Discuss halal food: Where to find it, how to make it, and what you like about it.

What is the Difference Between Kosher and Halal?

Centuries before Michael Pollan came up with his Food Rules, two of the world's most significant religions laid down the laws for preparing and eating our sustenance. We see the halal and kosher seals...

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Halal 786 Restaurant

by pouletsecret 13 years ago

In a not altogether altruistic fashion, I'd like to share with the folks of Hog Town that a superb Montreal Pakistani restaurant has opened up a location right here in Toronto (1330 Gerrard East). ...

halal duck NYC?

by ateqah 13 years ago

anyone know where i can get a halal duck in manhattan for new year's eve? thanks!

Best Halal Cart?

by jkahana 14 years ago

On the way to a film at MoMA yesterday, a friend introduced me to the halal rice-chicken-veg carts around 53rd and 5th Ave. She was distressed that she couldn't find "the" cart, which is distinguis...

Halal Cart 11th street

by namreb 13 years ago

Hello all I live near the Halal Cart on 11th at the corner of 1st (between 1-A) I have never tried it but it looks good. Yesterday i scored a cab easily as a great deal of taxi drivers stop b...

Halal butcher? (SEA)

by gmm 13 years ago

Can anyone recommend a good place to get fresh halal meats in the Seattle or Eastside?

Margez (aka Merguez) sausage at Halal Food Market, Berkeley

by chocolatetartguy 13 years ago

The Halal Food Market on San Pablo near University is selling skinny, bright red homestyle Margez sausages. These sausages taste primarily of coarsely ground lamb. The spicing is subdued, a littl...

Kabab and Currys in Santa Clara: This Place Is a Total (Halal) Sausage Factory

by katya 13 years ago

This place is a total sausage factory. And by that I mean penises-- many penises attached to many respective dudes. (And really, that's all I could mean, since Kabab and Currys is halal and pork sa...

Sammy Halal vs. The Arepa Lady

by byrd 14 years ago

http://www.nytimes.com/2006/10/25/dining/25vendy.html?ref=dining NY Times By DANA BOWEN Published: October 25, 2006

Live poultry and halal meat market in Brooklyn?

by starfish 14 years ago

There are numerous live poultry markets and a few halal places that sell fresh-killed goat and other meat, but I don't know anything about the differences in quality or price among them. Any sugges...

Halal butchers,. Atlantic Ave

by prunefeet 14 years ago

Hello all, I have been depriving myself of lamb because of costs for the last couple of years, while constantly craving it (it's been rough!)...I suddenly realized, duh, I live right near the halal...

Halal Carts in Chelsea

by KTinNYC 14 years ago

Are there any Halal Carts in Chelsea besides the guy on 9th btwn 15th and 16th? His food doesn't do it for me and I'd really like a lamb over rice lunch. TIA

Looking for recommendations on Halal restaurants in Austin.

by ajanhelendam 14 years ago

The Halal restaurants that I've eaten at are: Al Borz, Jerusalem Deli, Cleopatra's, Madras Pavilion, Shalimar, and Student Biryani. I'm also interested in restaurants that serve Middle Eastern cuis...

Koobideh @ Halal Meats Deli & Grocery (San Jose)

by Melanie Wong 15 years ago

As its name implies, this is principally a halal butcher shop. The personnel and cash register are behind the meat counter rather than stationed near the exit. They're surrounded by a full line o...

Halal Restaurant Recs?

by amyoung 14 years ago

I didn't have too much searching about this topic . . . sorry if its already been covered but can anyone recommend good places that make halal food (for a casual dinner or lunch). I've tried Old Ma...

halal stand on 5th between 17th and 18th

by jer 14 years ago

Anyone been? Any recommendations? Cheers, jer

Halal Fine- Dining ??

by Wasan 14 years ago

Looking for fine-dining in Toronto that served Halal meat. one or two meat item is halal is also ok, since only one of our friend is muslim. Thanks

Coffee & Halal food truck on 8th st & 3rd ave?

by csw 14 years ago

This food truck has appeared a couple of weeks ago. Has anyone tried?

Thanks for Makkah Halal!

by williams 14 years ago

Thanks to people on these boards, we have finally found our neighborhood Indian place. It's on Vermont in K-town. We went there last night. I had the saag paneer which was really good, and my hu...

My day in food: Shake Shack and Halal truck

by Nor'easter 14 years ago

They say that running is good for you, but now that the weather is getting nice and I'm running in the park again, I find that I let myself overindulge after running because I feel that I've earned...

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