favorites?

Maui Beer?

by beetstreet 13 years ago

are there any local breweries recs in maui? or restaurants that serve good local hawaiian beer? i don't really want to go to bj's unless they have a different food/drink menu that the ones in the s...

Gerard's on Maui

by Gail 14 years ago

Anyone have an opinion about Gerard's in the old Pioneer Inn in Lahaina? Checked their site and it seems pricey. Wondered if it is worth it?

Wine on Maui

by Roger 14 years ago

Spending two weeks in the Kapalua area. Could you suggest a place, with reasonable prices, where we could purchase wine for our stay? Mostly, wine prices have been so expensive we have shipped our ...

Breakfast in Maui

by Michelle33 14 years ago

We are headed to the Hyatt Maui next week. I know the Hyatt brunch is probably good but I'm not sure I want to spend $100+ for breakfast more than once or twice. Any other good options other than T...

Italian on Maui

by dan w 14 years ago

Any rec's for best Italian to be found on Maui! Is Ferraro's good or are there better choices?

Malasadas on Kauai???

by Jim 14 years ago

Love Leonards Malasadas on Oahu. Anyone know of a bakery that makes Malasadas on Kauai? I appreciate your response. Thanks

Thanksgiving in Maui

by jack 14 years ago

We decided to spend Thanksgiving in Maui and was wondering where we should dine for our Thanksgiving dinner. My brother-in-law works for the Hyatt so we will be staying there but will be willing to...

Kauai eats: good oxtail soup?

by DebF 15 years ago

I'm leaving on Thursday and looking for recommendations for good oxtail soup in Kauai. Location not an issue. I won't be in Oahu until the following week and need to satisfy my oxtail soup craving ...


by Pat 16 years ago

Heading to Maui in two weeks and have pretty much made our dinner choices from past posts on this board (thanks) However, we are hosting pre dinner wine and appetizers in our rented condo in Kaanap...


by Judy 16 years ago

Arriving in Maui this Saturday. From previous posts we plan on dinner at Mama's Fish House, Sansei in Kapula and A Pacific Cafe Honokowai. Need rec's for other restaurants in the moderate price ra...

Bali -by-the-sea

by Jillie 16 years ago

We are going to Oahu in April and were thinking of trying this restaurant out. Can anyone give me any feedback or other suggestions? We will be staying at the Imperial for 10 nights (we are a gro...

returned from Kauai

by Lessthnpar 16 years ago

There seems to be a lack of diversity in the food of Kauai as there tends to be too many pricey pan-asian fusion restaurants and too many generally tasteless crappy restaurants with little in betwe...


by toronto chowgirl 17 years ago

Okay, I'm armed with places to chow down at for my visit to Maui and Honolulu....but can any of you help with accomodation suggestions for Maui? Our budget only extends to about US$230 a night...a...

Food on the Big Island

by Jenji 20 years ago

Help! I'm off to Kona on Monday with my family and I'm wondering if anyone has any restaurant suggestions. I'll check out Bay View Farm as Rachel suggested, but what's good for meals in and aroun...


by sue by 20 years ago

Are there any Honolulu readers who can tell me the ingredients to the SAUCE served with the Vietnamese summer rolls sold at the market in Chinatown? (specifically, what is the white stuff?) Thanks.

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