Grocery Delivery

Here's What It's Really Like to Work at a Grocery Store During the Coronavirus Pandemic

My friend Daniele Darbonne [not her real name] has worked as a grocery store picker for years, filling online orders for pickup or delivery at a national chain. It’s rarely an easy job, but has become...

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Fresh Direct Shellfish

by slynnkiino 13 years ago

Though I buy most of my groceries from Fresh Direct, I go to Whole Foods or a fish store for clams and mussels because several years ago, I ordered clams from FD and they came in a styrofoam tray s...

fresh direct prepared food?

by jungirl 13 years ago

my friend, who doesn't have much time to cook anymore, told me she really likes the prepared foods from fresh direct. they're cheaper than delivery and yummy. i'm curious to know what are others'...

bad produce from peapod.com

by EricDC 13 years ago

I just got an order of food from peapod today - most if it was pretty acceptable but about half of the produce was AWFUL. Bruised apples, wilted lettuce, old mushrooms, a kinda rotted orange - wha...

Has anyone tried any of the fresh direct recipes?

by prunefeet 13 years ago

I was thinking of trying their brisket recipe (and buying the ingredients elsewhere, they are way to expensive in some departments)...just curious

Grocery delivery in Baltimore suburbs?

by chanbny 13 years ago

Is there a supermarket or grocery delivery service much like Fresh Direct in New York that caters to the Baltimore suburbs? My non-driving mother needs this. Thanks.

Fresh Direct prices like Charlie's Great Glass elevator?

by JenMarie66 13 years ago

They just seem to be going up and up and up. These days all their apples are over a buck a piece!! Yes, it's a little early in the season but c'mon. Lately, my corner deli/grocery has better pro...

online grocery shopping and delivery service

by sekhet 13 years ago

I live in the Davenport area and am finding it quite hard to find an online grocery shopping and delivery service that will deliver to my area. Can someone please give me some insight on this matte...

Farm Fresh to You vs. Planet Organics grocery delivery?

by MuppetGrrl 13 years ago

I currently get a Farm Fresh to You (Capay Farms) veggie/fruit box delivered to my house once a month, and I love it--it's like Christmas with produce. But I've been getting a ton of flyers for Pla...

Fresh Direct in Great Neck

by Richard Halpern 14 years ago

FYI Fresh Direct has just started delivering to parts of Great Neck (also Little Neck, Douglaston and some other areas nearby). This appears to be the beginning of their incursion into Nassau Cou...

fresh direct

by alex 14 years ago

I have gotten a couple of deliveries from them. They are a little higher priced then going to the grocery store, but their fruit, vegetables, meat and fish are extremely fresh. They must ship on ...

Fresh Direct - Heat and Eat Foods?

by bk 14 years ago

Years ago, when FD 1st started I tried a few of their heat and eat prepared foods, soups and sauce (thin crust pizza, ribs, clam chowder, bolognese sauce and a maybe a few others i can't seem to re...

Fresh Direct Catering

by Jessifresh 14 years ago

I am planning a shower for 35 people and was considering using Fresh Direct for catering. I am thinking it will be sandwich platters and salads and what not. I have never tasted their catering pl...

Fresh Direct Meat

by JSM 14 years ago

Does anyone have feedback about ordering Kosher meat or poultry from Fresh Direct? Taste, freshness etc.. Thanks.

Grocery delivery

by Hud 14 years ago

I'll be traveling to Marco Island in a couple months and wondered if there's a service that will do some grocery shopping for us so that when we arrive we won't have to immediately run to the store.

Rave for Fresh Direct parbaked bread

by mickyme 14 years ago

I got this parbaked country loaf from Fresh Direct and I have to tell about it: this is very very good bread. Not cheap at $2.99 but good to have in the freezer when the need strikes - 20 min. in t...

grocery delivery in berkeley

by ks 15 years ago

Hello all - greetings from an LA hound! Does anyone know of a grocery delivery service or grocery stores that deliver in North Berkeley? A web-based service would be awesome, but even better woul...

manhattanites--are you seeing changes in fresh direct's quality/quantity?

by borough homesick 15 years ago

'hattan hounds--some of us outer borough folks are wondering if FD's resting on their laurels? have you all seen any changes?

Brooklyn (and other) hounds--is Fresh Direct gettin' stingy?

by Borough homesick 15 years ago

Have any of you noticed a general decrease in the quantity of food one gets for the dollar at FD lately? My broccoli, bananas, and rice krispie squares seemed a lot smaller than in the past. Does...

Seafood from Fresh Direct in LIC?

by Janie 15 years ago

Has anyone ordered shrimp or wild salmon from Fresh Direct out of LIC? Looks like they have a non antibiotic looking shrimp on their site..have never ordered from them, are they really as good as p...

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