Whether you like it in a punch, cocktail or tonic, the spirit has a broad variety of uses. Explore the juniper-based liquor with our vast selection of drink recipes.

How to Make the Summer Bloody Mary of Your Dreams

A fresh, light Bloody Mary recipe is perfect for summer, and starts with fresh tomatoes, but doesn't have to stop there. The Bloody Mary may be the ultimate brunch cocktail, and they're good all year...

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Singapore Sling: Which Gin?

by Icantread 11 years ago

having a party in a couple of weeks where I will be bartending with this little gem as my signature drink. I don't really have any experience making them and was curious for any input on gin bran...

Bitter Lemon and Gin

by lulubelle 11 years ago

Can you find Bitter Lemon in the States? Schweppes makes it, in the UK and Asia at least, but I have never seen when I have been in the States. There is nothing like a Gin and Bitter Lemon on a h...

mixing with anchor rye and gin

by andytee 11 years ago

i recently bought a bottle of anchor steam's old potrero 18th century style rye, which i have been curious about for some time, and also picked up a bottle of their genevieve genever gin as a curio...

ISO Navy Strength Pymouth Gin

by phantomdoc 11 years ago

Is this available in the US? I don't seem to have any luck in locating this gin. Have called several stores and posted on local boards. Any info appreciated. Thanks.

Every day mixing Tequila, Rum and Gin.

by theginguy 11 years ago

OK.... well I've decided on my Everyday Scotch, Bourbon and Vodka. So now it's time to move on. Scotch and Bourbon were my main concerns, as I drink them the most. But I do like other liquors. ...

Making sloe gin

by Gremolata 11 years ago

Has anyone here ever tried to make sloe gin? I know that the sloe berries aren't grown in the U.S. (at least not in Northern California), but I am considering a local small plum (which no one see...

Freeze gin?

by thegreekone 11 years ago

Tried doing search but couldn't find anything on freezing gin. Sacrilege, right? Fave gin? thanks. p.s. I gotta stick my head in here more often!

vodka + juniper = gin?

by thew 11 years ago

does the juniper need to be added during the distillation process to be called gin or if i make a juniper infused vodka, does that become gin? just curious

Gin: my new hobby

by fieryredhead 12 years ago

At the age of 37 I've suddenly realized that I just love gin. I now find the Bees Knees is exactly that. Even a lukewarm gimlet makes me happier than a cold beer, and despite being happily monoga...

Which Tonic for Gin/Vodka & Tonic

by mkmccp 12 years ago

Ok, just to stir things up a bit, which tonic? Have you ever looked on the label to see how many calories in regular Tonic? Anyone ever attempt drinking a Gin with Diet Tonic? I have- pretty bad-...

Citadelle Gin

by JMF 13 years ago

I am doing a lot of gin taste tests lately for some research. I tried Citadelle gin and had a very strange impression of it and wonder what others think. Citadelle is billed as a super premium gi...

American gin

by albinoni 12 years ago

As a dedicated martini drinker, I'm watching, with alarm, the unending escalation in the price of a bottle of imported gin as the dollar's value approaches that of Confederate money. Are there any...

Best Flask for Gin & Tonic?

by willyd 12 years ago

What's the best flask for toting Gin & Tonic? I've used stainless steel, but developed seam leaks fairly quickly. I wish I were man enough to just tote straight gin, but I like the cut of some fine...

Burnetts Gin?

by WyCo 12 years ago

We have some friends that seem to like the flavor of this gin, is there a "better" brand that would have the same qualities? We usually buy them liquor for Christmas and they are on a gin kick.

Starter Gin

by Sacto_Damkier 12 years ago

I have only had gin a handful of times in my life, but I would like to try and broaden my horizons in the drink world. The first times were pretty bad, but I think my tastebuds have matured enough...

Gin and Juice

by theflask 12 years ago

Apparently I’m not the only person who needs a drink or eight to get through the holiday season with my family. December is by leaps and bounds the month when the most spirits are bought and consu...

ISO the perfect gin & tonic?[moved from Food Media and News board]

by fauchon 12 years ago

Bartenders taste three high end tonics & match them with the ideal gin... Here's the link from Time Out New York... http://www.timeout.com/newyork/article/time-out-new-york/9066/raising-the-bar

Back River Gin- a fantastic new gin just released

by JMF 12 years ago

I just tried an amazing gin this weekend called Back River Gin. It is made at a small winery / distillery in Union, Maine that just opened for business less than three weeks ago. It is an artisanal...

Infuse gin with juniper berries, etc.?

by deleomeyer 13 years ago

I love gin, but often it is not "ginny" enough for me. I'd like it to have a bit more punch than it usually does and have wondered about infusing gin with juniper berries, lemon peel, etc. Has any...

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