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Coconut buttercream frosting

by Pwelsh4 2 months ago

Hello everyone, I was wondering if anyone had a good coconut flavored buttercream. My grandmothers birthday is com...

babette feasts commented 2 months ago

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Can I use a vanilla buttercream in conjunction with a whipped topping?

by AMSparkles 4 months ago

Hi! I made a coconut cake (with coconut cream) and for the topping, I made a homemade whipped topping (that will be t...

Powdered Chocolate Frosting Mix?

by vvvindaloo 7 years ago

My mother, a chocolate frosting fanatic, tells me that there was once a superior alternative to frosting in a tub (as...


shazzz commented 4 months ago

Mascarpone Chantilly frosting

by Pwelsh4 6 months ago

Hello, So today I was walking into my local Publix and noticed a banner for one of their cakes that has a mascarpo...


Meggygirl commented 6 months ago

Creative frosting flavors for a chocolate layer cake?

by KrazyB 9 years ago

I've been assigned the task of making a birthday cake for a close relative in a couple weeks and have been given pret...


kishaj commented 6 months ago

Adding reddi whip to a cream cheese frosting recipe

by Nikimcarter 7 months ago

I'm making a cake with a cream cheese frosting recipe and was wondering if I could lighten it up with reddi whip? Wou...


sandylc commented 7 months ago

Fudge like chocolate frosting recipe, please!

by fleck 5 years ago

I was reading thru a post on chocolate birthday cakes and it brought to mind my search for a chocolate frosting reci...


elsbeth_1 commented 8 months ago

Turning store purchased frosting into a crusting frosting?

by rchlst 3 years ago

hi everyone! So i'm lazy... just putting that out there :) I'm making a cake for my son's birthday and want to use...


manda47 commented 12 months ago

how to 'stiffen' Italian Meringue buttercream?

by Smokey 10 years ago

Help! I used to have no problems with making Italian meringue buttercream. But, the last few times I've done it, ...


aishagarner commented 1 year ago

Frosting for Red Velvet cupcakes....Not cream chesse

by drewb123 10 years ago

I am maybe the only person on the planet that is not a fan of cr cheese frosting but I am not. Can I change the frost...


bakerlady64 commented 1 year ago

My Holy Grail: Sugar Cookie Icing

by cookie monster 1 year ago

I've been baking and decorating cutout sugar cookies for many many Christmases now, and I'm very happy with my cookie...

TorontoJo commented 1 year ago

Foolproof vanilla cake with chocolate frosting?

by sallyt 1 year ago

I'm a pretty experienced cake baker, but a friend requested a vanilla cake with chocolate frosting, and I've never ma...


dustchick commented 1 year ago

Cream Cheese Frosting: Can I freeze it?

by DishyDiva 9 years ago

Hello, I made far too much cream cheese frosting for my carrot cake and don't want to throw it out. Do you thin...


Mamahen1959 commented 1 year ago

Counteract too much butter taste?

by labart 6 years ago

I made an icing, that for a variety of reasons, has too much of a butter taste to it. Is there anything simple that ...


tina05 commented 1 year ago

Why does my cream cheese frosting always go runny?

by kookiegoddess 8 years ago

I am in the uk and despite being a competent baker, I cannot make make cream cheese frosting that doesn't turn into a...


butterfly commented 1 year ago

Need frosting recipe, please!

by annsquared 1 year ago

Hello! I am looking for the perfect white/vanilla frosting recipe, and I'm not sure it exists. I love the taste an...

Multifoiled commented 1 year ago

Chocolate cake with cream cheese frosting?

by Dave MP 1 year ago

My partner's birthday is coming up, and he says he's interested in a chocolate cake with cream cheese frosting. I hav...

MplsM ary commented 1 year ago

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Should I ice a cake for the first time for guests or just do cupcakes instead?

by helena_rodrigues 1 year ago

I really like baking and I've wanted to ice a cake for quite a while but I'm afraid the cake will go to waste, anyway...

Chocolate cake with white icing

by Rosiepigs 1 year ago

Hi! It's my dad's birthday coming up and I want to make him the cake his mom used to make him. But, she's passed on a...

MidwesternerTT commented 1 year ago

Simple Frosting or Icing Recipe

by dlbaity 1 year ago

I am in desperate need of a frosting or icing that does not call for eggs, powdered sugar, cream of tartar, cornstarc...

TorontoJo commented 1 year ago

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