Hampton Roads

Metropolitan region in Virginia encompassing the cities of Chesapeake, Hampton, Newport News, Norfolk, Portsmouth, Suffolk, and Virginia Beach.

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Hampton Roads hounds' favorite take out food: What and where?

by bythebayov 10 years ago

I love take out food and was curious as to what my fellow hounds like to order and from where...What do you crave, late at night after a long evening with friends or what do you order when you know...

Current recommendations in Hampton Roads?

by yvetteski 10 years ago

Please save me from Chili's. My family will be staying in the Hampton Roads/Newport News area this weekend and it seems that many of the discussions were a bit dated. We prefer ethnic, e.g., T...

Anything new and exciting in Hampton Roads?

by krisrishere 11 years ago

Any new restaurants open that you'd like to share? Any restaurants closed? I'm still waiting for a cute little restaurant/ice cream shop to open up by my house in Norfolk; Cagneys. It's taking...

New Years Around Williamsburg/Hampton Roads VA

by NC IP 11 years ago

Can anyone recommend somewhere (other then 1st Night) that has a good New Year’s Eve celebration? I’ve been to Williamsburg over a couple of other New Years and haven’t found anywhere so I was won...

Best Wine Deals in Hampton Roads?

by krisrishere 11 years ago

I need to buy a few cases of assorted wines for my wedding, however I'm on a budget. I know places like Harris Teeter and Farm Fresh have case discounts, however I'm not familiar with the cost of ...

Hampton Roads, Virginia

by jjb75 12 years ago

I'd really like to see more (any!) posts from Hampton Roads chowhounds. There's some good food and drinks around here, some ethnic holes-in-the-wall, new restaurants, organic markets, ethnic marke...

Hampton Roads - Boston-like restaurants/food

by NRTRandall 11 years ago

I am looking for food like I grew up with in the Boston area. Chinese Food? with chicken fingers, boneless spareribs to die for, pork strips, duck sauce in large containers, etc Italian styl...

Hampton Roads - Boston-like restaurants/food

by NRTRandall 11 years ago

I am looking for Chinese food similar to what one can get in the Boston area. Also, can anyone recommend an Italian deli or bakery (I know of Rigoletto's at Red Mill). When I go north to visit, I...

Farmer's Markets in Hampton Roads??

by aryqalyn 11 years ago

I grew up in northern Virginia and loved to go to the farmer's market with my parents during the summer. The farmers would pull up to the local park and set up stands next to their trucks. There w...

Breakfasts and brunches in Hampton Roads

by basicfoodgroupie 11 years ago

Hey fellow HRers I'm working on an article about great places for breakfasts and brunches in Norfolk, Virginia Beach, Hampton, Newport News, et.al. and wanted to see what other Chowhounds though...

Hampton Roads Dives and Deals

by VBeatso 11 years ago

Hey all I've got a little challenge for you. We are all aware of the Todd Jurich's, Bobbywoods, Vintage Kitchen's, Terrapin's out where we can get top notch gourmet with a wad out of the wallet. Bu...

Any Hampton Roads Hounds Out There!!!

by rawsea 11 years ago

Looking for southside Hampton Roads fellow hounds to talk food with...drop a line sometime!

Oysters, Raw. Hampton Roads

by Faraway11 12 years ago

I need oysters. Where is the best place to get them? We've had them at Aw Shucks (good, very good) and Harpoon Larry's (cheap, ok, not as good as Shucks). Where else do we need to go?

Hampton Roads - Good Stuff

by Faraway11 13 years ago

Looking for good restuarants in Norfolk, Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, wherever. I'm new to the area and I've hit up most of the obvious places. I live in Ghent so everyone keeps suggesting Colley ...

Hampton Roads - Norfolk & Virginia Beach area discussions

by basicfoodgroupie 12 years ago

Hey fellow Hampton Roaders, In lieu of our own regional discussion board, I thought it would be good to have a general discussion thread regarding living and eating in Hampton Roads, Virginia: N...

Hampton Roads, VA Happy Hour/Pizza

by BaltimoreBoi15 12 years ago

Anyone know of places in the Newport News, VA or Hampton VA area, that offer Happy Hour with free food or half price specials? Also, place or places that have 1/2 Price Pizza Specials on a certain ...

Ideas for a weekend in Hampton Roads (Va)

by jlsx1125 12 years ago

I'm visiting a friend who is in the Navy in Norfolk for a weekend at the end of the month and I wanted to treat her to some of the foods that she loves-she's been living on fast food since she got ...

Hampton Roads: New Products to try & where to find?

by VBeatso 12 years ago

I love to try new things and I like to cook. I would like to explore ethnic foods that you just can't get in restaurants around here. I have been lucky enough to have tried out of the norm ethnic ...

Catering suggestions for Yorktown/Hampton Roads area?

by tigerella 13 years ago

Greetings-- (I've posted this on Mid-Atlantic, as well) We're planning a fall wedding in the Yorktown area from afar, with the generous assistance of relatives in the area. We're hoping fo...

ISO good eats around hampton roads/chesapeake... VA

by carrie_oki 14 years ago

hi there.. new to board & area. been searching on the board, but not finding much in my area. I'm Looking for good, cheap or not so cheap eats in hampton roads/chesapeake area. especially in...

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