Find this classic Creole specialty in your city and discuss what makes a proper gumbo, plus share recipes, stories, and cooking tips.

What Is the Difference Between Mardi Gras and Carnival?

There's one obvious answer to the question, What is the difference between Mardi Gras and Carnival? and that's where they're celebrated. Mardi Gras is synonymous with New Orleans, and Carnival is mostly...

Soul Food Sunday @ Deja Blue | Seaside - Monterey Peninsula

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 4 months ago

Deja Blue is a new jazz and blues club, bar and restaurant in Seaside. It opened in February . . . then the Covid-19 pandemic hit. I dropped in last weekend. One of the owners told me they'd been a...

BOUG Creole Deli | Bayview - San Francisco

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 2 years ago

A friend recommends that I try the gumbo from BOUG Creole Deli. Actually, I think it's the lobster roll po' boy that's calling me. It's just moved into new quarters in the Bayview. Since it migh...

Is the gumbo still good?

by gcwhite 1 year ago

I made a simple gumbo. My first time making gumbo so wanted it to be easy. Chicken and sausage. Here’s my question: Cooked a big batch of chicken in crockpot on a Sunday. Froze in batches on Tue...

New Orleans style gumbo?

by Yankee00 1 year ago

I realize that everyone has their own flavors and tastes, but I had Gumbo in New Orleans multiple years ago and it was the best I have had. I recall it having a brown base and full of flavor. Mos...

Gumbo At Po Boy Jim

by Steve 1 year ago

I ordered a small bowl of gumbo at Po Boy Jim. I was served a bowl chock-filled with meat for $9. Yes, there was some gravy and rice in the bottom, but this was an entire meal made sturdy with po...

Fat Tuesday

by 3MTA3 1 year ago

Any store that carries a descent andouille/tasso products for a Gumbo?

Looking for andouille sausage

by walkie74 1 year ago

Hey folks! I want to make a gumbo, but I'd like to use andouille sausage as opposed to a substitute. Where can I find it in the Bay Area?

Question about tomatoes in gumbo

by Tante 10 years ago

I'm going to be attempting to make gumbo this weekend, for the first time. The recipe I'm planning to use (suggested in another thread here, http://allrecipes.com/Recipe/Big-Charlies-Gumbo/Detail.a...

What is causing my seafood gumbo to spoil before anyone can even eat a bowl

by Nolaterrytown 6 years ago

my gumbo for the last couple of years spoils before anyone can even make a bowl to eat it starts foaming and smelling sour and this is right after I turned the fire off . A few people told me if I'...

Gumbo pot - yes again!

by penrichardson 2 years ago

My husband had made gumbo for the first time in a 7 qt Tramontina ECI, which is 11"x4". It turned out beautifully. As some of you may know on here, I began searching for the perfect gumbo pot, as ...

Cause for chicken/sausage gumbo turning "sour" after 24 hours

by lrhodge 8 years ago

I have a huge problem. I have been making chicken/sausage gumbo for a few years. The past few times I have made it the leftovers "sour" in approximately 24 hours, even in the fridge. I have chan...

Favorite Seafood Gumbo Recipe?

by ihearthothippo 12 years ago

I'm looking for a seafood gumbo recipe . . . I don't eat pork so no ham/sausage please! I love shrimp and okra (will okra serve as enough of a thickening agent, or will I need to make a roux as we...

GUMBO – Home Cooking Dish of the Month, March 2017

by masha 3 years ago

Welcome to the reporting thread for our March Dish of the Month. This month we will be cooking Gumbo. To learn how we selected this dish, go to the voting and nominations threads, linked here...

How is gumbo supposed to taste/be prepared?

by iheartcooking 5 years ago

I had to review a few dishes for a restaurant-makeover show I'm going to be on next week. I like this restaurant a lot but it has a lot of flaws, basically the type of restaurant worthy of that kin...

gluten free roux for gumbo?

by JKan 10 years ago

I found a previous post with several people suggesting the use of white rice flour instead of wheat flour if you need to make a gluten-free roux. I am having guests over for gumbo and will try wit...

Creole/Cajun Ingredients

by Sukaneya 2 years ago

I am looking for some specific Cajun ingredients in an effort to make authentic gumbo. I am having trouble finding them in Toronto. Online searches keep taking me to American sites and stores. Does...

Using fresh andouille in gumbo

by HungryMike23 2 years ago

Making a Paul Prudhomme gumbo today and picked up some fresh andouille from WF. Not my favorite way to buy andouille but it was better than the mass produced packaged alternatives. Wondering if it ...

Seafood gumbo - where did I go wrong?

by ns538bmk 13 years ago

I made Emeril's seafood gumbo recipe the other night. I tried very hard to get the right ingredients and follow the steps exactly, it took quite a bit of time. What I ended up with was a soup tha...